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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rachel Corse: Birth: 19 Sep 1734 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  2. Isaac Corse: Birth: 8 Jan 1735/1736 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  3. Elizabeth Corse: Birth: 19 Dec 1737/1738 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  4. Michael Corse: Birth: 12 Feb 1740 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  5. Daniel Corse: Birth: 9 Aug 1741 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  6. Jacob Corse: Birth: 8 Jan 1742/1743 in , , Kent Co, Maryland.

  7. Rebecca Corse: Birth: 5 Dec 1744.

a. Note:   Wife Mary England, dau of Isaac England, remarried to a Griffith Jones (not to be confused with the Griffith Jones Sr. who married Mary Rasin).
  Cecil Monthly meetings gives the names and births of Michael and Mary's children.
  Michael Corse estate appraised on 11th day of 11mo of 1749. Mary Jones (late Mary Corse) wife of Griffith Jones executrix filed the inventory on Dec. 19, 1750. On May 3, 1751 distribution was made by Griffith Jones and his wife Mary acting executrix. Distributions were made to six children: Michael, Daniel, Isaac, Elizabeth, Jacob and Rebecca Corse. On Dec. 15, 1756 distribution of estate was made by Mary Jones wife of Griffith Jones to widow and children. Another distribution made on July 19, 1757 by Mary Jones executrix wife of Griffith Jones. Another distribution made by the widow and executrix, now wife of Griffith Jones. 1/3 to widow and residue to Michael Corse, Daniel Corse, Isaac, Elizabeth, Jacob and Rebecca. Apr 24 1762. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.