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Ailill of Ui: Birth: ABT 0940.
Cormac of Ui: Birth: ABT 0620.
Diarmait of Ui: Birth: ABT 0600.
Domnall of Ui: Birth: ABT 0640.
Echraid of Ui: Birth: ABT 0980.
Failbe of Ui: Birth: ABT 0660.
Mac-orbba of Ui: Birth: ABT 0750.
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Lorenz Ulrich: Birth: ABT 1720 in , , , Germany. Death: BEF 1773 in , , , Germany
Maria Elisabeth Ulrich: Birth: 1746 in , , , Germany. Death: 21 Apr 1827 in , Blankenbach, Hessen, Germany
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Charles W Umbaugh: Birth: ABT 1855.
Joseph M Umbaugh: Birth: 6 May 1885 in near Goresville, Loudoun Co, Va.
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Alice Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1160.
Elizabeth de Umfreyville: Birth: 1381. Death: 23 Nov 1424
Elizabeth Umfreyville
Gilbert de Umfreyville: Birth: 1244 in of Angus. Death: BEF 13 Oct 1307
Gilbert de Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1210 in of Prudhoe. Death: 1245
Gilbert Umfreyville: Death: BEF 1189
Henry Umfreyville
John Umfreyville: Death: BEF 1314
Margaret Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1390.
Margary Umfreyville: Birth: AFT 1160.
Odinel de Umfreyville: Birth: AFT 1120 in of Prudhoe. Death: 1182
Richard de Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1190 in of Prodhue. Death: AFT 1216
Robert de Umfreyville: Birth: 1277 in of Angus. Death: 2 Apr 1325
Robert de Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1140.
Robert de Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1165 in of Tours.
Thomas de Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1361 in Harbottle Castle. Death: ABT Mar 1390/1391
Thomas de Umfreyville: Birth: ABT 1300 in of Harbottle. Death: 21 May 1387
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Levinia Underwood: Birth: 1780 in , , , Va. Death: AFT 1850 in , , Mecklenburg Co, Va
Unit: Birth: ABT 1650.
Mary Unit: Birth: ABT 1685. Death: 22 Jan 1719 in , , Kent Co, Maryland
Richard Unit: Birth: ABT 1680.
Sarah Unit: Birth: ABT 1704. Death: ABT May 1749 in , , Kent Co, Maryland
Daniel Updike: Birth: 1791 in , , , Va.
Phebe Updike: Birth: ABT 1828.
Beatrice of Upper Lorraine: Birth: ABT 1080. Death: AFT 1112
Gerhard III of Upper Lorraine: Death: 14 Apr 1070 in Remiremont
Adelaide of Upper: Death: AFT 1052
Drusilla Uppold: Birth: ABT 1786 in , , , Maryland. Death: AFT 1860
Yngvi-Frey of Uppsala: Birth: ABT 0235.
Roger Upton: Birth: 15 Sep 1873 in Peabody, Ma. Death: 27 Dec 1931 in Marblehead, Ma
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Armengol I of Urgel: Birth: ABT 0975. Death: 1 Sep 1010 in Cordoba
Armengol II of Urgel: Birth: 1009. Death: 1038
Armengol III of Urgel: Birth: ABT 1033. Death: 1065 in Barbasto
Armengol IV of Urgel: Birth: ABT 1056. Death: 28 Mar 1092
Usilton: Birth: ABT 1864. Death: ABT 1864
Addison Usilton: Birth: ABT 1853.
Francis Usilton: Birth: 16 Apr 1753 in Kent Co, Md. Death: Sep 1824 in Kent Co, Md
Francis Usilton: Birth: 25 Jan 1795. Death: ABT Mar 1850
Franklin R Usilton: Birth: ABT 1857. Death: 1 Jun 1866
George B. Usilton
Gustavus Lamb Usilton: Birth: 1840.
Henry A Usilton: Birth: 19 Jun 1860. Death: Mar 1876
Hosanna Usilton: Birth: ABT 1784. Death: ABT Mar 1826
John Usilton: Birth: ABT 1790. Death: ABT 1846
Joseph Usilton: Birth: 12 Feb 1797. Death: ABT Sep 1865 in Kent Co, Md
M Temperance Usilton: Birth: ABT 1854. Death: 1857
Robert Usilton: Birth: 26 Dec 1791 in Kent Co, Md. Death: AFT 1850
Rose E Usilton: Birth: 1850.
S Franklin Usilton: Birth: ABT 1853.
Samuel S Usilton: Birth: ABT 1830 in Md.
Sarah G Usilton: Birth: ABT 1856. Death: 1857
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Catherine Utz: Birth: 17 Sep 1804. Death: 1 Feb 1884

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