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Marriage: Children:
  1. Columbus A Leary: Birth: 6 Dec 1833 in , Galena, Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 1909

  2. Cornelius A Leary: Birth: 1835 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  3. George E Leary: Birth: 25 Sep 1837 in , Galena, Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 1 Sep 1899 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  4. William Joseph Leary: Birth: 1838 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 12 Apr 1872 in , Piney Neck, Kent Co, Maryland

  5. David Henry Leary: Birth: ABT 1840 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: in , , Baltimore, Maryland

  6. Susan B Leary: Birth: 29 Jul 1842 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 10 Feb 1880

  7. Isaac L Leary: Birth: ABT 1843 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 1916

  8. Julia Christina Leary: Birth: 25 Dec 1845 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 30 Sep 1915 in , Rock Hall, Kent Co, Maryland

  9. Charlotte L Leary: Birth: ABT 1847 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  10. James L Leary: Birth: ABT 1848 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  11. Mary N Leary: Birth: ABT 1850 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 22 Feb 1869 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  12. Oregon Pinkman Leary: Birth: 14 Feb 1853 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 12 Jun 1932 in Queen Annes Co, Md

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  MARRIAGE: George B Leary m. Mary A Sims on Nov 15 1832 by Thompson.
  MARRIAGE: George Leary 65 widower min. res. Kent. m. Mary E. Blackiston 47 widow on Oct 14 1871 at Rees' Corner by D.C. Ridgeway
  CENSUS: 1840 Kent Co MD George Leary
  CENSUS: 1850 Kent Co 2nd Elec. Dist. p. 232 carpenter George Leary 44 MD, Mary A 42, Cornelius A 17, Columbus A 15, George B 13, David H 10, Susan B 8, Julia C 6, Charlotte L 3, Mary A 1/12.
  CENSUS: 1860 Rock Hall farmer George Leary 53, Mary A 52, Isaac 18, Christiana 14, James L 12, Mary N 9, William Dudley 12.
  CENSUS: 1870 Chestertown p. 198 5th Elec. Dist. farmer George Leary 63 MD, Mary 62, Oregon 17, William J 34.
  CENSUS: 1880 Kent Co Edesville 55ED p 32 George Leary 73 MD, Mary E 54, Oregon P 27, James Blackiston 19 son.
  OBIT: At his residence, near Edesville, after a long illness, on Saturday, Oct 13th, Rev. George Leary, aged 77y,11m, and 15d. Kent News Oct 20, 1883.
  TOMBSTONE: Rev. George Leary born Oct. 28, 1806 died Oct. 13, 1883.
  BIO: George Leary born 1806 Georgetown, this co; reared Georgetown, served apprenticeship as ship joiner Baltimore. Returning to this county he married Miss Mary Simms of Kent Co born 1808 dau of Wm Simms of Kent Co who served in the militia. She died 1871. They had 11 children of whom Columbus, was the eldest. George Leary after his marriage carried on a cabinet making and undertaking business in Edesville, this district from abt 1840 until he died Oct 13 1883; many years local minister in ME church, to which his wife also was a member. He was regularly ordained minister although he held no regular charge. Son of Joseph Leary and Sarah Redgrave. Bio of Eastern Shoremen.
  DIARY: Journal of Rev. George Leary Baptisms and Marriages 1862-1882 Edesville, Kent Co written by a young minister January 1878. Per Rev. George Leary's own records at the Rock Hall Museum, Rev. George Leary, was born near Galena, Kent Co, MD, Oct. 28, 1806 - at which place he lived for fours years, then removed to Turner's Creek, same county, where he remained for 8 years, thence removed to Baltimore, MD [1818] for the purpose of learning the trade of Cabinet making and Joiner. Remained there for 12 years from there [1830] he removed to Rock Hall village, Kent Co, MD. In 3 years he removed to Galena, MD where he married Miss Mary A. Simms who died at the advanced age of 63. In 6 years time, he again moved back to Rock Hall where he has been residing till the present time. converted in the year 1822. Joined the Meers Le- M.E. church. For four years proved faithful to the cause he espoused, then became absorbed in worldliness for two years, In the year 1828, was reclaimed and "again" enlisted in the Rock Hall army for nearly three years. Moving to Galena, he joined the church there, and was appointed assistant class leader in 1838. At the close of 1838 moved back to Rock Hall vicinity, joined the church. In 1839 was appointed class leader at Rock Hall, licensed to exhort in 1844 which office he sustained for one year where he was licensed to preach by the Quartleory of Kent Circuit. Ordained by Bishop Morris in the year 1863 as Deacon in the M.E. Church.
  NOTE: George Leary and wife attended baptism of Lemuel Asbury Stephens Oct 29 1854. Rev. George Leary baptised many children at the Union Methodist Episcopal Church. George Leary was listed in many estates as being paid to make the coffins.
  BIBLE: The Cottage Bible published 1835, in possession of Leonard Leary 1985 of Rock Hall. George Leary Sr. and Mrs. Mary E. Blackiston were married Oct 15 1871. John Joseph Blackiston and Julia Christianna Leary Adkinson were married Jun 15 1869. William T. Adkinson and Julia C. Leary were married January 4th, 1863. George Leary and Mary Ann Sims was married November 15th 1832.
  DIRECTORY: 1878 Maryland Directory, published by J. Frank Lewis & Co. of Baltimore. 1878 List for Kent Co shows G.B. Leary as farmer in Kent Co post office Rock Hall. Also George Leary was listed as a wheelwright and blacksmith from Edesville on the same list along with J.F. Leary of Rock Hall, C.A. Leary and Bro of Rock Hall, George E. Leary
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