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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Howard: Birth: 12 Mar 1740 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 10 Sep 1766

  2. Rachel Howard: Birth: 5 May 1743 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 10 Oct 1747

  3. Joshua Howard: Birth: 29 Sep 1745 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 13 Oct 1767 in , , Baltimore Co, Md

  4. Ruth Howard: Birth: 15 Sep 1747 in , , Baltimore, Md.

  5. Rachel Howard: Birth: 14 Oct 1749 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 16 Dec 1750

  6. John Eager Howard: Birth: 4 Jun 1752 in The Forrest, Pikesville, Baltimore Co, Md. Death: 12 Oct 1827 in , Belvidere, Baltimore City, Md

  7. Cornelius Howard: Birth: 2 Dec 1754 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 12 Feb 1844

  8. James Howard: Birth: 8 Jul 1757 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 11 Jun 1806

  9. Violetta Howard: Birth: 22 Sep 1759 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 21 Feb 1844

  10. Philip Howard: Birth: 17 Sep 1762 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 14 Aug 1764

  11. Ann Howard: Birth: 10 Jul 1765 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: 30 Dec 1770

a. Note:   !DEATH: Cornelius Howard died Jun 14 1777 buried in Churchyard of St. Thomas' Church. (No stone found at the cemetery.)
  In the American History Vol. III NO. 4 April 1879 the story of the Howards of Maryland states that Cornelius is buried on the family property called the Forest and on his tombstone is the coat of arms which are drawn in the article. The St. Thomas church records say Cornelius was buried in the churchyard but no stone was listed on the 1881 map nor found upon my visit in 2002. The stone is on the family plantation at Greystone Apartments next to the former Howard birthplace.
  !TOMBSTONE: Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Cornelius Howard who departed this life on the 4th of June 1777 age 70. He was a Tobacco Planter in the County of Baltimore lived much esteemed died regreted by all. Howard Coat of Arms with motto Desir n'a Repose (Do not wish for rest).
  The original English Howard, Duke of Norfolk coat of arms was Gules a bend between six cross-crosslets fitchee argent. The tombstone of Cornelius Howard has these Howard arms with the difference of the two moons, which means they are descended from the same family as the Howard, Duke of Norfolk which by tradition the family claimed descent. In 1695, John Howard Sr. son of Matthew Howard stamped on this arms on his will by a wax seal. Coat of Arms: Gules on a bend argent between six cross-crosslets fitchee argent two crescent moons or. Crest: - On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a lion statant gardant, with tail extended, or. Motto: - Desir n'a repos. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.