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a. Note:   arm called "Ricketts farm" and "Hales" with 8 acres of "Cedar Hill". To my nephew Joseph Everitt Gale all that part of a farm called "Nancy's Choice" with a part of "Hales", running with the present division fence and gully from branch to branch. To my cousin Benjamin Everitt Smith the dwelling plantation where I now live. To George Washington Purnell Smith my cousin the farm "Trulock's Adventure" running with the fence from branch to branch all to the N of said fence. To Rasin Moore Gale my nephew, timber off "Trulock's Adventure" sufficient to make 2 fences across the farm, 24 cedar trees and one large poplar. To my cousin Benjamin Everitt Smith one clock, one bed, one large looking glass, and one young bay mare, and one suit of bed curtains. To Eliza Thomas my cousin all my wearing apparel, and one gig. To William Kennard one desk and book case. To my cousin George Washington Smith one silver watch, 3 silver table spoons and 6 silver tea spoons. To my cousin Anna Maria Margaretta Smith one bed and one suit of bed curtains and one silver cream pot. To Anne Maria Gale dau. of my nephew Rasin Moore Gale one bed and a suit of bed curtains, and a small looking glass. To my cousin Benjamin Everitt Smith one cupboard and cupboard ware and one saddle. To my cousin Mary Wright Smith one saddle mare, one bridle and one side saddle. To my nephew Rasin Moore Gale all the rest of my estate. Exec. my nephew Rasin Moore Gale. Witnesses John W. Walker, William Vannost, William B. Wilmer Jr. Written Apr. 1, 1840 Proved Feb. 27, 1841 (Mar. 19 came William Wilmer) p. 78
  WILL: Sarah H. Lamb of Kent Co To Samuel Browne of Queen Anns Co and son of Pery Browne $100 and one silver watch. To Pery Browne Jr. and son of Pery Browne Sr. $50. To Everet Gale, son of Rasin Gale $100. To Hannah A. Norris dau. of John C. Norris I give a 6 silver tablespoons, these spoons are now loaned to Mrs. Mary Gale. To Susan Norris dau. of John C. Norris I give 6 silver tea spoons, 1 silver sugar tongs, 6 ivory knives and forks. To Willamina Gale dau. of Rasin Gale one feather bed. To Mary C. Gale wife of Rasin Gale two tables, carpet and hearth rug, the tables are already in her possession, the carpet and rug at Pery Brown. To Mary Ann Walls (Mary Ann Brown that was) 6 chairs, 1 large gilt looking glass, one pair of brass andirons. To Emily Browne dau. of Pery Brown, one bureau, and some gilt frame pieces. My bed at Rasin Gale's with ½ of my bedding which is at Pery Browne's should be the bed and bedding which Willamina is to have. To my cousin Pery Brown my other feather bed which is now at his house with the other ½ of the bedding at his house. To Edwin Brown and son of Pery Brown $20. To Mary Ann Norris wife of John C. Norris one large china bowl and $20. To my negro boy Joseph James child of George Tiller and Ginny Tiller his wife, should be free on Jan. 1, 1855. To my friend John C. Norris the said negro, 1/3 of his wages to his mother Ginny and 1/3 to his father George and 1/3 to John for his trouble. To Tabitha Brown wife of Pery Brown all my wearing apparel. To my friend John C. Norris all my negroes until they are 21 then free and he paying $10 to each of them of their wage (except Joseph James Tiller) Exec. John C. Norris. Witnesses Dr. R. T. Allen, Rebecca Lamb, John C. Norris. Written Jan. 13, 1842 Proved May 8, 1843 p. 134
Note:   WILL: Anne Washington Trulock of Kent Co To my nephew Rasin Moore Gale all that part of the f is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.