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Marriage: Children:
  1. David Miles: Birth: in Llanfihangel Helygen Parish, Radnorshire, Wales. Death: 1710 in Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co., Delaware

  1. Richard Miles: Birth: ABT 1654 in Llanfihangel Helygen Parish, Radnorshire, Wales. Death: 1713 in Radnor Twp., Delaware Co., Pennsylvania

  2. Ann Miles: Birth: ABT 1660 in Llanfihangel Helygen Parish, Radnorshire, Wales. Death: AFT Aug 1738 in Radnor Twp., Delaware Co., Pennsylvania

  3. Samuel Miles: Birth: ABT 1665 in Llanfihangel Helygen Parish, Radnorshire, Wales. Death: 1708 in Radnor Twp., Delaware Co., Pennsylvania

  4. Griffith Miles: Birth: 1670 in Llanddowi, Radnorshire, Wales. Death: Jun 1719 in Bristol Twp., Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania

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  ! Birth: (1,4a,6) 1622. (1) Llanfihangel Helygen Parish (the Church of St. Michael by the Willows), Radnorshire, Wales. The MILES family is traceable for many generations in Llanfihangel Helygen and the neighborhood in the 16th centry, and was of considerable importance, probably of Flemish descent. (4a) Llandowi, Radnorshire, Wales. The source cited gives no documentation, and implies that he was related to Rev. John MILES, b.1621, who emigrated with his congregation from Wales to MA, where he founded the 2nd Baptist Church in America at Swansea. (6) Parish of Llanfihangel, Helygen, Randnorshire, Wales, just one year after the birth of Rev. John MILES. There is no definite information as the the exact relationship, but claimed to be of the same ancestry. Probably brothers or cousins. Marriage to __ __: [NOTE: Mother of his children is unknown.] Marriage to Jane EDWARDS: (6) 20 Aug 1692. Witnessed by his son David. She was sister of his son Griffith's wife. [NOTE: Same James? She would have been very young.] Death: (4) Probably in the home of one of his sons, Richard or Samuel in Radnor Twp., then Chester Co., PA, or Griffith in Bristol Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.
  (4) Of Radnorshire, Wales, an interior county of east central Wales, bordered by the English counties of Shropshire and Hereford, the Welsh counties of Montgomery on the north, Cardigan on the west, and Brecknock on the west and south. The River Wye forms the boundary between it and Brecknockshire. (6) Radnorshire is an inland district of South Wales, bounded on the north by Montgomeryshire and Shropshire and partly on the south and southwest by Brecknockshire. The reater portion of the surface of the country is hilly and the center is occupied by a mountainous tract called Radnor Forest, running nearly east and west, its highest summit reaching 2163 feet. In the 17th century a number of Quakers came from here to America. (1,6) 1682, 19-20 Jun: Had a deed for 100a. to be surveyed for him in PA. (6) To be surveyed for him in the Welsh Tract in PA. (5a) 1682, 25 Jun: Was of Llanfihangel Helyden parish, Co. Radnor, Wales at the time of his son Samuel's marriage. (1b) 1682/3: Came to PA as a Servant "to ye Society." (6) Ships bringing colonists in 1681 and 1682 all landed at Upland (now Chester) and remained there until the surveyor arrived in Jun 1682 and told someone that the city of Philadelphia would be farther up the river. Then there was a great scramble of the immigrants to that locality where Dr. JONES found them as squatters, living in huts and makeshift places, hoping to obtain lots in the city, when he arrived 13 Aug 1682 on the "Lyon". William PENN came on 19 Oct 1682 in the "Welcome." The MILES family were not passengers on the "Welcome" as some have claimed, nor on the "Lyon". It is not known whether James' wife accompanied him to America. (1,4b) 1683, 27 Jul (5 mo.): Brought a Certificate of Removal to the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting from the Redstone Monthly Meeting held in the Parish of Llanvihangell or Llainhangel Helygen, Radnorshire, Wales, dated the above date. (3) The certificate was signed by Owen HUMPHREY, Edward EYTON, John JARMAN, Daniel LEWIS and others. Samuel MILES' certificate is dated the same date with the same witnesses. (4) Did not seem to have established his own household in PA. Probably lived with one of his sons. (4) 1686: The number of Friends living in Radnor Twp. was sufficient to establish a meeting there. They met at first at the home of John JERMAN (or JARMAN), a Quaker Minister, or at the home of John EVANS, soon to be father-in-law of James' son Richard MILES. In 1693 the first meeting house was erected on the present Newton and Conestoga Roads. James MILES and his family belonged to this Radnor Meeting. (3) 1688, 28 4 mo. (Jun): Richard MILES and Sarah EVANS were married at the house of John EVANS, Radnor, PA, by Friends Ceremony. Among the witnesses were James MILES, Samuel MILES, Griffith MILES, David MILES, and Margaret MILES. (2,4) 1692, 20 Oct (8th mo.): James, Richard and Samuel MILES witnessed the marriage of Griffith MILES/Bridgett EDWARD, Radnor Monthly Meeting, PA. (1c,4) Baptized as an adult in the Pennepack Baptist Church. (4) The records of the church give no date. The Pennepack Baptist Church (later Lower Dublin Baptist Church) was founded in 1688 in what is now Bustleton, Lower Dublin Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA, where his son Griffith lived. The MILES family seems to have left the Society of Friends about 1697. (1b) 1705, 27 Aug (6 mo.): Issued a warrant "for his headland" by the Province of Pennsylvania Board of Property upon an affidavit made by Benjamin CHAMBERS.
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