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Marriage: Children:
  1. Philip Reed Rasin: Birth: ABT 1790 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 1 Apr 1841 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  2. Cyrus Rasin: Birth: ABT 1794 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 13 Mar 1865 in , Chestertown, Kent Co, Maryland

  3. Rachel Rasin: Birth: ABT 1795. Death: Nov 1857 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  4. Nancy Ann Rasin: Birth: ABT 1797 in , , , Maryland. Death: 30 Sep 1881 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

a. Note:   s Christou, Jr. provides a history of Capt. William Blackiston Rasin and proofs of this line and corrects mistakes in older histories, with full details of primary records most of which were found by Carolyn E. Cooper. Ms. Cooper provided the original information from her privately printed book called Genealogy and History of William Blackiston Rasin for an application to the Children of the American Revolution for John Barnhouser in 1995. She had researched for 20 years on the Rasins and found the primary and family records that prove the descendents of William Blackiston Rasin and she provided the information that was used in the MGS Bulletin article to prove the difference between the Capt. William Blackiston Rasin and the William Rasin of Georgetown which have often been confused (including an incorrect DAR application).
  DEATH: A list of the Tracts and lots of land in Kent county charged for the payment of taxes, includes in Second District: persons charged Rasin, William Capt's heirs, names of tracts and number of lots "Part of Hermitage and Towns Relief, amount due $1.36. Republican Star Oct 15 1811. (also published in the Baltimore Whig). [Town Relief was land that belonged to the Wroth family since their earliest days in Kent County.] The land of Hermitage and Town Relief is located on Porter Grove Road near the intersection of Route 297.
  SOLDIER: Amer. Rev. Raisin, William (Md). Sergeant 5th Maryland, 12th February, 1779; 2d Lieutenant, 26th January, 1780; transferred to 1st Maryland, 1st January, 1781, and served to April, 1783. Heitman, Francis B. Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution. Rev. ed. Washington, D.C.: The Rare Book Shop Pub. Co., 1914.
  SOLDIER: Worton Gleanings by Carolyn E. Cooper 1983 says served in Revolution in teens. A deed of 1838 shows William B Rasin heirs selling four lots 200 acres in Alleghany Co which their father received in 1788 for his service in the Rev. Philip, Cyrus, Rachel Dyer and Anna Denning.
  SOLDIER: Percey Skirven Notes from MHS states William B. Rasin 17 years old, enlisted as a private without the knowledge of his father (stepfather), a wealthy farmer of Kent Co. He was promoted to Lt. at Camden. Later was elected Capt. for Chester Hundred Light Infantry. His oldest brother was the father of Philip F. Rasin. William B. Rasin's only surviving son (at the time this was written) was Cyrus Rasin. He fought at Camden, Eutaw and Cowpens.
  SOLDIER: He was an Ensign at Battle of Camden SC Aug 10 1780. He was a Capt. of the Light Infantry. William B. Rasin was appointed guardian of William Apsley (son of his wife Martha by her first husband). William Blackiston Rasin was appointed apprenticeship of Ann Bayley.
  NOTES: Will of Philip Rasin mentions his brother William Rasin (dated 1771), Will of Mary Rasin mentions her brother William B Rasin and his daughter Ann (dated 1798).
  SOLDIER: List of MD Officers and soldiers entitled to lots westward of Ft. Cumberland. In April 1787, in lots of 50 acres each: Lt. William Raison lots 2405, 2406, 2407, 2408. Also Federal Bounty Land Grant Lt. William Raisin 200 acres date of issue Oct 4 1800 warrant number 1,844.
  SOLDIER: The Maryland Line in the Rev. War by Rieman Steuart 1969 p 121 William Raisin Enlisted Jan. 10 1777 corpl, sergeant 5th regt. Feb 12 1779, 2nd lieut. 5th regt. Jan 26 1780, transferred to 1st regt. Jan 1 1781, retired Apr 12 1783.
  PENSION: William B. Rasin of Kent Co, late a lieutenant in the revolutionary war, or his order, a sum of money equal to half pay as a lieutenant, annually in quarterly payments, during his life, as a further reward to those meritorious services which he rendered his country in establishing her liberty and independence. Nov 1804 Session of Laws of MD Resolutions Vol 7.
  SOLDIER: Index 49 at Annapolis Archives Box 3 folder 21 Lt. Wm Rasin Oct 11 1781 pay receipt. Box 3 folder 18 Lt. Wm Rasin paid 1st Regt. troops Oct 24 178. Index 50 at AA 1794 Capt. of Kent Co Militia. Index 51 Capt. Wm Rasin Jun 18 1794 Capt of Kent Co Militia. Militia Appointments no 1 p 52, no 2 p 29. Aug 5 -7 1783 Lt. Wm Raisin Intendent's Ledger A no 9 p 30,44 no 15 p 24, A no 10 p 8, 62.
  ORPHAN BOND: William Blackiston Rasin to Ann Bayley. Ann Bayley is an orphan age 12 on Feb. 12 last. The court is giving her to William Blackiston Rasin after the manner of apprentice to dwell until she is 16. He is to teach her to read well in the Bible, to knit, spin and sew. Date July 2, 1793 DB BC 3 p. 200.
  DEED: Petition of Elie Ridgely for patent June 13 1832 recorded in Liber GGB No 2 p 308, agreeable to an act of the General Assembly of MD passed at November session 1788, that a certain William Raisin, a Lieutenant of the Maryland line, was entitled to the following lots viz No. 2405, 2406, 2407, 2408 lying contiuous to each other, to the westward of fort Cumberland, in Allegany County and containing fifty acres each, makin in all two hundred acres of land, that two of said lots No 2405 and 2406 were on the 28th day of August 1826, exposed to public sale to the highest bidder by William McMahon, collector of the county charges, as the property of said William Raisin for payment of the county charges, when your petitioner became the purchaser and fully paid the purchase money for the same, that William McMahon, collector aforesaid, has since by his deed bearing date the 3rd day of January 1827, conveyed said land to your petitioner. Jun 1 1832 ordered that a patent issue.
  DEED: DB W p 184-7 Alleghany Co MD May 10 1838 heirs of William Rasin sell 200 acres of land that William Rasin received from commission agreeable to the act of assembly passed at November session 1788 designated as lot numbers 2405, 2406, 2407, 2408 land was west of Fort Cumberland and this land descended to his 4 children upon his decease: Philip Rasin, Cyrus Rasin, Rachel Rasin now Rachel Duyer and Ann Rasin now Ann Denning. Philip Rasin and Sarah his wife, Cyrus Rasin and Wilamina Rasin his wife, Philip Duyer and Rachel his wife, and Daniel Denning and Ann his wife signed.
  DEED: William B. Rasin selling the following slaves to James Wroth for 250 pounds, negro Richard, negro George and negro woman called Beck. JW 1 p. 211 Date Mar 1800. Chattel Records.
  DEED: Chattel Records William Blackiston Rasin sells to Philip Brooks for 4pds, 14 sh and 8p one negro George about the age of 18 years. Feb. 21, 1788. witnesss James Strong. (This same George was given to Martha Apsley in the will of her father Kinvin Wroth, the administration calls him Capt. Rasin. Thus another proof that Capt. Rasin and William Blackiston Rasin were the same person.)
  CAR: The Children of the American Revolution have approved members descended from William B. Rasin through son Philip R. Rasin namely John Barnhouser Sr. (#142106 approved on May 1995), John A. Barnhouser, Jr. (#144465 approved on Jan. 6, 1998), Guy Edward Almony, Jr. (#145958 approved on Nov. 15, 1999), Samantha Rose Barnhouser (#147969 approved Dec. 17, 2001), and Sarah Nicole Barnhouser (CAR #148965 approved Nov 2002).
  SAR: The Sons of the American Revolution have approved members descended from William B. Rasin through son Philip R. Rasin namely John Barnhouser Sr. (#148242 approved May 1997) and Guy E. Almony Jr. (#160713 approved July 2003).
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