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Marriage: Children:
  1. Susanna Davies: Birth: ABT 1683.

  2. Susanna Davies: Birth: ABT 1683.

  3. John Davies: Birth: ABT 1696 in Radnor Twp., Delaware Co., Pennsylvania. Death: 31 Mar 1772 in Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

  4. Elizabeth Davies: Birth: 1713 in , , Pennsylvania. Death: 1779 in Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

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  8. Gabriel Davies: Death: ABT 1774 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania

  9. William Davies: Birth: in , , Pennsylvania. Death: 1774

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  14. Myrick Davies: Death: ABT 1755 in , Pennsylvania

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a. Note:   MARRIAGE: Egle's N & Q 1898 and 1899 annual volumes WILL: dated 4 Aug 1738, proved 3 Nov 1739, Philadelphia co, PA DEATH: will proved 3 Nov 1739, copy in Bangor PE Church record, FHLfilm #0020530
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  ! Birth: (3,6) Probably brother of Philip and Edward DAVIS. (7b) Brothers in Chester Co., PA c.1690 were William DAVIS of Radnor, James DAVIS of Tredyffrin, John DAVIS and Llewellyn DAVIS of Pickering. (7a) 24 Apr 1693, Radnor, Chester Co., PA, s/o William DAVIS/Gwendolyn PHILIIPS. [NOTE: The date cannot be correct, since he had a son to whom he made a deed in 1714 - he would have been only 21 years old, and his son John would have had to have been of age to legally execute the deed. See deeds in notes below. This is the birthdate of the s/o Wm DAVIES/Gwenllian PHILLIPS, who were m. 1692 at Radnor Monthly Meeting, but the William who m. Ann couldn't be their son. When Wm/Gwenllian married, he was called a bachelor, and there were no DAVIES or DAVIDS among the witnesses, so this Wm not a son by an earlier marriage.] (13) Wales. Marriage to Ann MILES: (1,2,12) Ann. (3,4,6) (7a) 1712. [NOTE: This date cannot be correct - made deeds to son John in 1714 and 1719 in which Ann is named as his mother. See notes on birthdate above.] Death: (2,13) Will dtd 4 Aug 1738, proved 3 Nov 1739, Philadelphia, PA. (6) 1734. (6,12) 1739. (13) Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA.
  (3) From Radnorshire, Wales. (6,12) c.1685: Came to America. (9) The highway known as Radnor Street or Road, which ran straight through the center of Radnor Twp. from north to south, was laid out in 1683, and it is probable that the first settlements were made there during the same year, since settlers were becoming numerous in Haverford. Among the first to settle in Radnor were Richard MILES, William DAVIS, Stephen ap EVAN, David MEREDITH, John MORGAN, Evan PROTHERAH, Richard ORMES, Howell JAMES. All were Welsh Friends. (NOTE: The other Wm. Davies?) (10) In Sep 1681 Richard DAVIES of Welshpool, Gent., a prominent Quaker, bought rights to 5000 acres, many of which were sold in turn to other Welsh Quakers at his cost, and were eventually laid out in Radnor Twp.. (13) 1685, 30 Oct: Bought 100 acres, Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA, adjoining Richard Miles. (6,12) 1685: Purchased a plantation at Radnor. (6,12) 1685, 30 Oct: Purchased a lot in Philadelphia on Walnut St. from John JONES. (10a,b) Twelve men who owned property in Radnor Twp. before 1700 also briefly owned the city block on which Independence Hall was later built. City lots went with county land-ownership. (6) A merchant in Philadelphia, PA. (13) A yeoman farmer. (13a) 1690, 17 May (3rd mo.): Griffith MILES and William DAVIES bought from David POWELL 200a., Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA, adjoining Hugh SAMUEL. They sold 150 acres of it to Philip PHILIPS but did not convey it. Philip died, and his widow Phoebe sold it to David PUGH. William DAVIES, Griffith MILES and Phoebe PHILIPS deeded it to David PUGH 22 Aug (6th mo.) 1698. This land was near the Tredyffrin and Newtown Twp. lines. (13) 1692, 20 Oct (8th mo.): William and Ann DAVIES signed the marriage certificate of Griffith MILES/Bridget EDWARDS, Radnor Meeting, Society of Friends (Quaker). (3) 1693: Taxed in Radnor, Chester Co. (now Delaware Co.), PA. (9) The inhabitants of Radnor and Haverford were taxed by the Haverford Monthly Meeting one shilling per hundred acres towards the taking of wolves. In Radnor, Richard MILES was taxed 2 shillings 10 d.; Samuel MILES was taxed 2 s. 9 d.; William DAVIS was taxed 2 s. 7 d.; William DAVID 2 s. 7 d.. (10) 1693: A map of Radnor Twp. shows William DAVIS was assessed 31 lbs. for property he occupied adjacent to Richard COOKE (N), Evan OLIVER (S), Newtown Twp. (W) and the Radnor Rd (E), across which were John JERMAN (on whose property was Radnor Meeting House) and John EVANS. The map in 1723 shows this same property assessed to Evan EVANS, John DAVID and Edward DAVID. Thomas THOMAS is assessed for part of the adjacent property which had been Evan OLIVER's on which is standing a grist mill. Edward DAVID owns part of the adjacent property which had been Evan OLIVER's and across the road which had John EVANS'. William DAVIS also is assessed in 1693 for property adjacent to Hugh SAMUEL (N), John EVANS (W), James PUGH (S), & Radnor Rd (E), which in 1723 is assessed to David PUGH, and William DAVID is assessed for property adjacent David DAVIES (N) which in 1723 is assessed to John MORGAN who also is assessed for David DAVIES' property. (NOTE: Source 10 says the Edward DAVIS who owned part of William DAVIS' property in 1723 m. a d/o John EVANS (d.1708/8). Another daughter m. Hugh SAMUEL. Both John EVANS and Hugh SAMUEL were neighbors of the property later assessed to David PUGH.) (1) 1697, 20 Jun: Purchased from the heirs of Evan OLIVER a grist Mill in Radnor called Radnor Mill and 100 acres belonging to it. (13a) 1698, 22 Aug (6th mo.): William DAVIES and Griffith MILES deeded to David PUGH 150 acres sold previously (see note under purchase 1690) and the remaining 50 acres of their 1690 200 acre purchase to James PUGH. (6,12) Was originally a Quaker. (6) His name appears frequently in the Radnor and Haverford meeting records. (3) Not the William DAVIS, Keithian Quaker and Baptist. (10) George KEITH, Quaker later turned Anglican, so enraged some contemporaries that he caused a schism amongst Philadelphia Quakers. Some of his followers established a Baptist church in Newtown in 1697, and shortly thereafter other disaffected Quakers joined Anglicans in forming St. David's Church. (NOTE: Ann's brothers Richard and Samuel were Quakers turned Baptist. See notes on Richard & Samuel MILES.) (13) There are no records to connect William DAVIES with the Society of Friends. As early as 1705, Welsh settlers in that part of Chester Co. who were Anglicans held meetings at the home of William DAVIES. (6,12) Became an ardent Episcopalian. The first Episcopal services in the vicinity of Radnor were held in his house, then in a log cabin built upon his plantation. This burned in early 1700. (9) The first clergyman of the Episcopal Church to preach in PA was Rev. Mr. EVANS from Philadelphia, who occasionally visited certain families residing in Radnor and preached to them, beginning as early as 1700. The people to whom he preached were members of the Church of England when they came from Wales. Rev. Mr. CLUB arrived in 1714 to serve as missionary to Oxford and Radnor, about 20 miles apart. He died in 1715. In 1717 Rev. Mr. WAYMAN replaced him. (14) In 1692, KEITH and 8 of his followers, including Thomas POWELL, accused the Society at the Yearly Meeting at Philadelphia with "lax" discipline and doctinal impurity" and were disowned. From 1692 to 1695 these separated "Keithian Quakers" held their meetings at POWELL's home at Ridley Creek, Edgemont Twp., Chester Co., with KEITH as their leader. They had appealed to London for vindication, but in 1695 the English Quakers also repudiated KEITH, causing him to "quit" the Quakers and return to England, where 5 years later he became an Anglican priest and missionary. The meetings at POWELL's continued, where a former follower named Able NOBLE, turned Seventh Day Baptist minister, convinced some of them to be baptized in Jun 1697. Some from Radnor in the Welsh Tract, including Ann's brothers Samuel and Richard MILES, came there to be baptized before 1701. In 1700 the group at POWELL's split in a dispute about the day the Sabbath was to be observed. Those that chose Saturday left the group to form the Seventh Day Baptists at Newton. The group that remained at POWELL's was preached to by the Welsh Episcopalean minister Rev. Evan EVANS. Rev. EVANS worked on creating an Episcopal Church at Chester. When George KEITH returned to speak at Thomas POWELL's in Feb 1702, POWELL was a church warden at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. (NOTE: In light of the connection of the MILES and POWELL families and the DAVIES and EVANS families, and the fact that Keithian Quakers formed St. David's Church, it is highly likely that William DAVIES was a Keithian Quaker, or at least a former Quaker.) (7d) 1701, 15 Oct: A warrant was granted to William DAVIES, David EVANS and company for 30,000 acres. This was probably what was known as the Welsh Tract in New Castle Co. (8) New Welsh Tract in New Castle Co., 30,000 acres, which Wm. DAVIES, David EVANS and others agreed for at the rate of 12 lbs. 10s. 2c., "acres with the proprietor himself on the 9th Day of 8br 1701" "have seated divers Persons upon good part of the land." Long list of (Friends?). (NOTE: William DAVIES the Quaker? Descendants of Rev. David DAVIS claim this Wm. as father of Rev. DAVIS. Rev. DAVIS' ggson Jonathan (1786-1853) m. Rebecca KINCAID, d/o James. Could this be the Wm. that m. Gwendolyn PHILLIPS?) (11) 1701, 23 Dec: A resurvey of the lands granted by Richard DAVIES in the Welsh Tract was ordered by the Commissioners and was made on 16 Feb 1701/2, including 100a. deeded by the heirs of Thomas JONES to William DAVIES, and 200a. deeded by the heirs of Evan OLIVER to William DAVIES. The grants of Richard DAVIES were in what was later Merion Twp., Montgomery Co, PA, Radnor and New Town Twps., Delaware Co., PA, and Goshen Twp., Chester Co., PA. (10) By 1706 William DAVIS established a grist mill on Little Darby Creek, shown on the map to be on or close to the property for which he was assessed in 1693 adjacent to Evan OLIVER. It was the first commercial venture in Radnor and for over 50 years the only grist mill, powered by Radnor's strongest stream. From 1719 until its closing it was owned and operated by Thomas THOMAS and his descendants. (7c) 1707, 24 Jun (4th mo.): Samuel MILES of Radnor, Chester Co., PA, wrote his will, witnessed by Edward REES, Richard MILES, David THOMAS, William DAVIES and John REECE. Proved 28 Apr 1708. (7c,11) 1709, 16 Feb (12th mo.): David EVAN of Radnor, Chester Co., PA, yeoman, wrote his will, witnessed by Hugh WILLIAMS, Humphrey (X) ELLIS, William DAVIES, John MORGAN. Proved 17 May 1710. (11) The will names wife Mary, son Evan. (1) 1711, 9 Apr: Sold half Radnor Mill and the 100 acres belonging to it to Hugh WILLIAM of Radnor, yeoman. (3) 1712: Justice of the Peace, Chester Co., PA. (6,12) 1712: Member of the PA Assembly. (13b) Member of the Provincial Assembly of PA from Chester Co. (13b) 1713: Member of the Provincial Assembly of PA from Chester Co. and served on committees of the Assembly. (7c,13) 1713, 29 Aug: Richard MILES, yeoman of Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA, wrote his will. Names Guardian brother-in-law William DAVIES and nephew Miriak DAVIES. (13) He also gave his niece Sarah, daughter of his brother David MILES, a chest then in the house of his brother-in-law William DAVIES. (6,12) 1714: Member of the PA Assembly. (1) 1714, 2 Oct: Sold the other half of Radnor Mill and the 100 acres belonging to it to his son John DAVIES. (3,6) 1714, 25 Oct: Agreement between Nathan EVANS of Edgmont, Chester Co., PA, millwright and William DAVIES of Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA, merchant, William DAVIES to transport from Great Britain to PA so many of Nathan's kinsfolks and relations as shall and will be free and willing to venture to come over on Nathan EVANS' account. William DAVIES is to find and allow them sufficient maintenance during their voyage after they are shipped on Board a ship and set sail in order for their transportation to PA, and also to assist and help all of Nathan's kinsfolks and relations as are willing to venture from the place of their abode until they are shipped. Nathan EVANS to pay William DAVIES the sum of 10 pounds of current money of PA for every whole passenger and five pounds for every half passenger within 14 days after arrival of the ship wherein the said passengers shall be transported at Philadelphia or Chester, the one half in current silver or gold money of PA and the other half in country produce: wheat, flour or biscets, at current market price when paid. If any of the passengers happen to die after they are shipped, it is agreed that Nathan is to pay the same sum in the same manner as if they had lived to arrive at PA. For every shilling English money that William DAVIES shall pay in Great Britain, Nathan is to pay two shillings PA money with the passage money. Witnessed by Hugh HUGHES, Mirick DAVIES. (3) Prominent in establishment of St. David's Church, Radnor. (6) The burned log cabin was replaced by St. David's Church, later near St. David's Station on the PA Railroad. His children were members of the church. William was a vestryman and he was prominent in the church as long as he lived. (9) St. David's Church was commenced in 1715, completed in 1717. It is situated just without the limits of Radnor in the extreme NW corner of Newton Twp., but for many years was designated Radnor Church. (10) Edward HUGHES' executors probably owned the land St. David's Church was built upon, but no deed has been found. (13) St. David's Church, Radnor, was erected in 1715 and 1716 on land belonging to William Davies, whose name appeared on the earliest lists of communicants and contributors. The Church holds no deed for the land on which its building stands. William Davies continued to be a supporter of this church for the balance of his life. (3) Associated with Thomas Edwards, landowner at Easttown and prominent in history of St. David's Church. (5) 1715: William DAVIES taxed, Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA; also Edward DAVID Sr., Margaret MILES widow, Thomas THOMAS, John DAVID, Edward DAVID Jr., Sarah MILES widow, Caleb EVANS, Evan EVANS, Hugh WILLIAM, James ABRAHAM, Thomas EVANS, Hugh DAVID, and others. (7c) 1716, 11 Dec: Edward HUGHS of Eastown, Chester Co., PA wrote his will. Names son Evan and friend William DAVIES of Radnor, Gentlemen, executors. (13) 1717: A warden of St. David's Church, Radnor, PA. (5) 1718, 4 Nov: 100 acres was surveyed for William DAVIS on French Creek in Nantmeal Twp., Chester Co., PA. (NOTE: Same William DAVIES? Include here because of William MACKEY's residence in Nantmeal Twp. and his connection to Bagnor Church in Lancaster Co., PA.) (15) 1719: William Davies, Edward Davies, John Davies, and Philip Davies took up large tracts of land along Muddy Run, Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Hugh Davies, David Davies, Rees Davies, Thomas Davies, and Zaccheus Davies settled in the same neighborhood. These families were related. (3) Prominent in the "Trek" to Conestoga. "The Trek" to the unexplored territory of Caernarvon Twp. and Robeson Twp. (later Robeson, Union, Cumru & Spring Twps.) by the Welsh began in 1718 and continued markedly for 12 years. It compacted mainly in the area bounded by the Conestoga Creek & Welsh Mountain, Tulpehocken Creek, the Schuykill River, and Muddy Creek. (12) Removed to Caernarvon Twp., now Lancaster Co., and the records of the Bangor Church show numerous descendants. (NOTE: He seems to have remained living in Radnor.) (6) Philip and Edward Davies were brothers, and believed to have been brothers of William Davies. They settled in Caernarvon Twp. (1) 1719, 3 Oct: John DAVIS of Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA and William DAVIS and Ann his wife, both of Radnor Twp., father and mother of the said John DAVIES, for 60 pounds, convey to Thomas THOMAS of Radnor Twp., a moiety or half of a grist mill in Radnor commonly called Radnor Mill and a 100 acres of land belonging thereunto, bounded on the south by Thomas THOMAS, to the east by John DAVID, to the north by Evan EVANS, and to the west by a line of trees dividing it from the township of Newton, being part of a greater tract purchased by William DAVIES from the heirs of Evan OLIVER 20 Jun 1697, which Evan OLIVER purchased from Richard DAVIES of the Welch Pool in Montgomery Co. 20 Jun 1682, and William DAVIES on 9 Apr 1711 conveyed an equal moiety or half part of the aforesaid mill and tract of land thereunto belonging to Hugh WILLIAM of Radnor, yeoman, and William DAVIES on 2 Oct 1714 conveyed the other moiety or half of the aforesaid mill and land to his son John DAVIES. The deed conveys John DAVIES' part, together with all ways, waters, woods, meadows, fishings, fowlings, hawkings, and huntings and improvements under the yearly quitrent due to the chief Lord. Signed by John DAVIES, William DAVIES, and Ann (A her mark) DAVIES. Witnessed by Davied DAVIES, Mary DAVIES, and Mirick DAVIES. The same date Gabriel DAVIES and Evan JENKIN witnessed that Thomas THOMAS had taken peaceable possession. Proved 11 Sep 1754 by Mary DAVI before Justice of the Peace Isaac DAVIS, Esq., of Chester Co. Recorded 22 Jul 1761. (5) 1720: William DAVID assessed 6 lbs. in Nantmeal Twp., Chester Co., PA, in the district of inhabitants near the branches of French Creek and the Branches of the Brandywine. Also assessed was Lewis DAVID. Prior to 1720 the settlement was assessed with the district on Schuykill (Coventry). (NOTE: Not sure this is the same William DAVIES.) (5) 1721: William and Lewis DAVID each assessed 6 lb. in the district on Schuykill. Richard MOOR was also assessed. In 1722, Lewis DAVID only is assessed in Nantmeal. (4) William DAVIES had 670 acres surveyed on Little Constoga Creek bounded by Jacob LIGHT, Philip DAVID. (NOTE: Could this Wm be his son?) (9) 1722: No William DAVIES was taxed at Radnor. Gabriel DAVIES was taxed for real estate assessed at 28 lbs. sterling. (10) 1723: Gabriel DAVIS is assessed for property owned by William DAVIS adjacent to Joseph JONES (N), David MORRIS (W) and the Radnor Rd.(E), across which are Evan STEPHENS and Samuel REES. In 1693 this property had been assessed to Evan PROTHEROH, and the Samuel REES property had been assessed to Thomas PARRY, the Evan STEPHENS property to Stephen ap EVAN, and the Joseph JONES property to Thomas John EVANS. In 1748, the William DAVIS property is owned by David DAVIS of Haverford and Myrick DAVIS, and is adjacent to Joseph JONES (N), John MORRIS (W), and across Radnor Rd. (E) William LEWIS. The William DAVIS who owned this property was the same that owned the grist mill property, and who d. in 1738. He had entailed this property to assure its integrity and its ownership by his descendants. However, the descendants sold the property during or just after the Revolutionary War. (NOTE: Source 10 says that many transferred land to their middle aged children in return for lifetime support. The grantor and wife usually occupied the dwelling house now of their children and enjoyed such amenities as kitchen privileges.) (13) 1725-1727: Vestryman of St. David's Church, Radnor, PA. (2,13) 1738, 4 Aug: William DAVIES of Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA, yeoman, wrote his will. Gives to son Gabriel DAVIES all the rents arising from the house and plantation whereon Ellis PUGH now lives in Radnor towards my maintenance while in my life time, and after my decease the house and plantation in Radnor are devised to grandson Mirick, son of my eldest son Mirick DAVIES, provided he pay certain legacies of money to his brothers and sisters, each of Gabriel DAVIES' children, John DAVIES' children, Evan HUGH's children, Hugh HUGH's children, and Nathan EVANS' children. If Mirick should die, then the said house & plantation to descend to his brother Alesander, and if he dies, then to the Right heir at law of that family. Gives to son Gabriel a case of bottles, a black walnut arm chair,and one of Newmans Concordance, an English Dictionary, Doctor Davies Welch & Latin Dictionary, and Salmons Surgery Book with two other phisick books, one pewter tanker, the bells mettles, morter, and other items unreadable. Gives to wife Ann DAVIES my feather bed & bedding for and during her natural life, and after his decease to granddaughter Mary HUGHES. Gives to same granddaughter a black walnut case & drawers and my largest pewter dish. Gives to son Mirick Littleton's Latin Dictionary, a cutlass and belt belonging to it. Gives to son John DAVIES a black walnut oval table, one Welsh Concordance, Thos. Jones's Welch & English Dictionary and Willets Discourses Between the Protestants & the (?). The remainder of his books not bequeathed to be equally divided between sons Gabriel and John. To granddaughter Peninah, daughter of son John, one flock bed & bolster and the bed cloth. To reputed son William one pine chest and small pot, pot sinks and hangers. Gives to grandson William, son of Gabriel DAVIES, an elm chest and other item or items unreadable. Gives to Evan HUGHES one square frame table and other items unreadable. Gives to granddaughter Ann, daughter of son Gabriel, a small (trunk?) with the biggest pewter dish. Remains of the pewter to granddaughter Margaret, daughter of son Gabriel. Gives to granddaughter Sarah, daughter of son-in-law Evan HUGHES one pewter dish and two pewter plates. Gives same to unnamed granddaughter, the eldest daughter of son-in-law Nathan EVANS. Gives 2nd daughter of son Nathan one pewter tanker. Gives grandson Edward, eldest son of son Gabriel, my fowling piece. Gives daughter Ann HUGHES one old pewter dish, two pewter pringers, an old flagon and one frying pan. Gives remainder of his household goods to executors. Appoints as executors sons Gabriel and John DAVIES. Witnessed by Robert THOMAS, Thamar THOMAS, and Thomas THOMAS. (13) When grandson Mirick Davies sold the farm willed to him in 1755, it was described as 96 acres on Darby Creek. (2) 1739, 3 Nov: Will proved, Philadelphia, PA. Inventory to be brought to the Register General's Office at Philadelphia at or before 3 Dec next. (6) Left among his assets a pew in St. David's Church. (NOTE: Source gives date of 1734. Same William Davies?) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.