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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Sutton: Birth: 28 Jul 1749 in St. Pauls Pe Par, , Baltimore City, Md.

  2. Catherine Sutton: Birth: 1752. Death: 16 Jan 1836

  3. Henry Adams Sutton: Birth: ABT 1755. Death: 2 Oct 1801

  4. Joseph Sutton: Birth: ABT 1760.

  5. Thomas Sutton: Birth: ABT 1762. Death: May 1845

  6. Person Not Viewable

a. Note:   h Sutton along with 10. Joseph Sutton Jr., 12. Henry Adams Sutton, 18. John Dunnock.
  Tax list of 1783 Mine Run Hundred Joseph Sutton Sr. Standiford Preserve 136 acres, Tigers Revenge 114 acres, Meadows 58 acres, Adams Outlet 53 acres, Haws Nest Point 48 acres.
  Tax list of 1798 Mine Run Hundred 7 slaves 1 dwelling house of log 2-story 27-14 f and an addition of 32-30 of log 1 s. high, an old house and much out repair, 1 stone spring house 12X12, 1 meat house 20-10 of log, 1 hen house 12-12 of log, 1,132 acres 80 perches value 300pds
  !DEED: Catharine Dunnuck wife of John Dunnuck and dau. of Joseph Sutton a tract of land called Anderson's Hill and Dales situated in Harford Co and partly in Baltimore Co contained 172 1/2 acres. dated Sep 14, 1803.
  !DEED: Mordecai and Joseph Sutton brothers and grandsons of Joseph Sutton land was divided between brothers Mordecai 160 acres and Joseph 104 1/4 acres. date Sep 14 1803
  !DEED: Thomas Sutton son of Joseph tract of land called Suttons Delight, Thomas alotted 332 1/2 acres and 4 negroes, 2 horses, 5 cattle, 3 beds. Date Sep 14 1803
  !DEED: Christopher and John Sutton grandson of Joseph Sutton gave them altogether a lot containing 106 acres. Each deed contained a clause that Joseph Sutton may during the term of his life occupy and enjoy all said tracts of land. date Sep 14, 1803
  !DEATH: Aged about 84 funeral by Rev. John Coleman p. 89
  They were named in the will of Walter James who also posted bond for the estate of Thomas Sutton. In 1750 he owned 100 acres of Fell's Forest. Charles Bond sold him 113 acres of Teague's Revenge on Sep 13 1762. He admin. the estate of Henry Adams on Aug 4 1766.
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