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  • Married: Jane on AFT 1699.
  • Jane : Birth: ABT 1680. Death: AFT 1745
  1. Benjamin Whittington: Birth: ABT 1700. Death: ABT 1762

  2. Elizabeth Whittington: Birth: ABT 1703. Death: ABT Jan 1778 in , , Kent Co, Maryland

  3. James Whittington: Birth: ABT 1705. Death: BEF Jun 1765 in Kent Co, MD

  4. Joseph Whittington: Birth: ABT 1710. Death: BEF 1751

a. Note:   His biography is given in Bio Dict of MD Legislature by Papenfuse. Vol 2 p. 885. John Whittington age 40 in 1699 of Kent Co per Test. Proc. xviii p. 27. John Whittington of Queen Annes Co (formed from part of Kent Co) age 60 in 1714 per P.L. p. 105. Age 70 in 1721 per P.L. p. 573 (b. 1651)
  Information on this family found in Col. Fam. Vol. 5 p. 306. He was a representative to the Royal Assembly of Maryland. Received 361 acres of land from his uncle's estate in 1710 per Biographical Dictionary of The MD Legislature.
  !WILL: John Whittington dated Oct. 3, 1721 and proved May 15 1722. to son Thomas a plantation in Talbot Co, if he dies then to sons Joseph, Benjamin and James. To sons Joseph and Benjamin, dwelling plantation. To son James Honest Dealing on Cypress Branch of Kent Co. To daus. Elizabeth and Isabel, 300 acres of Fair Dealing and 43 acres of Addition to Fair Dealing Kent Co equally. To above 6 children proceeds from sale of land at the head of Christeen. To wife Jane exec. use of dwelling plantation during life, 1/3 personal estate. Residue to 6 children aforesaid. witness Gervis Harrison, Augustine Thompson, John Hamour Jr. WB 17 p. 202.
  John Whittington owned land patented in 1686 by John Salter. Did he purchase or inherit the land?
  John Whittington and his wife sold Hemsley's Brickland to Mr. Gaudy which John Salter purchased before 1715. William Hemsley patented the land in 1696. William Helmsley of Talbot Co died in 1699 and named wife Jane to have Helmsley Pasture 648 acres and 320 acres of Helmsley's Addition is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.