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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rasin Moore Gale: Birth: ABT 1755. Death: 26 Feb 1817

  2. William Gale: Birth: 24 Mar 1758. Death: 27 Aug 1817 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  3. George Gale: Birth: ABT 1760. Death: 23 Mar 1807

  4. John Gale: Birth: Dec 1765.

  5. Thomas Gale: Birth: 14 Mar 1767. Death: 15 Nov 1837

  6. Elizabeth Gale: Birth: ABT 1770.

  7. Mary Gale: Birth: ABT 1775. Death: ABT 1816

Marriage: Children:
  1. Gale: Birth: ABT 1762.

a. Note:   icketts it being willed to him by Roger Hales, and a negro boy Unit about 12 to serve 16 years then free. To my dau. Mary Cann 40 acres laid off on the W part of my part of "Worton Manor" called by me "Plumb Point". Also a negro boy Benjamin about 16 to serve 12 years then free, also a negro boy Geddes about 10 to serve 18 years, then to be free. To my daughters Elizabeth and Mary 40 acres on my now dwelling plantation to be laid off on the W part next the creek, the 1/3 of the 40 to my dau. Mary and the other 2/3 to my dau. Elizabeth Jones. To my dau. Elizabeth Jones a negro George about 20 to serve 8 years, then free. To my son George Gale a negro boy Saul about 20 to serve 8 years then free, and no more since he has already received his part. To my son Rasin Gale all my land on "Worton Manor" called "Plumb Point", except 30 acres reserved for son Thomas Gale on condition that proceeds to pay debts and to my dau. Mary Cann £225 in lieu of the land before willed to her and to permit a road to son Thomas Gale from the said 30 acres of land to the bay and free and equal privileges of quantity of stone, oyster shells, and drift wood from off Plumb Point for the use of his farm, then to remain to my son Rasin Gale. Negro boy Isaac about 22 to serve 5 years then free. To my son John Gale all that tract of land in Fayette Co, PA and no more. To my son Thomas Gale 30 acres of woodland on my part of Worton Manor to be laid off on the Eastern side beginning at the corner stone set at the end of the first, and the division line between Medford's land and mine, and running with the division line between Osborne's and Ireland's and mine until it intersects a line drawn parallel to division between Medford's land and mine. To my son Thomas Gale all the branch or low ground lying below or to the S and W of the old NE bridge where the old road crossed the branch, also 3 acres of high land to be laid off on the W end of what's called the NE point, beginning at the boundary on the NE point and running with land called "Forrester's Delight" to include 3 acres by a line drawn to the Mill Pond, also a road from the 3 acres on the line of Forrester's Delight to NE bridge. Also the land on the W side of the branch or low ground below or to the S and W of a line drawn from before said NE bridge, bearing as the road across the branch now bears until it intersects the land of Benjamin Howard, also a road from said land between Benjamin Howard's land and mine to the main road leading to the head of Still Pond Creek. To my son Thomas Gale my now dwelling plantation if he pays on my debts, to my dau. Elizabeth Jones £150, to my dau. Mary Cann £75 and to him equal privilege to take stone, oyster shells, etc. and a road away from the 30 acres, also my clock, a negro Charles aged about 20 to serve 8 years, then free. To my son William Gale all the remainder of my land where he now lives and that willed to dau. Rachel on condition that he pays her £300. To my son in law John Newell the following negroes Jacob aged 23 to serve 5 years, Daniel ages about 15 to serve 13 years, Hannah about 12 to serve 9 years, Dely aged 10 to serve 11 years, Sarah about 8 to serve 13 years, Amos about 4 to serve 24 years, and then to be free. My wife Rebecca and I did make a marriage contract that she was not to claim any part of my estate as her 1/3 but was to take the whole of what she brought away with her and as there is no schedule of the same, I give her £30, a horse saddle and bridle valued at £30 and that she occupy a house and ½ acre of land on "Quaker Point" during her life, and my sons William Gale, Rasin Gale, and Thomas Gale shall haul her wood sufficient for one fireplace and £3 1/3 per year during her widowhood under the penalty that their lands subject to her 1/3, also a negro girl Matilda about 3 to serve 18 years, then free. When my debts are paid, the remainder of my personal property divided into 4 for my son Thomas Gale, my dau. Mary Cann, my dau. Rachel Hines, and my grandsons John and James Newell one part. Exec. my son Thomas Gale. Witnesses William Burchnell, John Moore Jr., Marmaduke Medford. Written Nov. 11, 1797 Proved Nov. 29, 1797 (Dec. 29 came John and Marmaduke) p. 589
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