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  1. Margaret Redgrave: Birth: BEF 1770.

a. Note:   !BIRTH: Shrewsbury parents Abraham and Alice son James Jan 22 1739/40. WILL: James Redgrave of Kent Co To my wife all my estate during her life between the main road and John Woodland's and all my stock. At her decease, my negro woman Amee be set free and the younger ones Jim, Perry, George, Mesiah, and Ann to be when they are 31 and each to receive a full suit of clothes, likewise the boy Jacob serving my wife until 21 to have a good suit of cloth coat, vest and small clothes, yarn stockings, shoes, fine hat and a silk handkf. After my wife's death, to my dau. Margaret Glasco and her issue all my lands, at their death then to my brother's son Sampson Redgrave and after his death to his son Sampson Redgrave during his life and after to James Redgrave son of Richard Redgrave. After my wife to my dau. Margaret Glasco my negro boy Perry, and to my grandson James Hill I devise my 2 negroes George and Meriah and to my grandson James Glasco my negroes Jim and Ann. If he dies before coming of age, then to my dau. Margaret. Exec. my wife. Witnesses Samuel Comegys, John States, Margaret Hynson Blackiston. Written Nov. 17, 1795 Proved Dec. 19, 1795 p. 510 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.