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Marriage: Children:
  1. Kinvin Wroth: Birth: 3 Aug 1828.

  2. William Jackson Wroth: Birth: 13 Mar 1830. Death: 1907

  3. Margaret Priscilla Wroth: Birth: 27 Jul 1834.

a. Continued:   See will of Mary S. Nicols My friends Mrs. Ann B. Wilmer and Harriett M. Coxe near Alexandria, D.C. one plain mourning ring with my hair in them. To my friend Jane Eliza Wilmer near Alexandria a gold medallion with my hair in it to cost $5. To Eugenia M. Wroth my breast pin, one wrought gold, and one plain gold ring and gold heart with my black and white veils and all my books excepting my small testament which I give to my sister Margaret. To Editha G. Wroth my bead reticula. To Mary E. Wroth my large white cashmere shawl and my guards. All the remainder of my clothes to Eugenia M. and Mary E. Wroth under the direction of my sister Margaret. To my cousin Elizabeth R. Hayward one wrought gold ring, not to exceed $3. A mourning breast pin with my hair to my cousin Thomas S. Hayward, not to exceed $5. To my friends Dr. P. Wroth a handsome Bible to be lettered in gilt on the back. My beds and bedding to my brother James Nicols and $100. To my brother Thomas S. Nicols $50. To Edward W. Wroth a handsome vest with a handsome pen knife and ivory pocket comb with his name on each. To my nephew William Jackson Wroth a handsome suit of black cloth and small red chair. My better set of china to sister Margaret with my traveling trunk, my wardrobe, rocking chair. To Mary Oliver and Maria Gibson and a black and white cotton frock and black silk handkerchief. To Eliza Ann Oliver one hair trunk and old bonnet. To James Oliver, brother of the above, a suit of domestic. All the rest of my estate to my sister Margaret S. Wroth. Exec. my friend Dr. P. Wroth. Witnesses Mary Ann Ringgold, George S. Hollyday. Written Nov. 29, 1833 Proved Dec. 17, 1833 p. 288
  See will of James Nicols James Nicols of Kent Co To my nephew William J. Wroth $100. To Edward W. Wroth my silver watch. To Eugenia M. Wroth my gold breast pin set in jet. To Mrs. Tamacina Glenn “Clarks Commentary on the New Testament” also my pitchers, wash basin and tumblers. Also one dress. Mary E. Wroth $50 when she is 16. All my wearing apparel to William Meginniss. All the rest of my estate to my niece Margaret Priscilla Wroth when she is 16. Exec. my friend Dr. Peregrine Wroth. Witnesses Joseph Osborne Jr., Joseph Osborne Sr. Written Aug. 21, 1834 Proved Sep. 2, 1834 p. 317. Memo J. Nicols directs his executor to his kind friend Miss Martha Brice his “History of Methodism”, Hymn book, and pocket testament. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.