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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Hodges Gale: Birth: ABT 1790.

a. Note:   f the same date as the will William referred to Redmore's Supply as being part of a tract formerly belonging to John Gale and conveyed to his son Rasin Gale, "my father, and by him willed to me". date May 18, 1817 probated Aug 30, 1817. WB 10 p. 52.
  WILL: William Gale of Still Pond, Kent Co My body to be buried in my own graveyard between my wife's and my son Williams grave and that no mourning apparel shall be worn by none of my family after my death. I give one acre land square taking my wife's grave as the center of the square acre as a burying ground to my descendants and their family forever with free egress from the main road may at anytime fence, plank or wall in said ground as a burying ground only. To my brother Thomas Gale and Dr. George W. Thomas of Chestertown all my estate in trust for 10 years to administer for the family as I have done, then I give to my dau. Martha H. Gale 3 negroes Charlotte born on Feb. 19, 1805 to serve until she is 32, negro girl Charity about 4 years old in early part of Jan. last to serve till she is 32, and a negro boy Perry born on Jul 21, 1816 to serve until 35; and to her $800 (without interest) to be raised off the land. I also give her my watch and the seal that was her brother Williams as a family piece to her during her life then to be given to her sons if sons she has at her discretion. I also give her a home in my house while she is single to be kept and accommodated by her brother Rasin. To my dau. Mary Ann Gale 2 negro girls, a girl Ede born Nov. 21, 1803 to serve until 32, also a negro girl Mariah Sep. 16, 1806 to serve until she is 32. I give to Mary Ann $800 who is to be taken care of as her sister Martha by her brother Rasin. I confirm to my dau. Sarah Rasin the servitude of her woman Temp until she is 33 and to be free, Temp was born Mar. 30, 1794. I extend the servitude of her man Harry until he is 37, these servitudes are extended to my dau. in lieu of all claims against my property on account of her portion of her uncle John Hodges estate. Harry was born Sep. 1, 1796. To my son Levi H. Gale a negro boy Isaac to serve until he is 32. Isaac was born Feb. 8, 1810. I confirm my gift of man Jesse to my son James Hodges Gale. Also I give him all my right in land that he may be entitled to from my son William Gale which he would have been entitled to had he lived as his county land for enlisting as a soldier in the Light Draggon under Clinton Wright in the late war with England those titles I give to my son James Hodges Gale. To my housemaid Charity a home in my kitchen during her life and $10 per year in addition to the usual accommodation she has been accustomed to receive. My negro man Sandy I will a home in my kitchen during his life with $16 to paid him in addition. I will a home to my negro girl Elizer in my kitchen until she is 30 then free with $6 per year after she is 21 in addition to her usual accommodation. Elizer was born Jan. 28, 1810. My boy Harcules a home in my kitchen until he is 35 and to receive $10 when he is 25 until he is free in addition to his usual accommodation. Hercules was born July 16, 1804. A home in my kitchen to my man Emory until he is 32 and $12 in addition. Emory was born in Apr. 1793 on condition that he take care of his mother Harriet and prevent my property being chargeable with any maintenance for her. The woman Harriet I will be free Jan. 1, 1818. The time of servitude on the above Charity, Sandy, Elizer, Hercules, and Emory I give my son Rasin Gale, he complying with the stipulations in their favor. Shall Benjamin that ran away from me on Apr. 6 last if taken up I will that my administrator sell him and apply the money to my debts. My land in Harrison Co, Kentucky that is in the possession of my brother who acted for me under power of attorney to take a deed from James Rogers for me and in a letter from my brother John Gale now in my desk that the tract is called the "Cave Spray" that the land be sold and applied to my debts. My administrator to confirm my title to a lot of land to Joseph Parsons whereon he has begun to put up a house beginning at a posimmon tree and running W towards a stone standing at the W side of an old brick on Mr. Hepbron's land running up the line north a parallel line to Macall Medford's plank fence E of his lot, Joseph Parsons paying $40 per acre. To my son Rasin Gale all my lands in Still Pond during his life only and he paying my debts and legacies to his sisters Martha H. Gale and Mary Ann Gale. After my son Rasin Gale's death then to my son James H. Gale provided that if Rasin has male issue then to such eldest male and then to the eldest male heir of that son. Exec. my son Rasin Gale. Witnesses John Hepbron, John Moore, George Beck. Written May 18, 1817 Proved Aug. 30, 1817 p. 52 Codicil To expand on the powers of my son Rasin Gale and one of the trustees my brother Thomas Gale, he can sell the lot E and NE of Parson's lot and adjoining the old meeting house and any part of my land called "Redmore's Supply" being part of a tract formerly belonging to John Gale and conveyed to his son Rasin Gale my father and by him willed to me, also it being part of a tract now belonging to John Hepbron, then the said brother Thomas Gale one of my trustees named in my will co-jointly with my son Rasin Gale can sell any lots for my debts or legacies. I give the Methodist Society first preference to the lot joining if they provide $60 per acre. Further my son Rasin to take boarding, clothing, and education of my nephew Francis Cann. Written May 18, 1817. Witnesses John Hepbron, John Moore, George Beck. My son Rasin Gale my administrator to have $120 per year for the administration of my estate.
  p. 571 of MGSB Vol. 35 no 4 gives tombstone.
  Mentioned in will of his grandfather William Moore.
  Chancery Record 1824/03/31. 10444: Elkton Bank of Maryland, Rachel Walmsley, Isaac Hines, and Thomas S. Gale vs. Sarah H. Rasin, Rasin Gale, Mary Ann Gale, Isaac Hines, Martha Hines, James H. Gale, and Levi Gale. KE. Estate of William Gale - Grange, Forresters Delight, Douches Folly, Redmonds Supply. Plat of Grange, Redmonds Supply. Recorded (Chancery Record) 125, p. 452. Accession No.: 17,898-10444-1/4 MSA S512-13-10304 Location: 1/39/2/ 1822/11/27
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