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*Catherine Lester: Birth: 1691 in Chester, Phila, PA. Death: 28 Aug 1764 in Richland, Bucks, PA
Abner Hulen Friday Lester: Birth: 1792 in Russell, Virginia, United States. Death: Abt 1873 in McDowell, West Virginia, United States
Anna Lester: Birth: 30 Jan 1721 in New London, Connecticut. Death: 19 Sep 1810 in Waterford, Connecticut
Christine Lester: Birth: Abt 1820 in Virginia, United States.
Dicy Lester: Birth: Abt 1839 in Logan Co., VA (Now Wyo. Co., WV).
Edmund Lester: Birth: 1835 in Virginia, United States. Death: Mar 1906
Elisha Lester: Birth: 1817 in Virginia, United States.
Elizabeth Lester: Birth: Aft 1694.
Hannah Lester: Birth: 1686.
Houston Lester: Death: 6 Apr 1985
Jesse Eugene Lester: Birth: 14 Apr 1875 in Butler Co., Alabama.. Death: 15 Sep 1903 in Butler Co., Alabama.
John Lester: Birth: 14 Apr 1817 in Marlboro Co., South Carolina.. Death: 2 Aug 1898 in Butler Co., Alabama.
John Lester: Birth: 1689. Death: 27 Jan 1771 in Richland Mm, Quakertown, PA.
Joseph D. Lester: Birth: Apr 1838 in Logan Co., VA (Now Wyoming Co., WV).
Joshua Lester: Birth: 1740 in Maryland. Death: Abt 1795 in Caroline Co., MD.
Leon L. Lester: Birth: 1916 in Georgia. Death: 1967
Louisa Lester: Birth: 1827 in Virginia, United States. Death: 20 Jan 1896
Martha Lester: Birth: Abt 1719 in Bucks Co., PA.. Death: Jan 1797 in Newberry Co., South Carolina
Mary Alice Lester: Birth: 28 Feb 1868 in McDowell, West Virginia, United States. Death: Abt 1935
Peter Lester: Birth: Aft 1693.
Peter Lester: Birth: 1660 in Lancastershire/Leicestershire, England. Death: 6 Jun 1742 in Richland Mm, Quakertown, Bucks Co., PA
Priscilla Lester: Birth: Aft 1692.
Rachel Gertrude Lester: Birth: 21 Jun 1950 in Marytown, Mcdowell, West Virginia, United States. Death: 5 Nov 1998 in Welch, Mcdowell, West Virginia, United States
Ruth Lester: Birth: 25 Dec 1896 in Butler Co., Alabama.. Death: 28 Apr 1981 in Jefferson Co., Alabama.
Thomas Lester: Birth: 28 Mar 1785 in Cheraw Dist. South Carolina.. Death: 11 Nov 1863 in Macon Co., South Carolina.
William Thomas Lester: Birth: 1 Dec 1848 in South Carolina.. Death: 22 Sep 1920 in Butler Co., Alabama.
William Lester: Birth: 10 Apr 1760 in Kent Co, MD.. Death: Bef 26 Apr 1828 in Barbour Co., Alabama.
William Lester: Birth: 1692. Death: in Maryland

Arthur Edward Lestourgeon: Birth: 15 Sep 1879 in Centralia, Marion Co., IL. Death: 19 Jan 1942 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma
Arthur Heard Lestourgeon: Birth: 29 May 1902. Death: 1 May 1970
Roger Lestrange: Birth: 1301.
Gwenllian Verch Lestyn: Birth: 1080 in Glamorganshire, Wales.
Daniel B. Letsinger: Birth: 1830.
Elizabeth Lettlye: Birth: 1540 in Dunchurch, England.
Caleb Letton: Birth: 24 Apr 1678 in Devonshire, England. Death: 4 Aug 1763 in Rockville, Frederick Co., MD
Rowland Letton: Birth: Bet 1511 and 1540 in England. Death: 1582 in England
William Letton: Birth: Bet 1583 and 1612 in England. Death: Bet 1617 and 1658 in England
William Letton: Birth: 1562 in Cornhill, England. Death: Bet 1583 and 1630
Hywel Ap Leuaf: Birth: 1130 in Talgarth, Wales. Death: 1185
Gruffydd Leuan: Birth: 1342.
Verch Leuan: Birth: 1366.
Nes De Leuchars: Birth: <1107> in <Of, Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland>.
Orabella De Leuchars: Birth: Abt 1133 in Of, Leuchars, Fifeshire, Scotland. Death: 1181
Marcus Ulpius Leurus: Birth: 155.
Johann Gotlieb Leuschner: Birth: 8 Dec 1715 in Conradsdorf, Dresden, Saxony. Death: 8 Oct 1755 in Conradsdorf, Dresden, Saxony
Johanna Christiana Leuschner: Birth: 16 Jan 1747.
Maria Dorthea Leuschner: Birth: 18 Nov 1751.
Maria Magdalena Leuschner: Birth: 1 Aug 1744.
Maria Rosina Leuschner: Birth: 6 May 1740 in Conradsdorf, Dresden, Saxony. Death: 5 Dec 1799 in Tuttendorf, Dresden, Saxony
Maria Sophia Leuschner: Birth: 15 Jun 1742.
Hans Georg Leutenegger: Birth: 9 Jun 1715 in Sirnach, Thrugau, Switzerland. Death: 25 Mar 1780
Hans Jacob Leutenegger: Birth: 25 Feb 1675 in Sirnach, Thrugau, Switzerland. Death: 28 Feb 1715
Jacob Leutenegger: Birth: 18 Feb 1649 in Sirnach, Thrugau, Switzerland. Death: 2 Jun 1722
Susanna Leutenegger: Birth: 28 Feb 1745 in Eschliken Thurgau, Switzerland. Death: 6 Dec 1836 in Dussnang, Thurgau, Switzerland
Mary Leuterpsey: Birth: 8 Jan 1822 in St. Clair Co., Ala.. Death: 4 Nov 1896 in Pelham, Shelby Co., Ala.
Leutwinus: Birth: Abt 665.
Count Leutwinus: Death: 713
Margaret Leveland: Birth: 1233 in Kent, England.
Amelia Levering: Birth: 1708 in Roxbury, Philadelphia, PA. Death: 7 Feb 1762 in Cheltenham, PA.
John Wigard Levering: Birth: 2 Feb 1648 in Gemen, Westphalia, Germany. Death: 2 Feb 1743 in Roxbury, Philadelphia, PA
Rosier Levering: Birth: 1620 in Leydon Holland. Death: Mar 1675 in Gemen, Westphalia, Germany (Prussia)
William Levering: Birth: 4 May 1697 in Mulheim, Freig., Prussia. Death: Aug 1746 in Roxbury, Philadelphia, PA
William Levi: Birth: Abt 1764 in New York, United States.
Jean Pierre Levillain: Birth: 1662 in St. Lo, France. Death: 1746 in Goochland County, VA
John Peter Levillain: Birth: 1698.
Suzanne Levillain: Birth: 1709 in Manakin Town, VA. Death: 1776 in Virginia
Elizabeth Levingston: Birth: Abt 1505 in Kerse, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
Isabel Levington: Birth: 1532 in Saltcoats, Ardrssn, Stevnstn, Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. Death: Aft Jun 1509
Ralph Levington: Birth: 1154.
Mary Levitt: Birth: 1601 in Shalford, Essex, England. Death: 1682 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
William Levitt: Death: 15 Dec 1626 in Messing, Essex, England
Bywyr Lew: Birth: 630 in Powys, Wales.
Madog Ap Lewelyn: Birth: 1267 in Eyton Isaf, Wales. Death: 1331
J. S. Lewers: Birth: Abt 1865 in Mississippi.
Percy Lewers: Birth: Abt 1866 in Mississippi.
Sara Zara Lewis Or Lieuves: Death: 20 Oct 1772
Abbie W. Lewis: Birth: 16 Mar 1889. Death: 5 Jan 1983
Addie Willcox Lewis: Birth: 14 Feb 1896. Death: 1 May 1919
Alabama Lewis: Birth: 1862.
Albert Lorenzo Lewis: Birth: Apr 1894. Death: 1962
Aletha Lewis: Birth: 15 Apr 1836 in Greene Co., MS. Death: 30 Oct 1924 in Taylor Co., TX
Alpine Lewis: Birth: 1907 in Yuma, Carroll, Tennessee. Death: Bef 1980
Amanda Agnes Lewis: Birth: 15 Mar 1892. Death: 27 Jun 1963
Andy Lewis: Birth: 6 Nov 1859. Death: 14 May 1933
Angie Lucille Lewis: Birth: 18 Apr 1906. Death: 12 Feb 1984
Angus Lewis: Birth: 27 Mar 1826 in Greene Co., MS. Death: 18 Mar 1865 in Smith Co., MS
Ann (Of The Byrd) Lewis: Death: Aft 1808
Ann Caroline Lewis: Birth: 2 Jan 1815 in Statesboro, GA.
Anna Lewis: Birth: 24 Feb 1870. Death: 17 Jan 1935
Annie Laura Lewis: Birth: 25 Dec 1895. Death: 28 May 1931
Archie Berkley Lewis: Birth: 12 Feb 1882. Death: 25 Jan 1958
Archie Berkley Lewis: Birth: 17 Sep 1924. Death: 26 Jul 1993
Arthur Earl Lewis: Birth: 21 Feb 1861. Death: 7 Jul 1934
Arthur John Lewis: Birth: 20 Jul 1881. Death: 7 Jun 1904 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA
Aubery Leo Lewis: Birth: 1 Jan 1911. Death: 8 Jun 1976
Aubery Leo Lewis: Birth: 23 May 1932. Death: 5 Dec 1987
Aurelia Delphine Lewis: Birth: 15 Sep 1863. Death: Abt 1854
Benjamin Lewis: Birth: 1732 in <Of Lexington, Madison, Kentucky>.

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