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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaretta Van de Bogart: Birth: 21 SEP 1781 in New York State, USA.

  2. Nicholas Van de Bogart: Birth: JUL 1783 in Saratoga County,New York, USA. Death: OCT 1875 in Woodhull Tp.,Shiawassee County,Michigan, USA

  3. Francis Van de Bogart: Birth: 1786 in New York State, USA. Death: BEF 1869

  4. Joseph Van de Bogart: Birth: 2 SEP 1787 in Charlton,Saratoga County,New York, USA. Death: 1865 in Genesee County,New York, USA

  5. Nancy Van de Bogart: Birth: 14 APR 1790 in Schenectady, New York, USA. Death: 19 SEP 1880 in Alexander,Geneseee County,New York, USA

  6. William Van de Bogart: Birth: ABT 1795 in New York State, USA. Death: 30 APR 1870 in Pembroke, Genesse, New York, USA

  7. James Van de Bogart: Birth: 17 MAY 1797 in New York State, USA. Death: 21 APR 1869 in Wakeshma,Kalamazoo,Michigan, USA

  8. John Van de Bogart: Birth: ABT 1800 in New York State, USA. Death: AFT 1850

  9. Cherrick Van de Bogart: Birth: 1803 in New York State, USA. Death: MAY 1843 in Liberty,Jackson County,Michigan, USA

  10. Abram Van de Bogart: Birth: 6 JAN 1812 in Genesee County,New York, USA. Death: 26 FEB 1866 in LibertyTp.,Jackson County,Michigan, USA

a. Note:   3- Tzjerk, so of Claas van den bogaart & Anna van Vorst, witnesses: Harmanus van den Bogaart & Catarina van den Bogaart. (Note: Claas is the short form of Nicholas).
  Source found in the Schenectady, NY, history library: Richard Allen Shepherd, Sunnyvale, CA: The Dutch name "Tjerk" is pronounced "Cherrick" in Dutch & the spelling gradually evolved to Cherrick in English. Tjerk VDB died in 1835 in Genessee County, NY. He married Sarah Adams & had a daughter, Nancy who was b. 14 Apr. 1790, 4th Ward Schenectady, m. Mar 9 1806 in Alexander, Genesee Co., NY & who died 19 Sep 1880 in Genessee Co., NY. (I wrote to this person but never heard back).
  My comments: Cherrick VDB would have been no more than 4 yrs. old when his father (Nicholas) died. Anna Van Vorst VDB, his mother, remarried two or three years later to John Kemp, sometime prior to 1761. Cherrick would have been about 7 yrs. old when his step-brother, Joseph Kemp, was born in 1761 in Schenectady, NY. John Kemp would have virtually raised Cherrick and his younger siblings. John Kemp, his wife Anna Van Vorst VDB Kemp, Cherrick's younger brother, Francis VDB, & the 5 Kemp children, left the Ballston/Schenectady area of New York State & moved to Ontario, Canada, in 1784. John Kemp, 3 of his sons, & step-son Francis VDB had fought for the British during the American Revolution. Cherrick VDB would have been 30 years of age in 1784. It is not know what he did during the Revolution but I did not find him on the British Army muster rolls. Cherrick VDB was on the 1790 US Census shown living in 4th Ward Schenectady (present day Glenville) NY, area. Glenville is very near Schenectady. Beers Gazeteer, written in 1890, (see below), states that Cherrick & Sarah's son, Joseph VDB, was born in Charleston, Montgomery County, NY, in 1787. I believe this is an error & it should read Charlton, New York. Charlton is a small town located mid-way between Ballston & Schenectady. Joseph Kemp, Cherrick's step-brother, was married in Ballston in 1787 but it was noted on this marriage record that he was actually from Charlton. - Richard Shepherd's database- ID: I4372 Name: Cherrick T. VAN DE BOGART Sex: M Birth: 5 Mar 1754 in Schenectady, New York 1 Death: 1835 in Alexander, Genesee County, New York 1 Christening: 2 Father: Nicholas VAN DE BOGART b: 11 May 1723 in Schenectady, New York Mother: Anna VAN VORST b: 30 Mar 1731 in Schenectady, DRC, New York Marriage 1 Sarah ADAMS Children Nancy VAN DE BOGART b: 14 Apr 1790 in Schenectady, Fourth Ward, New York (present day Glenville, NY) The 1800 Census for the 4th Ward of Schenectady (present day Glenville) has the following name, which could actually be Cherrick & his family. Van Der Bogart, Chadwick (#00698) Free White Males to 10: 3, 10 to 16: 2, 16 to 26: 1, 45 etc.: 1 Free White Females to 10: 2, 10 to 16: 1, 26 to 45: 1 1810 Census for the 4th Ward of Schenectady -(present day Glenville) Van De Bogert, Cherick (#00897) Free White Males to 10: 3, 10 to 16: 1, 16 to 26: 2, 45 etc.: 1 Free White Females to 10: 1, 10 to 16: 2, 16 to 26: 1, 45 etc.: 1
  Gazetteer and biographical record of Genesee County, N.Y., 1788-1890 (written 1890) pg. 147 - In 1816 we have Daney Churchill and Cherrick Van De Bogart, of the "Van De Bogart" settlement, in the northwest part of the town. Nicholas Van De Bogart, a son, afterwards moved to the village and kept the tavern. He has several sons living. Gazetteer and biographical record of Genesee County, N.Y., 1788-1890 (1890) pg. 165- Town of Alexander- Cherrick, son of Francis Van De Bogart, a native of Schenectady, N.Y., came here in 1816, and was the first settler on the present Van De Bogart farm, bought of the Holland Land Co. He died in 1835, at the age of 83 years. He married Sarah Adams, of Schenetady, and his children are Nicholas, Francis, Nancy, Polly, William, James, Margaretta, John, Cherrick, Abram, and Joseph.
  Source: Shelley Fox- I am sending something to you that was written by Electa O’Hara, who lived in Sikeston, MO. She sent this to my husband Ron in 1986, she passed away in (I think) 2001, I looked it up but can’t remember off the top of my head and she would have been in her 90’s. Tjerk, a son of Nicolaes and Anna Van Vorst (the second wife), was baptized at Schenectady Dutch Reformed Church March 5, 1754. He is the ancestor of Lillian O’Hara. These records to this point were compiled by Howard McConville and published in a Journal of the Schenectady County Historical Society, Volume 9, No. 4, June of 1966. Tjerk did not remain in Schenectady or nearby so it is not known when he married, but in 1816 according to Beers 1788-1890 History of Genesee County, New York, page 165, he bought land near the town of Alexander from the Holland Land Company. By this time Tjerk had changed his name from the Dutch spelling and pronunciation to Cherrick. According to Beers, he married Sally Adams of Schenectady and the children were Nicholas, Francis, Nancy, Polly, William, James, Margaretta, John, Cherrick, Abram and Joseph. Where the family lived during the time between Schenectady and Alexander is nor fully known, but Joseph was born according to a bible record in Charleston, Saratoga County, 9/02/1787 and died 9/03/1865, and census records of 1790, Tjerk (Cherrick) is listed in Ballstown, Albany County, not far from Schenectady. He died at the age of 83 years according to Beers. The VDB’s owned farms around Alexander and a tavern inn in Alexander. Sally Adams VDB, according to two of her great granddaughters was related to the John Quincy Adams family. Cherrick’s son Nicholas is the ancestor of Lillian O’Hara. 1820 US Federal Census Index- Genesee County, NY Vandebogart William Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogert Cerrett Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogert Joseph Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogert Nicholas Genesee Co. Alexander 1830 US Federal Census Index - Genesee County, NY Vandebogart Cherrick Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogart James Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogart John Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogart Joseph Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogart Nicholas Genesee Co. Alexander Vandebogert Peter, Yates Co. Bennett Van De Bogart William Genesee Co. Batavia
  1830 New York Census, Genesee County Cherrick Van de Bogart 1 male age 70-80 2 males age 20-30 1 male under 5 1 female age 20-30 Old Batavia Cemetery Records, (Batavia Pioneer Cemetery, NY) Van De Bogart, Cherrick, d. August 11, 1835, age 83y Van De Bogart, Sarah, d. August 31, 1825, age 63y Old Batavia Cemetery, On Harvester Street, Batavia, Genesee County, New York Van De Bogart Cherrick, d. Aug 11, 1835 age 83y Sarah, d. Aug 31, 1825 age 63y ----------- My note: Following are records of other VDB families in the Alexander & Batavia NY area which I feel are descendants of Cherrick & Sarah Adams family; however, to-date, I have not been able to place them in a specific family. I am storing them here for future reference. Note- Other VDBs that have already been proven & placed in the correct family were also in this cemetery. I am only listing the ones that I haven't been able to place- EVERGREEN CEMETERY, CORFU, GENESEE, NEW YORK Van de Bogart Anna L. 10 Jun 1896 1984 87y Born in Corfu NY. Van de Bogart Blanch I. 1885 1978 92y Van de Bogart Gladys Van de Bogart Ralph W. 1 Nov 1886 23 Jun 1934 Born in Corfu NY. Name Date Paper More Info VANDEBOGART, George W. 17 Apr 1922 Daily News: Batavia, Genesee Co., NY VANDEBOGART, George W. 25 Apr 1922 Daily News: Batavia, Genesee Co., NY VANDEBOGART, Catherine (Mrs.) 12 Jun 1924 Daily News: Batavia, Genesee Co., NY - Allegheny Rd. Cemetery, Darien, NY Van De Bogart Helen, d/o Charles & Ruth, d. June 8, 1847 age 10y 22d
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