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Marriage: Children:
  1. Abraham Redgrave: Birth: 20 Feb 1755 in , Shrewsbury, Kent Co, Maryland.

  2. Martha Redgrave: Birth: 14 Oct 1756 in , Shrewsbury, Kent Co, Maryland. Death: ABT Jan 1803 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  3. Isaac Redgrave: Birth: 26 Dec 1757 in , Shrewsbury, Kent Co, Maryland. Death: ABT Feb 1818 in Kent Co, Md

  4. Temperance Redgrave: Birth: 26 Jul 1759 in , Shrewsbury, Kent Co, Maryland. Death: AFT 1785

  5. Mary Redgrave: Birth: 23 Sep 1761 in , Shrewsbury, Kent Co, Maryland.

  6. Millicent Amelia Redgrave: Birth: ABT 1763.

  7. Anne Redgrave: Birth: ABT 1765.

a. Note:   !BIRTH: age 36 in 1753, per deed. !MARRIAGE: Elizabeth reported on 11 day 12 mo 1735 as having taken a man not of our society to be her husband. Cecil Meeting.
  !DEED: Elizabeth Redgraves aged 36 Quaker, affirmed regarding the bounds of tract called Yapp, recalled her dec. husband, Matthew Howard telling her that .. and she heard her father James Course tell George Medford that... LR JS #27p.253.
  !DEED: Elizabeth widow of Matthew Howard married Joseph Redgrave, dau of James and Ann Course age 36y, Vol 16 p 442/3 and Vol 17 p 253 date Mar 13 1753 Also sister Rachel widow of John Redgrave m. John Vansant age 42y Feb 27 1750.
  WILL: Elizabeth Redgrave of Kent Co, To my dau. Martha Redgrave my negro man George, my riding chaise, with 6 silver table spoons marked E.R. To my dau. Mary Redgrave my negro woman Phillis and her dau. Mint. To my dau. Melicent Redgrave my negro boy Michael. To my granddau. Elizabeth Tillard £50 from the hire of my negro boy William for 10 years when she is 21 or at marriage. If she dies then to my grandson Thomas Tillard, if he dies then to my dau. Annie Tillard. The remainder to my daughters Martha, Mary, and Melicent Redgrave. If the boy dies before the £50 is raised, then her legacy to be reduced in proportion to the amount raised and said negro boy William to be set free at 31. To my granddau. Mary Forrester my negro girl Violet. To my granddau. Henrietta Forrester my negro girl Priscilla. To my grandson William Redgrave my negro boy Stephen. If he dies under 21, then said negro to my granddau. Elizabeth Redgrave. To my son in law (stepson) Joseph Redgrave a silver table spoon marked M.B. and an old Bible to him. The remainder of my estate to my 3 daughters Martha, Mary, and Melicent Redgrave. Execs. my daughters Martha and Mary Redgrave. Witnesses Cornelius Comegys, Joseph Redgrave, Ann Rasin. Written Dec. 31, 1792 Proved July 22, 1793 p. 394 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.