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  ! Birth: (1) Llanfihangel Helygen Parish (the Church of St. Michael by the Willows), Radnorshire, Wales. (1,8,11b) s/o James MILES. (8) Radnorshire, Wales. (10) Brother to Richard MILES Sr.. Marriage to Margaret JAMES: (1,8a) 25 Jun (4th mo.) 1682, Parish of New Church, Wales, at the house of Ann THOMAS. (11b) 25 Jun 1682, Newchurch, Co. Radnor, Wales. Death: (1,8,10) 1708. (1c,12) Will dtd 24 Jun 1707, proved 28 Apr 1708. (8) Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA. Will dtd 20 4 mo. (Jun) 1707, proved 28 Apr 1708.
  (10) Griffith, Richard, Samuel and Ann MILES were from Llanddowi, Radnor Co., Wales. They were Quakers. (5) 1682: Richard DAVIES of Welshpool, Wales, Gent., deeded to Samuel MILES 100 acres in the Welsh Tract, PA, "formerly took up att Rent, sometime after paid for." (6) 1682, 20 Jun: Samuel MILES witnessed deed of Richard DAVIES of Welch Poole, Montgomeryshire, Wales, Gent., to Peter EDWARDS of Parish of Cascob, Herefordshire, for 5000 acres in PA. Also witnessing were David JAMES, John EVANS, Richard JONES and Dan MORRIS. (11b) 1682, 25 Jun: Was of the parish of Llanfihangel Helyden, Co. Radnor, Wales at the time of his marriage to Margaret JAMES. (11c) 1683, 31 Mar (1st mo.): On a warrant dated 24 Mar (1st mo.) 1683, he was granted a city lot bounded on the south by Poole Street (name changed 1684 to Walnut), rear by back lots, vacant both sides. [NOTE: Philadelphia, PA.] (8a) Owned a lot in Philadelphia on Walnut St., west of Fifth St., 49.5 ft. on Walnut St., 255 ft. deep, a lot which is now part of the State House or Independence Hall ground. (1,5b,11d) 1683, 27 Jul (5 mo.): Certificate of Removal issued to him by the Redstone Meeting, Parish of Llainhangel, Helygen, Radnorshire, Wales. He brought it to the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. (7,11d) The certificate was signed by Owen HUMPHREY, Edward EYTON, John JARMAN, Daniel LEWIS and others. James MILES' certificate is dated the same date with the same witnesses. (11d) 1683: Came to PA. (1) Came to America 1682/3. (11a) Came to PA as a servant to the Free Society of Traders in 1682. [NOTE: His certificate of removal from Wales was not dated until 1683.] (1) Settled first in Philadelphia, PA. (12) 1684, 4 Jul: Was granted a lot in Philadelphia, PA by William PENN as a bonus for his previous land purchase. [NOTE: Probably the same lot for which he received a warrant in 1683.] (11c) 1684: A certificate of survey was issued to Samuel MILES, apparently for the lot granted in 1683, between 5th and 6th Streets from Delaware, south by Walnut, formerly Poole Street, apparently by a samll lot No. 158-DB. (1) Moved to Radnor, PA. (8) Was a farmer. Also owned a mill. (8c) 1684, 29 Jul (5th mo.): Acquired 100 acres, Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA. (7) 1688, 28 4 mo. (Jun): Richard MILES and Sarah EVANS were married at the house of John EVANS, Radnor, PA, by Friends Ceremony. Among the witnesses were James MILES, Samuel MILES, Griffith MILES, David MILES, and Margaret MILES. (5) c.1690/7: Samuel MILES, Richard MOOR, Owen EVAN and Thomas PARRY were among the subscribers for shares of the Susquehanna Land Co. from Radnor and Haverford Twps., Chester Co., PA. The subscription was taken when William PENN had a scheme to found an interior city in his province on the Susquehanna River. He got no further than selling the subscriptions and a few lots in the plot. Samuel subscribed 6 lbs. (12) 1691, 20 Jul: Samuel MILES deed to Thomas HOBBS, yeoman, for 15 pounds, a lot in Philadelphia, PA, said lot having been given to him by William PENN on 4 Jul 1684 as a bonus for having purchased land previously. (3) 1692, 20 Oct (8th mo.): James, Richard and Samuel MILES witnessed the marriage of Griffith MILES/Bridgett EDWARDS, Radnor Monthly Meeting, PA. (4,5) 1693: The inhabitants of Radnor and Haverford were taxed by the Haverford Monthly Meeting one shilling per hundred acres towards the taking of wolves. In Radnor, Samuel MILES was taxed 2 s. 9 d.. (8c) 1693, 16 Nov (9 mo.): Acquired 50 acres, Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA. (1) 1694: David, Samuel, Griffith and Sarah MILES witnessed the marriage of William THOMAS and Elizabeth PHILIPS. (9) In 1692, George KEITH and 8 of his followers, including Thomas POWELL, accused the Society at the Yearly Meeting at Philadelphia with "lax" discipline and doctrinal impurity" and were disowned. From 1692 to 1695 these separated "Keithian Quakers" held their meetings at POWELL's home at Ridley Creek, Edgemont Twp., Chester Co., with KEITH as their leader. They had appealed to London for vondication, but in 1695 the English Quakers also repudiated KEITH, causing him to "quit" the Quakers and return to England, where 5 years later he became an Anglican priest and missionary. The meetings at POWELL's continued, where a former follower named Able NOBLE turned Seventh Day Baptist minister, convinced some of them to be baptized in Jun 1697. Some from Radnor in the Welsh Tract, including Samuel and Richard MILES, came there to be baptized before 1701. In 1700 the group at POWELL's split in a dispute about the day the Sabbath was to be observed. Those that chose Saturday left the group to form the Seventh Day Baptists at Newton. The group that remained at POWELL's was preached to by the Welsh Episcopalean minister Rev. Evan EVANS. (1b) 1698, 9 Aug (6 mo.): Baptized, Seventh Day Baptist Church, Providence. (8) His wife and daughters certainly remained friends, and he probably also until his death, in spite of the above baptism. (12) 1698, 25 Apr: Samuel MILES baptized in Redley Creek by Society of Baptists of Upper Providence (Brandywine Baptist Church). (5) 1701, 23 Dec: The lands of grantees of Richard DAVIES of Welchpool were ordered resurveyed by the Commissioners, which was done 16 Feb 1701/2, including 100 acres granted to Richard MILES, which he had settled upon, and 100 acres granted to Samuel MILES. (11c) 1703, 28 May (3rd mo.): By warrant dated 18 Feb (12th mo.) 1701/2, there was a resurvey to Samuel MILES of 352 acres in Radnor in Welsh Tract in Newton, bounded by William DAVIS, Richard MILES, and Lewis WALKER. (1,4) 1705, 6 Jul (5 mo.): Samuel MILES was issued a patent to various lots for 352 acres, confirming a purchase made by Samuel and Margaret JAMES, Spinster, before leaving Wales. (8c) Acquired a farm of 352 acres, Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA. Of this, 200 acres had been purchased from Richard DAVIS by Margaret JAMES before her marriage to Samuel MILES and before emigration from Wales. The deeds were dated 19 and 20 Jun 1682. Of the 150 acres he had acquired in 1684 and 1693, he sold 92 acres to his brother Richard. The resurvey showed an overplus of 69 acres, for which he paid when the patent was granted to him for 352 acres in 1705. (8d) This land was located on both sides of Darby Creek, near the Goshen Road, and on both sides of Darby-Paoli Road. A branch of the Darby Creek, which flowed through the land, is still called Miles Run. (8) His will mentions a mill on the property. (11a) 1705, 27 Aug (6 mo.): Head land was granted to Samuel MILES by the Board of Property on a certificate signed by Benjamin CHAMBERS that MILES had come as a servant to the Free Society of Traders in 1682. William MARSHALL had 76 acres surveyed, of which 50 were in the right of Samuel MILES against his warrant of 3 7ber 1705 requiring Isaac TAYLOR, Surveyor, to lay out to Samuel MILES 11 of month in Township of Bensalem, now Bradford, Chester Co., PA. (1c,2a,7a) 1707, 24 Jun (4th mo.): Samuel MILES wrote his will. (8f) 20 Jun (4th mo.) 1707. (1c) Named as legatees his wife (name not given) and children Phebe, Tamar, Ruth, and two unnamed, and his brother Richard. (2a,7a,8f) Of Radnor, Chester Co., PA. Witnessed by Edward REES, Richard MILES, David THOMAS, William DAVIES and John REECE. (2a,7a,8) Proved 28 Apr 1708, Philadelphia Co., PA. (7a) Daughters Phebe, Tamar and a third unnamed daughter all under age 21. He leaves to his wife a tract of 100 acres adjoining the land of Richard HIEDLING, Richard MILES, and Richard HEDDING on Darby Creek, the half next to his dwelling house, and after her death to his daughter Tamar. The remaining half to his daughter Phebe when she arrives at age 21. (7a,8f) Names his wife executrix. Overseers, brother Richard MILES and friends Stephen BEVAN and Edward REECE. (8f) He assigned all his lands and tenements to his wife Margaret to hold until his oldest daughter reached 21. Margaret was then to have his house, 100 acres of land adjoining it, and the use of his mill for life or as long as she remained a widow. On her death this property was to belong to his daughter Tamar. The rest of the land was divided between his daughters Ruth and Phoebe. All "household stuff" he bequeathed to his wife, as well as 1/4 of all other goods, the other 3/4 to go to his daughters. If his wife remarried, Tamar was to have the property assigned to her immediately and to pay to her five pounds yearly, and Margaret was to restore to the daughters 3 parts of the "household stuff." Tamar was required to pay 1/3 of the appraised value of the mill to each of her sisters. If any daughter wished to sell her land, she was required to give the others a chance to buy.
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