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Marriage: Children:
  1. Tobye Blackiston: Birth: ABT 1597 in , , Durham Co, England. Death: ABT Dec 1646 in , , Durham Co, England

  2. Marmaduke Blackiston: Birth: ABT 1599.

  3. Thomas Blackiston: Birth: ABT 1599 in , , Durham Co, England. Death: AFT 1640

  4. Henry Blackiston: Birth: ABT 1601 in , , Durham Co, England. Death: ABT Jun 1666 in , , Yorkshire Co, England

  5. John Blackiston: Birth: ABT 21 Aug 1603 in , Sedgefield, Durham Co, England. Death: ABT Mar 1650 in England

  6. Frances Blackiston: Birth: ABT 2 Feb 1605/1606.

  7. Robert Blackiston: Birth: ABT 7 Jan 1607 in , , Durham Co, England. Death: ABT 19 Jan 1635 in , , Durham, England

  8. Ralph Blackiston: Birth: ABT 24 Jun 1608 in , , Durham, England. Death: ABT 28 Jan 1677 in , Ryton, Durham Co, England

  9. Margaret Blackiston: Birth: ABT 1610.

  10. George Blackiston: Birth: ABT Mar 1611 in , Crossgate, Durham Co, England. Death: ABT Sep 1669 in , , St. Mary's Co, Maryland

  11. Mary Blackiston: Birth: ABT 30 Jun 1613 in , , Durham Co, England.

  12. Peter Blackiston: Birth: ABT 23 Oct 1614 in , , Durham Co, England.

a. Note:   f Redmarshall 1585, Rector of 1599, and Prebendary of the 7th Stall, Archdeacon of the East Riding of York, Prebendary of Wistow. He was Archdeacon of Cleveland (which he resigned to his son-in-law John Cosin). He was a Reverend. Marmaduke of Newton-Hall, County of Palatine and Old Malton, Yorkshire. His family was from Norton Parish, Durham County.
  The Blakistons were mainly Catholic. It was only after 1570, following the Rebellion of the Northern Earls, when the Pope took a more positive stand against Elizabeth, and when the intrigues of the Mary Stuart faction began, that a more definite anti-Catholic policy was adopted. The Rebellion of the Northern Earls was the first serious threat to the position of Elizabeth, and members of the Blakiston family joined it. The Rebellion was led by the Earls of Northumberland, and Westmoreland. It began on November 14, 1569, with the destruction of Protestant devices in Durham cathedral, and the celebration of the mass there. On November 16, a proclamation was issued at Darlington, pledging their loyalty to the "Queen" and blaming diverse news, set up nobles around her for destroying the true faith. In spite of their public pronouncements, however, the rebels supported Mary Stuart, and wished to see her wed to England's leading Catholic, the Duke of Norfolk. The Rebellion lasted just over a month before collapsing in total failure. The Earl of Sussex and Sir George Bowes, Martial of the Army, were commissioned to deal with the rebels, and in the returns which they sent to London, the names of several Blakistons did appear. Marmaduke Blakiston actually composed some of the manifestos, but fled to Brussels with the Earl of Westmoreland and was later pardoned. It is also known that Marmaduke Blakiston, the brother of John, was involved in the Rebellion and the subsequent papal bull, excommunicating Elizabeth, the government began to tighten its legislation against recusants (or practicing Catholics). In 1578, John Blakiston had to do homage for his manor, and take the oath of Supremacy: "I, John Blakiston, do utterly testify and declare by my conscience, that the Queen's Highness, is the only supreme governor of this realm, as well as in all spiritual, or ecclesiastical things, or causes as temporal, and therefore, I do utterly renounce and forsake all foreign jurisdictions, powers, and authorities."
  !MARRIAGE: at St. Mary le Less, South Baily Durham (now St. Mary Le Bow) on Jan 30 1595.
  !BURIED: St. Margaret's, Crossgate, 3 Sept. 1639 (Crossgate Parish Register).
  !NOTES: There have been several books that now include the royal ancestor of Marmaduke Blackiston including Plantagenet Ancestry of 17th Century Colonists by David Faris second edition 1999 includes ancestry of Marmaduke back to King Edward III. Ancestral Roots 7th Edition by Frederick L. Weis 1993 includes many of the royal ancestors as well. The Magna Charta Sureties 1215 4th Edition by Frederick L. Weis 1993 also includes royal ancestors of the Blackiston family. The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants by Gary B. Roberts 1993 includes the ancestry of George Blackiston to King Edward III p. 139 (These books are about immigrants with royal lines and contain many other families and their royal connection. The book below is solely devoted to the ancestry and descendents of George Blackiston the immigrant with source material given)
  !NOTES: The Descendents and Ancestors of George Blackiston of Durham England and Kent Co, MD by John Barnhouser and Christos Christou, Jr. 1999 contains the royal ancestry including Saints, Kings, Magna Charta Barons, etc. along with his descendents concentrating on MD descendents and English royal ancestry.
  !NOTES: The Blackiston pedigree is contained in Robert Surtee's History of Durham Vol. 3 pp 159-166, p 402. This record discusses the Blackiston family back to the 1300s but does not mention the royal descent. The Blackistone Family by Christopher Johnston Maryland Genealogies Vol. 2 pp 48-68 discusses the descendents from Rev. Marmaduke Blackiston down to his descendents in the 1800s and refers to the Surtee's history for earlier generations. "Blackiston of Maryland and Delaware" by Mrs. Clarence Cummins 1970 from the Colonial Genealogist III:2 discusses one line of the Blackiston family but has very interesting source material.
  Other members of the family suffered ill treatment as Catholics. Marmaduke was arraigned in Durham Cathedral for Romish practices. Two of Marmaduke's sons, Thomas Rev of Northallerton and Ralph Rev. of Ryton, were expelled from their benefices both for their Royalism and Catholic views in the 1640's. Ironic that their brother John was one of the trial judges of Charles I. (1 & 2). A Henry Blakiston is mentioned in a petition of 1648 as 'one of the bishop's gentlemen and now a papist living beyond the seas'."
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