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a. Note:   !BIRTH: Shrewsbury Church records dau of Abraham Redgrave Sr and Martha. Is she Martha Pusbury who names niece Mary Regrave. Martha Pusbury of Kent Co To my grandson James Dunn to have all my lands if he gives by deed of gift negro Simon and negro Beck to his dau. Mary Ann Dunn at 16 or the day of marriage. If he does not then I give to my two granddaughters Martha Ann Brown Dunn and Mary Ann Dunn. To my said granddau. Martha my slaves Isaac, Abraham, Shadrick and Amia, 9 silver tablespoons, 9 silver teaspoons, one pair of silver tea tongues, two good feather beds and furniture, one blue and white suit of curtains, one suit of red flower curtains, two horses not to exceed 8 years old and not under 4, 3 cows and calves, 6 head of sheep, one large square black walnut table, one large oval table, one tea table with a falling leaf, one shagreen case of knifes and forks, one tea chest, 4 best gounds (gowns), one red flower counterpin and window curtains of the same, one set of blue and white window curtains at 16. To my granddau. Mary Ann Dunn one bed and furniture, one horse, 6 sheep, 3 cows at 16. To Mary Redgraves my niece the dau. of Isaac Redgraves all my wooling wearing apparel. My negro Pegg to be set free. To George Goldsmith Pusbury all my claim I have to the clock that now stands at my dwelling house. My slaves not to be removed until the crops are sufficiently completed. To my grandson James Dunn all the remainder of my estate. To granddau. Martha all my wearing apparel not devised.
  Exec. my grandson James Dunn. Witnesses Ann Nicols, Martha Merritt, William Gilbert. Written June 25, 1777 Proved May 21, 1778 p. 68 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.