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  1. Gerard Newton: Birth: 1677.

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a. Note:   , Vol 2, p. 48, "July 24, 1677; Sept. 29, 1677, in List of Justices for Westmoreland Co., Va., to decide on a Petition for Col. Isaac Allerton," see, "John Newton." John Newton came to America in 1660; married 1st, Joan Barr of England; married 2nd, Mrs. Rose Tucker Gerrard of Westmoreland Co., Va. In Bulletin of Va. State Library, Vol. 14, No. 3 and No. 4, April, July 1921, p. 25. "Justices of Peace, in position of honor and service, represented the Genuine Aristoc of Colonial Virginia." "They were the most able, honest and judicious persons of the Country."
  Colonial Virginians and Their Maryland Relatives (Tucker); his will: 8/19/1695; 7/28/1697, Westmoreland Co., VA. There was a codicil to the will 12/21/1696 in which he confirmed a deed of gift to son Gerard and his wife Rebecca; he named his grandson John (son of Joseph) but a later provision in the codicil revoked this gift.
  Will of John Newton, Westmoreland Co., VA, 8/19/1695-7/28/1697. Eldest son: John, my lands at Carlton and Camilsforth in Yorkshire, in England and the house in Hull which was my father's; the land bought of Joseph Laycock; and to John and his 4 children, 1,000 lbs. tobacco each. Son: Benjamin and his daughter, 1,000 lbs. tobacco each. Son: Gerard and wife, Rebecca live at ye Little Falls and have 1,000 ac. in the freshes of Rappahannock with a mill and 4 negroes. Daughter: Elizabeth Newton, 1/2 of 2,150 ac. and one negro. Wife: All my plate for life and then to my daughter. Son: Thomas, 350 ac. and a milla t Totoskey. Wife: Rose, 5000 lbs. tobacco each year for life and various other bequests. Son: Thomas, 4 negroes. Grandson, John (son of Joseph Newton), 200 ac. My three English sons, one negro if they are living at my death.
  Marriages of Some Virginia Residents, 1607-1800 (Wulfeck) says he was married three times in England and that Rose was his 4th wife--he married her in VA.
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