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a. Note:   Matthew was born 4 days after being diagnosed as "anencephalic" which means he did not have a brain and there would be no chance of survival had his parents chosen to carry the pregnancy to full term.
  At the time of his death Matthew was 20 weeks gestation. He was 7 inches in length and weighed a mere 5 ounces. He was perfectly formed except for his head. He had long legs like his father and he was very much our wanted son.
  On August 7, 1995 he was buried at the North Head Cemetary, in Grand Manan NB, along side his great grandparents Earl and Clara Worthen. It was a very simple service, his mother read a poem and his father and sister, Kate released a light blue helium balloon with clouds on it. Also in attendance were his grandparents Marjorie and David Lutes.
  Every year on December 16th his birthday is remembered by his family with the releasing of helium balloons.
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