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Winifred Mary Wollaston: Birth: 1870 in Caulfield, Vic. Aus..
Wynnis Knight Wollaston: Birth: 7 Oct 1888 in Glenelg, SA. Aus..
Ida Louise Helene Wolter: Birth: ABT 1874.
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Ada Fanny Alice Wood: Birth: 2 Jun 1872 in Neales Plains, SA. Aus..
Adelaide Maude Mary Wood: Birth: ABT 1875.
Agnes Jane Wood: Birth: 14 Mar 1869 in Dalkey, SA. Aus..
Albert Alfred Wood: Birth: 28 Jan 1877 in Dalkey, SA. Aus..
Alexander Foster Wood: Birth: 27 Nov 1883 in Terowie, SA. Aus..
Alfred George Wood: Birth: ABT 1878.
Alfred Wood: Birth: 15 Jul 1852 in Macaw Creek, SA. Aus..
Alice Amelia Wood: Birth: ABT 1884.
Alice Garth Wood: Birth: 6 Mar 1885 in Alma, SA. Aus..
Alice Wood: Birth: 25 Jun 1866 in Norwood, SA. Aus.. Death: 5 May 1942 in SA. Aus.
Alwynne William Moore Wood: Birth: 12 Jul 1904 in Maitland, SA. Aus.. Death: 1971 in Walgett, NSW. Aus.
Amelia Agnes Dorothy Wood: Birth: 9 Jun 1864 in Wakefield Plains, SA. Aus..
Amelia May Wood: Birth: 10 Jun 1883 in Dalkey, SA. Aus..
Amelia Wood: Birth: 9 Mar 1875 in Gawler South, SA. Aus..
Anna Rosa Wood: Birth: 17 Apr 1873 in Nr Templers, SA. Aus..
Anne Alma Wood: Birth: 9 Mar 1893 in Roseworthy, SA. Aus..
Annie Isabel Wood: Birth: 15 Jun 1891 in Hd of Hall, SA. Aus..
Arthur Richard Wood: Birth: 26 Feb 1881 in Balaklava, SA. Aus..
Bertie Wood: Birth: 4 May 1887 in Gawler South, SA. Aus..
Betsy Wood: Birth: ABT 1839 in Wellingore, Lincolnshire.
Blanche Opal Wood: Birth: 11 Aug 1890 in Dalkey, SA. Aus..
Caroline Wood: Birth: ABT 1870.
Catherine Oliver Wood: Birth: 28 Sep 1863 in Yankalilla, SA. Aus..
Charles Austin Wood: Birth: 23 Sep 1885 in Gawler South, SA. Aus..
Charles James Wood: Birth: ABT 1888.
Charles Wordsworth Wood: Birth: ABT 1842.
Clara Emily Wood: Birth: 6 Nov 1876 in Hd of Whyte, SA. Aus..
Clarence Robert Wood: Birth: 2 Dec 1887 in Dalkey, SA. Aus..
Dorothy Alfreda Wood: Birth: 1 Jul 1896 in Brompton Park, SA. Aus.. Death: 10 Aug 1896 in North Adelaide, SA. Aus.
Earnest Henry Wood: Birth: 7 Apr 1882 in Balaklava, SA. Aus..
Edith Grace Wood: Birth: ABT 1875.
Edward John Wood: Birth: ABT 1881.
Elizabeth Alice Wood: Birth: 15 Nov 1878 in Gawler South, SA. Aus.. Death: 5 Aug 1880 in Gawler South, SA. Aus.
Elizabeth Jane Wood: Birth: ABT 1840. Death: 20 Oct 1888 in Barunga, SA. Aus.
Elizabeth Regatta Jane Wood: Birth: 14 Feb 1870 in Hd of Neales, SA. Aus..
Elizabeth Wood: Birth: ABT 1856.
Ellen Jane Wood: Birth: ABT 1895.
Ellen Miriam Wood: Birth: ABT 1895.
Ellen Wood: Birth: ABT 1850.
Elsie Maud Wood: Birth: ABT 1884.
Emily Rose Wood: Birth: 18 Apr 1879 in Terowie, SA. Aus..
Emily Wood: Birth: 4 May 1821 in Toronto, Canada.
Emily Wood: Birth: 1874 in Pirton, Hertfordshire.
Emily Wood: Birth: ABT 1848.
Emma Delilah Wood: Birth: 17 Jul 1874 in Gottliebs Wells, SA. Aus.. Death: 21 Sep 1957 in Broken Hill, NSW. Aus.
Emma Jane Wood: Birth: 29 May 1862 in Macaw Creek, SA. Aus..
Ernest Alfred Wood: Birth: 7 Jan 1873 in Gawler South, SA. Aus..
Ethel Annabell Wood: Birth: 2 Apr 1889 in Hd of Hall, SA. Aus..
Ethel Olive Wood: Birth: 1 Oct 1902 in Balaklava, SA. Aus..
Eva Margaret Wood: Birth: 1888 in Yarram, Vic. Aus.. Death: 1968 in Yallourn, Vic. Aus.
Eva May Wood: Birth: 1 Jun 1886 in Terowie, SA. Aus..
Evelyn Hilda Wood: Birth: 30 Apr 1885 in Balaklava, SA. Aus..
Fanny Wood: Birth: 1893 in Ballarat East, Vic. Aus..
Florence Jane Wood: Birth: 13 Jun 1873 in Dalkey, SA. Aus..
Florence Mary Wood: Birth: 10 Apr 1877 in Kangaroo Flat, SA. Aus.. Death: 24 May 1880 in Gawler West, SA. Aus.
Florence Wood: Birth: 1866 in Pirton, Hertfordshire. Death: 9 Feb 1883 in Pirton, Hertfordshire
Foster Isaac Wood: Birth: 16 Feb 1891 in Port Pirie, SA. Aus..
Foster Wood: Birth: ABT 1843 in Yorkshire, England. Death: 6 Nov 1911 in Mile End, SA. Aus.
Frances Ethel Winifred Wood: Birth: 1891 in East Brunswick, Vic. Aus.. Death: 1947 in Melbourne, Vic. Aus.
Frances Wood: Birth: ABT 1836 in Cumberland, England.
Francis Edward Daniel Wood: Birth: 24 Apr 1884 in Aberdeen, SA. Aus..
Francis George Wood: Birth: 1887 in Williamstown, Vic. Aus.. Death: 1963 in Clea? Vic. Aus.
Frank Lionel Wood: Birth: 15 Feb 1893 in Dalkey, SA. Aus..
Frank Wood: Birth: 1872 in Pirton, Hertfordshire.
Fred Oscar Wood: Birth: 23 Sep 1897 in Kapunda, SA. Aus..
Frederick Russell Monsell Wood: Birth: 4 Mar 1893 in Crystal Brook, SA. Aus..
Frederick Wood: Birth: 13 Jul 1858 in Macaw Creek, SA. Aus..
Fredrick Arthur Wood: Birth: 21 Feb 1879 in Gilbert District, SA. Aus..
George Stanley Wood: Birth: 24 Jul 1890 in Roseworthy, SA. Aus.. Death: 17 Dec 1913 in North Croydon, SA. Aus.
George Wood: Birth: ABT 1843.
Harriet Rebecca Wood: Birth: ABT 1878.
Harry Graham Wood: Birth: 1895 in Swan Hill, Vic. Aus..
Helen Margaret Wood: Birth: ABT 1874.
Helen Maria May Wood: Birth: 7 Sep 1881 in Terowie, SA. Aus..
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