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Margaret Constable: Birth: ABT 1440. Death: BEF 1483
Marmaduke Constable: Birth: ABT 1270.
Marmaduke Constable: Birth: ABT 1360.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1175 in of Flamborough.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1250 in of Flamborough.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1380.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1270.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1245.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1340.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1150.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1110.
Robert Constable: Birth: ABT 1420.
Simon Constable: Birth: ABT 1235.
William Constable: Birth: ABT 1360.
William Constable: Birth: ABT 1220.
William Constable: Birth: ABT 1300.
William Constable: Birth: ABT 1207.
William Constable: Birth: ABT 1130.
Ivon of Contentin: Birth: ABT 1005.
Herlevin de Conteville: Birth: ABT 1001. Death: ABT 1066
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Anne Conyers: Birth: ABT 1465 in , , Durham, England. Death: AFT 1533 in , , Durham, England
Beatrix Conyers: Birth: ABT 1425. Death: AFT 1431
Christopher Conyers: Birth: 1421 in of Sockburne. Death: 13 Mar 1487
Christopher Conyers: Birth: ABT 1395 in of Hornby, , York Co, England. Death: 6 Aug 1444
Cicely Conyers: Birth: ABT 1419. Death: AFT 1431
Eleanor Conyers: Birth: ABT 1458.
Elizabeth Conyers: Birth: ABT 1456 in , , Durham, England. Death: BEF 1492 in , , Durham, England
Elizabeth Conyers: Birth: ABT 1192.
Elizabeth Conyers: Birth: ABT 1413.
Galfrid Conyers: Birth: ABT 1165 in of Bishopton and, Sockbourne. Death: BEF 1238
Galfrid Conyers: Birth: ABT 1232.
Galfrid Conyers: Birth: ABT 1325. Death: AFT 1334
Geffrey Conyers: Birth: ABT 1200. Death: AFT 1220
Humphrey Conyers: Birth: ABT 1235 in of Bishopton. Death: AFT 1270
Isabella Conyers: Birth: ABT 1423. Death: AFT 1431
Joan Conyers: Birth: ABT 1375. Death: 7 Nov 1438
Johanna Conyers: Birth: ABT 1411.
John Conyers: Birth: ABT 1190 in of Sockbourne. Death: AFT 1238
John Conyers: Birth: ABT 1230.
John Conyers: Birth: BEF 1340 in of Sockburne. Death: 1395
John Conyers: Birth: ABT 1411 in of Hornby, , York Co, England. Death: 14 Mar 1489/1490
John Conyers: Birth: ABT 1275 in of Stubhouse. Death: AFT 1306
John Conyers: Birth: ABT 1370 in of Hornby Castle, , York Co, England.
Katharine Conyers: Birth: ABT 1415. Death: AFT 1431
Margaret Conyers: Birth: ABT 1417. Death: AFT 1431
Margary Conyers: Birth: ABT 1455. Death: 12 Aug 1532
Margery Conyers: Birth: ABT 1445 in , , Hornby, England.
Margery Conyers: Birth: ABT 1420 in of Hornby.
Richard Conyers: Birth: ABT 1432 in of South Cowton, , York Co, England.
Robert Conyers: Birth: ABT 1160. Death: BEF 1195
Robert Conyers: Birth: 1371 in of Sockburne. Death: 25 Apr 1433 in , , Durham, England
Robert Conyers: Birth: ABT 1350 in of Ormesby, Cleveland, of Hornby Castle. Death: 1392
Robert Conyers: Birth: ABT 1300 in of Stubhouse.
Roger de Conyers: Birth: ABT 1162. Death: AFT 1195
Roger Conyers: Birth: ABT 1431 in of Hornby, , York Co, England.
Roger Conyers: Birth: ABT 1456.
Roger Conyers: Birth: ABT 1125 in of Bishopton and, Sockbourne. Death: AFT 1174
William Conyers: Birth: ABT 1460.
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Alice Nebraska Cook: Birth: 17 Feb 1890. Death: 15 Jan 1923
Emma Cook: Birth: 1861. Death: 1942
Solomon J Cook: Birth: ABT 1840.
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Elizabeth Cooke: Birth: ABT 1810.
Jane Cool: Birth: ABT 1663.
Cooper: Birth: ABT 1830.
Cooper: Birth: ABT 1738.
Claude Cooper: Birth: ABT 1870.
Martin L. Cooper: Birth: 1891. Death: 17 Nov 1943
Mary Catherine Cooper: Birth: 8 May 1893. Death: 7 Aug 1970
Samuel F Cooper: Birth: ABT 1845.
Sarah Ann Cooper: Birth: ABT 1813.
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Person Not Viewable
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John Copedge: Birth: 31 Mar 1660. Death: AFT 1690
Mary Copley: Birth: 3 Dec 1894 in , , Stollings, Wv. Death: 29 Jul 1959
Copper: Birth: ABT 1775.
Darius Copper: Birth: ABT 1764.
George Copper: Birth: ABT 1800.
Jane Elizabeth Copper: Birth: ABT 1825.
Marie Antoinette Copper: Birth: ABT 1825.
William Copper: Birth: ABT 1810.
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Alice Corbet: Birth: ABT 1215.
Robert Corbet: Birth: ABT 1045 in of Caen.
Sibyl Corbet: Birth: ABT 1070.
Thomas Corbet: Birth: ABT 1190.
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Elizabeth Corless: Birth: 4 Sep 1640 in , Gisburn, Yorkshire, England.

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