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Marriage: Children:
  1. Nancy Arthur: Birth: ABT 1754.

  2. Benjamin Arthur: Birth: ABT 1756.

  3. Thomas Arthur: Birth: ABT 1757 in , , Bedford Co, Va. Death: Nov 1805 in , , Bedford Co, Va

  4. John Arthur: Birth: 1758 in , , Bedford Co, Va. Death: 24 Aug 1850 in , , Bedford Co, Va

  5. Stephen Arthur: Birth: 8 Mar 1760 in , , Bedford Co, Va. Death: AFT Oct 1853 in , , Powell Co, Ky

  6. Joel Arthur: Birth: 1761 in , , Bedford Co, Virginia. Death: 15 Sep 1837 in , Jefferson Twp., Jackson Co, Ohio

  7. William Arthur: Birth: ABT 1763 in , , Bedford Co, Va. Death: ABT 1805 in , , Bedford Co, Va

  8. Fanny Arthur: Birth: ABT 1765. Death: 30 Dec 1844 in , , Floyd Co, Ky

  9. Mary Arthur: Birth: ABT 1768 in , , Bedford Co, Va.

  10. Priscilla Arthur: Birth: ABT 1770 in , , Bedford Co, Va.

  11. Sarah Arthur: Birth: ABT 1772 in , , Bedford Co, Va. Death: in , , Fayette Co, Oh

a. Note:   BIRTH: estimated MARRIAGE: 1st. First wife must be mother of children since he married the 2nd wife after the kids were grown.
  MARRIAGE: 2nd. No marriage record found but he married second Mrs Mary Snow between 1778-1789. see distribution of Henry Snow dated (will book 1 1763-1787 p 273-4) 1778 widow Mary, Heirs John Richardson, William Holligan, Jane Snow and Mary Snow. see marriage bond of Mary Snow to Joshua Richardson. Thomas Arthur Sr. signed consent for his stepdaughter Mary Snow on Jan 17 1789.
  DEATH: Date estimated based on date of probate of will.
  TOMBSTONE: SAR Registry said a Thomas Arthur 1740-1820 has a tombstone in a rural Cemetery in Bedford Co but I have not found any reference and the contact there said they cannot locate how this was placed on their database nor the source of this information.
  WILL: dat Feb 7 1799 pro Jan 24 1820 Bedford Co Thomas Arthur of Bedford Co, VA, wife unnamed to have one third land which John lives on, then to all children at her decease. son John land he lives on Amos Branch 100 acres, negro John King to stay with wife. married children William, Priscilla, John, Nancy, Thomas, Fanny, Joel, Sally. other children Stephen, Benjamin. exec. son Thomas Arthur and son-in-law John West. codicil. estate willed to son Wm Arthur to go to grandson William Arthur son of Wm. wife also to have use of negro Molly until owner (John Anthony) redeems her. Dec 16 1806.
  DEEDS: 1756 Thomas Arthur listed as blacksmith in Caroline Co. Benjamin Arthur and Barnabas Arthur were also listed. p. 406, 446, 448 in A History of Caroline Co. In 1764 Moza Hurt was ordered to pay to Thomas Arthur 50 pds of tobacco for attendence as an evidence against John Norment. 1763 Thomas purchased from John Richardson 50 acres near mouth of Amoses Br on Goose Creek DB 2 p 356. 1774 154 acres north branches of Goose Creek, beginning at John Arthur's corner Surveyors' book 2 p 262. In 1787 Thomas Arthur purchased slaves from Steven Wood for 165 pds, 27-year old pregnant woman Luse and a boy named Fel. 1787 Thomas bought 309 acres on Amos Branch of Goose Creek from John Murphy DB 7 p 728. 1800 190 acres on Goose Creek near Amos' Branch sells to Joseph Hackworth DB 11 p 171. 1818 120 acres on north side of Goose Creek and partly on Amos' branch to son John Arthur.
  CENSUS 1787 Virginia Census records for Bedford County, section B John - 1 horse & 4 cattle Joel - 1 horse & 2 cattle Thomas - 2 horses & 4 cattle Thomas - 2 horses & 5 cattle, 1 male 16-21 Thomas - 3 horses & 13 cattle, 1 male Negro (16+), 1 male 16-21
  NOTE: Thomas Arthur Sr. signed marriage record of granddaughter Sarah, dau of Thomas Jr.
  SERVICE: Amer. Rev. Unable to determine which Thomas this applies to but likely this Thomas as he was oldest at time. Thomas Arthur proved that he furnished ye said comy with 28lb bacon for which he is allowed 9d and 1 d and Thomas Arthur proved he furnished said Comy. 775 lbs beef forwhich he is allowed 16/8 and ct. 3 diets 8d each 2 pecks corn 3/ and 16 days pasturage 3d. and day. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.