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a. Note:   !BIRTH: Shrewsbury Church parents Joseph and Elizabeth Redgrave. WILL: Martha Redgrave of Kent Co, To my brother Isaac Redgrave my negro man George provided he does not sell George without George choosing his own master. To my niece Mary Wilmer Forrester a feather bed, one mersails quilt, 6 silver table spoons $50. To my niece Henrietta Elizabeth Forrester one walnut table and $50. To my nephew William Malden Redgrave a feather bed with a stripe tick, bedstead, and the notes and bonds that I have against my brothers Isaac and Abraham Redgrave. To my niece Elizabeth Tiller a feather bed and all my wearing apparel. To my nephew Thomas Tiller $40, also the balance due me for the rent of my farm on which Gideon Longfellow lives. The said $40 in the hands of my sister Ann Tiller and mother of Thomas. If he dies before 21 then to William Malden Redgrave to be paid into the hand of his father if not of age. To my sister Ann Tiller all my remaining estate consisting of 2 cows and household furniture. Exec. my brother Isaac Redgrave. Witnesses John Maxwell, Gideon Longfellow. Written Nov. 24, 1802 Proved Jan. 31, 1803 p. 178 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.