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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Gale: Birth: ABT 1746.

  2. Malachi Gale: Birth: ABT 1747. Death: ABT Nov 1777 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  3. Elizabeth Gale: Birth: ABT 1749.

  4. Bersheba Gale: Birth: ABT 1750.

  5. Mary Jane Gale: Birth: ABT 1752. Death: ABT Nov 1820 in Kent Co, Md

  6. Catharine Gale: Birth: ABT 1754. Death: ABT 1 Oct 1826 in Kent Co, Md

  7. Rosamond Gale: Birth: ABT 1756.

  8. John Gale: Birth: ABT 1758.

Marriage: Children:
  1. John Gale: Birth: 18 Jan 1732 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: BEF 16 Apr 1768

  2. Rasin Gale: Birth: 22 Mar 1735 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: Nov 1797 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

a. Note:   e, grandchildren Malachi, James, Mary, Catherine, and Rosamond. grandson John Gale to receive all lands on the NE side of the road from STill Pond hill down the neck to John Crew's, grandson John to pay his brother Thomas Gale 100 pouds, my son Rasin Gale to be guardian of my grandson John Gale until 21. Son John Gale to get 3 acres and son Malachi, exec. was to receive the residue of the lands "Redmore's Supply" and to pay his brother James Gale 100 pounds. If wife Bersheba Gale lives until James is 21 she to pya 1/3 of above sum. His wife Bersheba Gale to received her dower right of all lands and use of the land Malachai received until he reached 21 years. John's six children Malachi, Mary, Catherine, Rosmond, John and James were to share the personal estate equally. WB 5 p. 261
  Age 36 in 1740 and age 52 in 1755 and age 49 in 1753, and age 53 in 1757 deed
  A deed of 1743 mentions John Gale the elder division line between Roger Hales.
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