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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Harrison Almony: Birth: 11 Feb 1814 in , White Hall, Baltimore Co, Md. Death: 9 Aug 1892

  2. Grandison Almony: Birth: 18 Dec 1815 in , , Baltimore Co, Md. Death: 8 Dec 1856

  3. Elizabeth Ann Almony: Birth: 12 Jan 1819 in , , Md. Death: 5 Feb 1893

  4. Jefferson Almony: Birth: 28 Jan 1820 in , , Baltimore, Md. Death: AFT 1880

  5. Harriet Almony: Birth: 17 Mar 1824 in , , Md. Death: 5 Aug 1894 in , Baltimore Co, Md

  6. James Almony: Birth: 4 Jul 1829 in , White Hall, Baltimore Co, Md. Death: 4 Aug 1893 in , , Baltimore Co, Md

  7. John Henry Almony: Birth: 2 Apr 1832 in , , Baltimore Co, Md. Death: 19 Dec 1919 in , , Harford Co, Md

  8. Mary Jane Almony: Birth: 8 Nov 1836 in , , Baltimore Co, Md. Death: 9 Mar 1920 in , , Harford Co, Md

a. Note:   . 40 no. 4 Fall 1999 p. 500-1 contributed by Christos Christou, Jr. Records of letters and various family papers shows he served in the Mexican War.
  CENSUS: 1810 Mine Run Hundred, Baltimore Co, MD James Almony 00140-10101-0-13
  CENSUS: 1850 Baltimore 642-655 James Almony 75 farmer $7,000RE, Mary 60, Harrison 33, Grandison 32, Harriet 24, James 24, John 20, Mary 13, Rachel 26, Eliza 7, James 5, John 2. (Rachel is wife of Grandison and her 3 children are the 3 small children listed.)
  MARRIAGE: James Almony m. Mary Sutton Nov. 12, 1813 p. 303 by Rockwell. James Almany m. Mary Sutton Nov 12 1813 First Methodist Church, Baltimore, MD.
  OBIT: None found in Baltimore or Harford Co papers per Pratt Library
  WILL: James Almoney of Baltimore Co to my wife Mary Almoney one third, the other 2/3 of my estate to my five sons Harrison, Grandison, Jefferson, James, and John. To my son Harrison Almoney the land I purchased from Delcamp and Bradley being part of Johnson old farm, and part of Johnsons, to the home lot. To my son Grandison Almoney that part of my land on which he now resides abt 150 acres. To my son Jefferson Almoney that land which he now cultivates formerly owned by my brother the late Benjamin Almoney, also those two fields adj. on the left side of the land leading up to the house where he now dwells. To my son James Almoney those parcels which I formerly purchased from Mordecai Sutton being about 150 or 160 acres. To my son John Almoney the home lot being part of which I now reside to be divided from the parts devised to son Harrison. My four sons Harrison, Grandison, James and John to pay the following legacies to my son Jefferson $200, to my dau. Elizabeth Brandenbaugh $400, to each of my other daus. Harriet and Mary Jane Almoney $300. I appoint my two sons Harrison and Grandison Almony executors. Date Sep 17, 1855 witness Benjamin Garrett, Thomas J. Ayres, Benjamin H. Garrett. probate Oct. 11, 1855 Bk 1 p. 235 Baltimore Co
  ACCOUNTS: Administrative accounts Bk 9 p. 517 shows exec. Harrison Almony on bond of Jan. 22, 1856, paid 1/3 part to Mary Almony which was willed to her, paid Rachel Ann Almony, adm. of Grandison Almony deceased, 1/5 of the 2/3 share willed to accountant (Harrison), 1/5 to Jefferson, son of deceased, 1/5 to John, a son of deceased, 1/5 to James a son of deceased, each received $663.38, total estate $6,826.60. dated March 29, 1883.
  TOMBSTONE: Col. James Almony d. Sep. 21, 1855 aged 76y 4m 17d. (1833 per cemetery book) I know that my redeemer liveth.
  SERVICE: 1812 James Almoney witnessed will of Robert Gilles in 1820 He was a Col. in the War of 1812. The British Invasion of MD 1812-1815 by Wm. M. Marine p. 203 Capt. James Almony in 41st Regt. June 1, 1813 (Bel Air Lib. MD Room)
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