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  ! Birth: (1) Richard MILES was brother of Ann MILES who m. William DAVIES. (8,9,10) Parish of Llanfihangel Heygen, Radnorshire, Wales. (8,9,10,11) s/o James MILES. (10) Probably about 1654. (11) Radnorshire, Wales. Marriage to Sarah EVANS: (8,9,11) 28 4 mo. (Jun) 1688. (8,9,10,11) At the house of John EVANS, Radnor, PA, by Friends Ceremony. (9) Marriage witnessed by James MILES, John EVANS, Samuel MILES, Griffith MILES, David MILES, Joseph EVANS, David MEREDITH, Stephen EVANS, Howell JAMES, John JARMAN, Philip EVANS, David PRICE, Ellis PUGH, John RICHARD, John LONGWORTHY, William JAMES, James JAMES, Mary EVANS, Mary JONES, Ann THOMAS, Margaret JARMAN, Susan RICHARD, Margaret MILES, Elizabeth PRICE and Ann JONES. (10) 28 Apr 1688. Death: (2a,11) Will dtd 29 Aug 1713, proved 23 Dec 1713. (1,9) 1713. (11) Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA.
  (10) 1671: Richard MILES fined 1 pound and 15 shillings in Llanfihangel, Helygen, Radnorshire, Wales for "attending meeting." (1) Griffith, Richard, Samuel and Ann MILES were from Llanddowi, Radnor Co., Wales. They were Quakers. (7,8b,10,11b) 1682, 19 Jun: Richard MILES, weaver, of Llanvihangel Rhydyithan, Radnorshire, Wales, bought from Richard DAVIES of Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Wales, 100 acres in the Welsh Tract, PA, part of 5,000 acres deeded to Richard DAVIES by William PENN. [NOTE: Richard DAVIES' tract was in Merion Twp., Montgomery Co., PA, Radnor and New Town Twps. in Delaware Co., PA, and Goshen Twp. in Chester Co., PA.] (9) Purchased land in PA from Richard DAVIES 1682. (10) Recorded in Philadelphia, PA, 12 Jan 1684. Described as weaver of Llanfihangel, Helygen, in the county of Randor, Wales, and Welsh Friend. (1) c.1682/3: Came to America. (10) Emigrated shortly after his purchase of land in the Welsh Tract. (8,10) 1683, 22 Nov: Warranted Lot 2, 49.5 feet front on south side of Chesnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, by William PENN for having purchased 100 acres in Radnor Twp. in the Welsh Tract. (11d) Owned a lot in Philadelphia on the south side of Chesnut St., between 5th & 6th Streets, now part of the ground on which the State House or Independence Hall stands. His brother Samuel had a lot not far away on Walnut St.. (10) Described as weaver of Llanfihangel, Helygen, in the county of Randor, Wales, and Welsh Friend. (1) Of Radnor, PA. (4) The highway known as Radnor Street or Road, which ran straight through the center of Radnor Twp. from north to south, was laid out in 1683, and it is probable that the first settlements were made there during the same year, since settlers were becoming numerous in Haverford. Among the first to settle in Radnor were Richard MILES, William DAVIS, Stephen ap EVAN, David MEREDITH, John MORGAN, Evan PROTHERAH, Richard ORMES, Howell JAMES. All were Welsh Friends. (10) Located his land in Radnor Twp. The Welsh Tract was surveyed in 1684, but it was not until 1687 that the boundaries were known. (8,10,11) 1688, 28 Jun: At time of his marriage he was of Radnor Twp., "Taylor." (3) 1692, (8?) Jun (4th mo.): Richard MILES witnessed the marriage of James PUGH/Joan PRICE, Radnor Monthly Meeting, PA. (3) 1692, 20 Oct (8th mo.): James, Richard and Samuel MILES witnessed the marriage of Griffith MILES/Bridgett EDWARDS, Radnor Monthly Meeting, PA. (4) 1693: The inhabitants of Radnor and Haverford were taxed by the Haverford Monthly Meeting one shilling per hundred acres towards the taking of wolves. In Radnor, Richard MILES was taxed 2 shillings 10 d.; Samuel MILES was taxed 2 s. 9 d.; William DAVIS was taxed 2 s. 7 d.. (7) 1693: The inhabitants of Haverford and Radnor Twps., Chester Co. were taxed one penny per pound on Estates. In Radnor, Richard MILES was taxed for 34 lbs. (6) 1693: Richard MILES was assessed 34 lbs. for property in Radnor Twp. adjacent to Ellis JONES (N), Samuel MILES (W), Griffith MILES (S), and Radnor Rd. (E), across which was the property of David PRICE and Thomas PARRY. In 1723 he was again assessed for the same property, adjacent to Thomas THOMAS and Edward DAVID (N), Margaret MILES and Owen EVANS (W), David POWELL (S), and David HARRY and John MOORE across Radnor Rd.. In 1748 the property was owned by Joseph MILES (John DAVID (N), Miles THOMAS & Amos EVANS (W), James MILES (S), Samuel HARRY and John MATHER across Radnor Rd.). By 1766 Joseph MILES erected a mill on the property on Ithan Creek. At some point (date not given) the property was exempted from property tax due to loss by fire. (10) 1695, 12 Mar: Bought 50 acres from his brother Samuel, 20 acres from Ellis JONES and sold his lot in Philadelphia to David POWELL. (6) When the Keithian schism shattered Quaker calm in Philadlphia, some of the followers of George KEITH (Quaker later turned Anglican) established a Baptist Church in Newtown in 1697. Another group met in Radnor at the house of Richard MILES and became the nucleus of the Baptist Church in the Great Valley which stands in Tredyffrin Twp. (8) Probably one of the Keithian Quakers who later became Baptist. (11a) Withdrew from the Society of Friends and joined the Baptists when the preaching of George KEITH brought about a division among the Friends. Other Baptists in his neighborhood met frequently at his home in Radnor, and organized there the Baptist Church in the Great Valley. After his death, meetings were held at the home of his widow Sarah MILES from time to time until 1722, when the meeting house was erected in Tredyffrin Twp. (13) In 1692, George KEITH and 8 of his followers, including Thomas POWELL, accused the Society at the Yearly Meeting at Philadelphia with "lax discipline and doctrinal impurity" and were disowned. From 1692 to 1695 these separated "Keithian Quakers" held their meetings at POWELL's home at Ridley Creek, Edgemont Twp., Chester Co., with KEITH as their leader. They had appealed to London for vindication, but in 1695 the English Quakers also repudiated KEITH, causing him to "quit" the Quakers and return to England, where 5 years later he became an Anglican priest and missionary. The meetings at POWELL's continued, where a former follower named Able NOBLE turned Seventh Day Baptist minister, convinced some of them to be baptized in Jun 1697. Some from Radnor in the Welsh Tract, including Samuel and Richard MILES, came there to be baptized before 1701. In 1700 the group at POWELL's split in a dispute about the day the Sabbath was to be observed. Those that chose Saturday left the group to form the Seventh Day Baptists at Newton. The group that remained at POWELL's was preached to by the Welsh Episcopalean minister Rev. Evan EVANS. (8,11) c.1700: Shortly before 1701, Richard and his wife were baptized by William BECKINGHAM in Upper Providence. (7) 1701, 23 Dec: The lands of grantees of Richard DAVIES of Welchpool were ordered resurveyed by the Commissioners, which was done 16 Feb 1701/2, including 100 acres granted to Richard MILES, which he had settled upon, and 100 acres granted to Samuel MILES. (10) Richard supposed up until 1701 that he had 170 acres in Radnor, but the re-surveys showed he had 325 acres, so he bought the excess of 155 acres from William PENN and paid interest on the cost of overs from the date of the grants. (11b) The land he had purchased in 1682 was surveyed in Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA adjoining the land of his brother Samuel and wife Margaret JAMES MILES. Resurvey showed that he actually had 233 acres, including 92 acres purchased from his brother, being 22 acres surplus for which he paid when the patent was issued to him 28 Feb (12th mo.) 1701/2. (2b) c.1701/2: Several families from Wales arrived and settled in the east end of the valley, one of which was James DAVIS, a member of the Baptist Church of Rydwilim, in Carmarthenshire. Near to him, in Radnor, lived Richard MILES and wife, who had been baptized by William BECKINGHAM in Upper Providence. These two families met together and invited ministers from other parts to preach at their houses, by which means several were baptized: ... William DAVIS, Margaret DAVIS, etc. (13) In these meetings he seems to have been intimately associated with James DAVID or DAVIS. (4) 1705, 6 Jul (5th mo.): Richard MILES received a patent for 233 acres in Radnor Twp.; Samuel MILES 352 acres on the same date. (8) 1706, Jun: A conference was held at his home by deputies from the Pennepak and Welsh Tract Baptist churches to adjust some differences in ordinances of the church. The conference was attended by Griffith and David MILES. (2a) 1707, 24 Jun (4th mo.): Samuel MILES of Radnor, Chester Co., PA, wrote his will. Witnessed by Edward REES, Richard MILES, David THOMAS, William DAVIES and John REECE. Proved 28 Apr 1708. (8,11a) 1711, 22 Apr: The Great Valley Baptist Church was formed at his home. (8,11a,12) Richard MILES, Sarah his wife, and daughters Joan and Jane were among the constituent members. (9) One of the organizers of the Great Valley Baptist Church, 23? Apr 1711. (10) In 1710 Rev. Hugh DAVIS, an ordained minister, John EVANS and Margaret his wife arrived from Wales. Thus strengthened they began to think of forming a church. Up to this time they had been supplied by the ministers of the Welsh Tract church in New Castle Co., DE, of which they were considered a branch. (2a,8,9b,11e) 1713, 29 Aug: Richard MILES, yeoman of Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA, wrote his will. (2a) Names Guardian brother-in-law William DAVIES and nephew Miriak DAVIES. (2a,9b) Proved 23 Dec 1713, Philadelphia Co., PA. (5) Appointed his nephew Merrick DAVIES executor of his will. (8) Signed his mark "being Sick of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory." (8,11e) Names brother-in law William DAVIES and John POWELL, "my Daughter's father-in-law" as Tutors and Guardians over the children until they became of age. Witnessed by Thomas THOMAS (husband of niece Tamar), Ruth MILES (niece), and William MEREDITH. (9b) Mentions wife Sarah, son-in-law Joseph POWELL, niece Sarah, daughter of David MILES, and children Richard, James, Evan, John, Jane, Sarah, Hannah and Abigail. Mentions grandson Edward POWELL, nephew Mirich DAVIES. Morris JONES mentioned. Named executors wife Sarah and son-in-law Joseph POWELL. Named guardians brother-in-law William DAVIES, and John POWELL, father-in-law of his daughter. Witnessed by Thomas THOMAS, Ruth MILES and William MEREDITH. (11e) Devised his house and plantation where he then lived to his wife to hold until his oldest son Richard turned 21, when she was to turn 2/3 of it over to him. The other 1/3, with right to rooms in the house, she could retain for life. Son Richard was required to pay a legacy of 50 lbs. to his brother James when he reached 21. A plantation in Newton Twp. was to be sold and the money used to pay legacies to his sons Evan and John, his daughters Jane, Sarah, Hannah, Abigail, and grandson Edward POWELL. To his niece, Sarah MILES, daughter of David MILES, he bequeathed an oak chest "now at the house of my brother-in-law William DAVIES." Appointed wife Sarah, son-in-law Joseph POWELL and nephew Mirick DAVIES executors. He signed the will with his mark, the letter "R".
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