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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Reade: Birth: 1594 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 12 OCT 1629

  2. Edmund Reade: Birth: 1596 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 30 MAR 1600

  3. Maria Reade: Birth: 1597 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 1598

  4. Mary Reade: Birth: 26 JUN 1597 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 13 APR 1602 in Wickford, Essex County, England

  5. Margaret Reade: Birth: 11 JUL 1598 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: BEF 24 SEP 1672 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

  6. William Reade: Birth: 28 OCT 1599 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 03 APR 1659 in Birchanger, Essex, England

  7. Martha Reade: Birth: 13 JUL 1602 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 1662

  8. Samuel Reade: Birth: 23 JUL 1609 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 1659

  9. Thomas Reade: Birth: 1612 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 06 NOV 1662 in Will Proved

  10. Thomas Reade: Birth: 18 APR 1613 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 25 JUL 1659 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA, USA

  11. Elizabeth Reade: Birth: ABT 27 NOV 1614 in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 24 NOV 1672 in Hartford, Connecticut

  12. Edmund Reade: Birth: in Wickford, Essex County, England. Death: 30 MAR 1600 in North Benfleet, Essex, England

1. Title:   DavidaAnnL.FTW
Author:   Davida Symonds
Publication:   Name: Great Granddaughter of William Gaston Cooke;
2. Title:   "Evidences of the Winthrops of Groton Co. Suffolk, England," Privately Printed 1894 - 1896, Copy No. 24 of 50"
3. Source:   Footnote: "The Ancestry of Bethia Harris" 1748-1833 by Walter Goodwin

a. Note:   H752
Note:   KATHERINE SCHOLFIELD, ESSEX COUNTY RECORDS OFFICE: This is the parish register for Whitford, the very first register. From 1538. Edmund Reade was baptized May the 23rd in the year 1563. A man, it appears, of substance later in life, who the records show was often asked for his signature. We know that there were two daughters - Elizabeth and Margaret. Emigrated to America. Once in the Americas, Edmund Reade?s daughters married into two powerful New England families, the Winthropes and the Lakes.
  Edmund inherited the estate if lpsden in 1637, he also had an estate in Meckford, Essex, England. His 1st marriage was to Thomasine Wallenger. Edmund Reade's second marriage was to Elizabeth Cooke in England, the daughter of Thomas Cooke (born 1541) and Elizabeth Susan Brand. Their daughter Elizabeth Reade married John Winthrop, Jr. Of the MA Bay Colony in 1635. He was the first Gov. of Conn., and settled in New London, Conn. His son Thomas was one of the first proprietors of New London, and his son John was at New London in 1651. The land granted to him was forfeited for not being occupied, they proubably never settled there.
  William Sumner Appleton, Esq. examined the parish registers of Wickford and found many items therein related to Edmund and Elizabeth (Cooke) Reade, the parents of the four emigrants. In his "Ancestry of Priscilla Baler," 1870, the late William Sumner Appleton, Esq. devoted a chapter to the Reade family of Wickford Co., Essex, England, four members of which emigrated to America.
  There were a brother and three sisters: Col. Thomas Reade, {my 8th great grand Uncle - CC Johnson} who was of Salem, Mass., in 1634, and was later an officer in Cromwell's army; Mrs. Margaret (Reade) Lake {my 8th great grand Aunt - CC Johnson} of New London, Conn., and Ipswich, Mass; Mrs. Martha (Reade) (Eppes) Symonds, second wife of the Deputy Govenor Samuel Symonds of Ipswich my 8th great grand Aunt - CC Johnson ; and Mrs. Elizabeth, (Reade Winthrop, wife of John Winthrop, Jr., Govenor of Connecticut. {my 8th great grandparents - CC Johnson}
  Database: MA Applications of Freemen, 1630-91 Date Name Residence Original Source Comment 01 April 1634 Thomas Reade C. R., Vol. I. p. 79. 02 Sep 1635 Willm Reade C. R., Vol. I. p. 153. 02 June 1641 Esdras Reade C. R., Vol. I. p. 312. 18 May 1653 Wm. Reade Weim. C. R., Vol. IV. p. 113. 23 May 1655Nearly a duplicate of the record under date of 18 May, 1653. Wm. Reade C. R., Vol. IV. p. 194. 02 Oct 1678 Tho. Reade, jun. Sud. C. R., Vol. V. p. 202.
  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Mr. Deane laid before the meeting an early copy of the last will and testament of Edmand Reade, of Wickford, County Essex, Eng., found among the " Winthrop Papers," which had recently come into the possession of the President; and remarked on it as follows: -
  This instrument settles some conjectural matters in genealogy, and confirms other points which had already been established. One of the daughters of the testator, named in the will (the youngest), was Elizabeth, who afterwards became the second wife of John Wiuthrop, jun., and the mother of all his children. Before her marriage, her father had died, and her mother had become the wife of the celebrated Hugh Peter. The relationship between Peter and the Winthrop Family had, until within a few years, been a matter of conjecture. Mrs. Margaret Lake, who was early at Connecticut, in Winthrop's family, we see was an older sister of Elizabeth ; and the other sister, Martha, named in the will as the wife of Daniel Epps, we afterwards find in New England, the wife (probably the second wife) of Samuel Symonds.* There would seem to have been a mistake made hitherto in recording the Christian name of the father of Elizabeth (Reade) Winthrop. The Winthrop traditional genealogy, Mr. Savage says, gives it " Colonel Edivard Read of Essex." Besides the error in the Christian name, it is not improbable that the title which belonged to one of the sons, was afterwards, by mistake, given to the father. The will names three sons: William, the eldest, of whose subsequent career we are ignorant; Samuel, the second, who became a physician; and Thomas,f the youngest, who became a colonel in the Parliamentary Army, and Governor of Stirling Castle, and who afterwards served under Monk at the Restoration. - See Savage's Winthrop, first edition, vol. i. p. 65; ibid., second edition, vol. i. p. 78; and Preface, pp. 5, 6; Savage's Geneal. Diet., under " Epps, Lake, Symonds, and Winthrop;" Miss Caulkins's Hist. New London, pp. 40, 44; 4 Mass. Hist. Coll., vi. pp. 104, 228.
  The will of Edmand Reade here follows: -
  Edmand Reade's Last Will and Testament: November y 2O* 1603. [1623.]
  In y" name of God, Amen, y" 20th day" of Nouember in y" yeare of our Lord, one thousand six hundred and [twenty] thre, I, Edmand Reade, &c. . . .
  * Among the Camden Society's publications is n " Diary of the Marches of the Royal Army during the Great Civil War; kept by Richard Symonds. Now first published from the original MS. in the British Museum, . . . M.DCCC.LIX." The volume contains a " Pedigree of Symonds," in which we find a " Samuel S., 3d son [of a Richard S., who was buried in Yeldham Church, July 8, 1627i, one of y" Cursistars of the Chancery, bought y place in Toppesfeild in Essex called Olmers, 100 per ann; went to New England." The author of the "Diary" was a nephew of this Samuel. - See also Savage's Geneal. Diet., article " Symonds."
  Among the miscellaneous Winthrop Papers is an instrument signed by " Priscilla Reade, of London, sole executrix to y" last will and testament of Thomas Reade, deceased," by which she "quitt claymed " "unto Fitz John Winthrop and Waite Winthrope, exeeutTM to John Winthrop, of New England, deceased," all demands of whatever nature, &c. It is dated 17th December, 1677. " Sealed and delivered in the p'sence of James Ruulins, Sam Reade." The last-named person evidently filled in the blanks in the instrument.
  Item ; I gine & bcqueth unto y" Poore of Wickford twenty shillings of Lawfull english mony to be payde to ym by my Executors [sic] with in one Mouth next after my dieease : /tern, I gine & bequeth unto John Weald my Seruant flue pounds of Lawfull english mony to be Payde to him within one yeare after my dicease : Item, I gine & bcqueth unto every one of my other Seruants two shillings a Peece to Be payde to ym within one Month after my dicease : Item I gine & bequeth unto William Reade my son & to my daughter Reade forty shillings apecce to Bye ym Rings: Item, I gine & bequeth unto Elizabeth my Louing Wife all those Leases which I haue of Mr. Edward Lyliarde & Mr George White ; and allsoe y" Messages aud Tenaments or Lands theireunto belonging which I lately Purchased of M' Cockerum, now in y" Tenor & occupation of John Tyle or his assignes, for & dvring y" Tearme of her Naturall Life ; and after her dicease, I gine & bequeath all y" sd Leases Messages or Teniments and y" lands above spesifyed unto William Reade, my son, upon y" Condition y' he y" sd William my son shall with in forty dayes next after my deth enter into bond to Elizabeth my sd Louing Wife in y" full sofn of 400! y' he y" sd William my son shall paye unto my son Thomas Reade within fourescore dayes after y' dicease of my sd Louing Wife, if he y" sd Thomas be y" Living or otherwise to his Children if he haue any then Lining, y" full sum of 240' of Lawfull english mony, and if my sd son William shall Refuse to enter into Bond to my sd Louing Wife as aforesaide, y" my minde and Will is y' my sd. son Thomas Reade shall Presently after y" dicease of my sd Louing Wife, enter into y" aforesd leases & Lauds ; and allsoe into y" aforesd Messages or Teniments with y" apertinances and Lands theireuuto belonging, to haue and enjoye to him y" sd Thomas Reade or y" eyres of his Body Lawfully begotten, aud for Want of such Issue y" to Remayne to my Son William Reade and his Eyres for ever: Item. I gine & bequeth unto Samuell my second son & to y" eyres of his body Lawfully begotten ; y1 my Message or Teniment with ye appertinances & Lands theireunto belonging ; Called or Knowne by y" Name of Sopers or by what soeuer Name or Names y' same be calld or Knowne now in y" Tenor & occupation of George Ballard or his assignes ; and if y" s<l Samuell my son shall fortune to depart y" life with out Eyres of his body lawfully begotten; y" my minde and Will is y' Thomas my aforesd son shall enter into y" Messages & Lands afores' 1 to haue and enjoye y" 1 to him or ye eyres of his Body lawfully begotten ; and for Want of such Issue unto William Reade my sd son and to his eyres for euer : Prouided nllwayes y' if y' sd message or Teuiment and lands thcireuuto belonging, called Sopers herein and hereby formerly ginen & bcquethed unto Samuell my son shall hapen to Com to William my son in maner & forme as aforesaide ; y" I Will y' my sd son William shall with in one Month y" next cuter into bond to my Executor [si'c] herein and hereby nominated (If she be y" Lining) or other wise to y" ouerseeres of this my last Will & Testiment herein Nominated, in y" Penall soiii of 60O' with Condition to paye 300' of Lawfull cuglish mony in maner & forme following : (that is to saye) unto John Lake and Anna Lake two of my Grand Children 50' apeece: & to Dauiell Epps & Elizabeth Epps two other of my Grand children 50 a peece and to Elizabeth my Daughter 100' of lawfull english mony within one yeare next after y" sd Message or Tenimeut & y" land theireunto belonging called Soppers, shall hapen to Com to my sd son William in mauer & forme as aforesaide, and if my sd son William shall Refuse to enter bond in maner & forme as is aforesaide, then I will y' all those messages lands & teniments Called sopers shall be and Remayne unto my aforesaide Grand Chilldren, and to y" Residue of my Grand Children of all my daughters, and to Elizabeth my youngest daughter equally to be dinided amongst y" 1 and if my sd Grand Children shall hapen to dye before the sd Legasye shall be due, y" my minde & Will is y' y" saide Legasye shall lueur to my two daughters y' Mothers and Prouided allsoe y' if Samuell my son hapeu to depart this life without Issue of his body lawfully .begotten, and that Thomas my son enjoye y" sd lands & teniments aforesd and to him in and by this my last Will & testiment bcquethed ; then my minde and will is that those leases, lands and Messages with y" lands thcireuuto belonging which is before ginen unto my saide son Thomas shall presently Ineur and Com to my saide son William Reade and to his eyres for euer without paying y" foresaide sum of 240' unto Thomas Reade my son or any part theireof in maner and forme as is aforesaide. Item, I give & bcqueth unto my saide Louing Wife y" lease of Frcamc and all y" time and tcrme to Come an[d] unexpired for and towards y" Mayntenance and education and bringing vp of Thomas Reade my third son : Item, I gine and bequeth unto my soil hi Law John Lake and to my Daughter Margrett Lake, forty shillings apeece to make y"1 Rings, and to John Lake and Anna Lake theirc Children 20'1' apeece. Item, I gine and bequeth unto Daniell Epps & Martha Epps my Daughter 40'h apeece to make y"1 Rings & to Elizabeth Epps and Dauiell Epps theire Children 20'h apeece : Item, I gine and bequeth unto Elizabeth my Daughter 200' of Lawfull mony of england to be payde unto her at her full age of 20 yearcs. Item. I gine & bequeath unto my Brother John R´┐Żade y" sum of flue pounds to be payde to him within one whole yeare next after my dicease: Item, I gine and bequeath unto my son William my young graye Guilding now in y" Custodye of my Kinsman John Reade : all y" Residue of my Goods Chuttells and Mooueables what soeuer, I gine and bequeath unto Elizabeth my said Louing Wife, who I make and ordayne my sole executrix of this my last Will & testiment; and I doe nominate and appoynt James Lawrence of Clifford's Inn Geutillman and John Reade of Pilsaye, my Kinsman ouersers of this my last Will and testiment, and doe hereby gine ym thre pownd six shillings & eight pence a peece to be payde to ym by my saide executrix, Intreating y"1 to be ayding and assisting my sd louing Wife to se this my last Will and testiment duly and truly executed & performed according to my Intent and true meaning herein and hereby set downe & declared. In Witness whereof, I the saide Edmand Reade, haue set my hand to euery seuerall lease and my scale to ym all fixed together, and doe deliner y" same in to y" hands of my Louing Wife my saide executrix this 20th daye of Nouember in the 21st yeare of y" Kings Majestyes Raignc, that now is and in anno Domini 1623.
  Edmand Reade.
  Sealed & delinered in y" Presence of Edmand Lamb, Edward Epps, Rob1 Marrable his marke he is M' Thomas Lakes Man.
  Vera Copia From Coll. Reade.
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