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Marriage: Children:
  1. Simon Worrell: Birth: 14 Feb 1761.

  2. Anne Worrell: Birth: 2 Aug 1762.

  3. Edward Worrell: Birth: 23 Oct 1763. Death: 1763

  4. William Worrell: Birth: 19 Apr 1767.

  5. Edward Worrell: Birth: 29 Jan 1769. Death: 1830 in , , New Castle Co, de

  6. Mary Worrell: Birth: 15 Jul 1770.

  7. Sarah Worrell: Birth: 2 May 1772. Death: ABT Sep 1807 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

Marriage: Children:
  1. Priscilla Wroth: Birth: 10 Sep 1774.

  2. Elizabeth Wroth: Birth: 1 Mar 1777. Death: 27 May 1823

  3. Martha Wroth: Birth: 17 Oct 1778.

  4. John Wroth: Birth: 26 Aug 1781 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: Jul 1827 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  5. Benjamin Blackiston Wroth: Birth: 30 Sep 1783. Death: ABT Apr 1825 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  6. Peregrine Wroth: Birth: 7 Apr 1786 in , , Kent Co, Maryland. Death: 13 Jun 1879 in Baltimore City, Md

a. Note:   h, deceased, in trust for his son John Kinvin Worrell Wroth. To my son Benjamin B. Wroth £200 in trust for his son William B. Wroth. To my son Peregrine Wroth my negro boy Samuel to serve him until Jan. 1, 1826 and my negro child Benjamin to Jan. 1, 1839. To my dau. Elizabeth Maslin £75. To my dau. Martha Wroth £125. I give £75 to my son John Wroth in trust for William Peregrine Smith and Mary Smith son and dau. of my dau. Priscilla Comegys. My negro man Joseph and my negro woman Aimey to be free at the end of the year. My son Peregrine Wroth shall not be chargeable with interest on any money he may owe. All the residue of my estate to my daughters Elizabeth Maslin and Martha Wroth, my son Peregrine Wroth, my grandson John K.W. Wroth. Execs. my son John Wroth and Benjamin B. Wroth. Witnesses William Wroth, James Smith, Isaac Smith. Written Nov. 21, 1811 Proved May 21, 1812 p. 174
  IGI record says Mary Priscilla Blackiston but no proof given.
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