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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Manifold: Birth: ABT 1733.

  2. Edward Manifold: Birth: 1734. Death: 1821 in , York Co, Pa

  3. Joseph Manifold: Birth: 8 Jun 1736 in , , , Pa. Death: 16 Jul 1801 in , , York Co, Pa

  4. Mary Manifold: Birth: ABT 1740.

  5. Benjamin Manifold: Birth: 1748. Death: 23 Jun 1820 in , , , Tn

  6. Elizabeth Manifold: Birth: ABT 1750.

  7. Ann Manifold: Birth: ABT 1754.

a. Note:   One record said he arrived from England. He settled in Chester Co then York Co, PA in 1752. He set up a mill and trading post at Stony Point. Another record says he arrived in 1727 from Ireland. He is buried on his home farm in an unmarked grave. The Manifold Cemetery still exists today.
  !BAPTISM: Benjamin, son of William and Elizabeth.
  An Inventory of Benjamin Manifold on June 13, 1754 list large amounts of items including cattle, clothes, furniture, etc. by Annbil Manyfold and William her son, administrators of all and every goods. By Appraisers May 29 1754 Matthew Payne, Alexander Wallace. bond filed April 29 1754, inventory returned June 13, 1754.
  At orphans court May 26 1761 York Co, William Manifold eldest son and heir at law of Benjamin Manifold late of Fawn Twp. in county of York yeoman deceased who died intestate produced the valuations of the lands of the deceased father which stated on May 29 1759 an inquest of sundry samll pieces of land in Fawn and Chanceford Twps containing 300 acres died possessed of are valued at 160 pounds lawful money and will not permit of easy division without prejudice to the whole. Henry Bradley, William Gemmill, James Smith, Ebenezer Smith. Whereon the court ordered that William Manifold do pay unto Edward Manifold a son of the said intestate 13 pds, 6 sh, 8 p in one year and 4pds 8 sh and 10 p 1/2 penny in one year from the death of Annabel, relict of intestate. Also to pay unto Joseph Manifold, another son of the intestate 13 pds 6 sh 8 p in two years and 4 pds 8 sh 10 p 1/2 penny in one year from deth of Annabel. Also to pay unto Mary, dau. of intestate same in 3 years, unto Elizabeth dau. of intestate same in 4 years, unto guardian of Benjamin Manifold, another son in 5 years, to guardian John Manifold another son in 6 years, to Annabel relict of intestate 3 pds 2 sh yearly during her life and then to William soley. (These provisions were not met)
  At the Clarence Manifold Farm Bridgeton RD, a memorial was placed in 1956 for Benjamin and Annabel (Danger) Manifold. The marker was placed on the site of the former Manifold's school house. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.