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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Manifold: Birth: 25 Feb 1770 in , , York Co, Pa. Death: 1832

  2. Lydia Manifold: Birth: 20 Sep 1771 in , , York Co, Pa.

  3. Benjamin Manifold: Birth: 15 Jun 1773 in , , York Co, Pa.

  4. Joseph Manifold: Birth: 15 Jun 1773 in , , York Co, Pa.

  5. Henry Manifold: Birth: 26 Aug 1775 in , , York Co, Pa. Death: 10 Jul 1841 in , , , Pa

  6. Elinor Manifold: Birth: 8 Apr 1777 in , , York Co, Pa.

  7. William Manifold: Birth: 22 Dec 1778 in , , York Co, Pa.

  8. Elizabeth Manifold: Birth: 19 Sep 1780 in , , York Co, Pa.

  9. Martha Manifold: Birth: 23 Sep 1783 in , , York Co, Pa. Death: BEF 1823

  10. Annabel Manifold: Birth: 14 Apr 1785 in , , York Co, Pa.

  11. John Manifold: Birth: 15 Jun 1787. Death: 1 Sep 1882

a. Note:   d Comm. William Ross on list of April 26 1778. Recruited from lower York Co. Proven by SAR #116273. Also listed in the DAR Patriot Index.
  The Family bible of Joseph Manifold printed Edinburgh in 1789 by Mark and Charles Kerr. His Majesty's printers listed the birth dates and names of Joseph and Elinor and their 11 children. The family bible was reprinted in the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin Vol. 40 No. 4 Fall 1999 p. 498-9. Family Bible of Joseph Manifold says Joseph Manifold son of Benjamin Manifold and Anable his wife was born in June the 8th 1736. Joseph Manifold owned a house in East Hopewell Twp. about 2.5 miles west of Muddy Creek Forks on a farm that remained in the family for 5 generations and is still standing today.
  !WILL: Joseph Manifold WB K p 259 of Hopewell Twp. York Co, PA to my wife Eleanor Manifold 1/3 of my real estate for her life. To my sons Joseph, Benjamin, Henry Manifold the whole of my landed estate in Hopewell twp., Benjamin's part to be struck off by itself containing 120 acres including the tan yard, house and the utensils. To my son William 420 pds to be paid in one year, to my son John my landed property in Fawn Twp but not to sell the property without assent of brothers, if he dies a minor the estate to be divided between brothers and sisters. To my daus. Mary Wallace, Lydia Collins, and Eleanor and Martha and Annabel Manifold the sum of 200pds from my estate to be paid by my sons Joseph, Benjamin, and Henry beforementioned but the accounts of my two dau. Mary Wallace and Lydia Collins to be deducted of their share. to my granddaughter Rachel Vaughn 30 pds when she is 18. My sons Joseph and Benjamin executors. date Aug 18 1801. witness Alex Downing and Benjamin Payne.
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