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a. Note:   en to a better distribution to my wife and children. My whole estate to be managed by my executor, my dwelling house and 2 acres of land including yard, garden, kitchen, stable excepted. After 4 years, to divide my estate. My negroes to be free after serving males till age 32, females at age 28. In addition to my wife's 1/3, I give my wife Elizabeth Jones my dwelling house, kitchen, yard, garden and stable with 2 acres during her life and sufficiency of firewood for 2 fire places, timber for rails to enclose and keep in repair, after her death then to the son or person that may be entitled to the farm. My son Rasin Jones to take by his choice either the farm that I bought of Hodgson formerly the property of Moses Alford, or the farm whereon I now live, and Rasin paying within 5 years their dividend to the other heirs for which payment the land stands pledged. If he complies then the land to be his forever. My son Jacob Jones have all the remainder of my lands under same terms as Rasin. If they do not want the land on these conditions, then the land to be sold. After my wife's 1/3, the daughters to share with the sons as 8 to 10 (if sons part is 100 then daughters part is 80) My wife Elizabeth Jones to be guardian of my 2 daughters Mary Jones and Rebecca Jones. My brother in law Thomas Gale to be guardian and trustee to my 3 sons Rasin Jones, Jacob Jones, and Daniel Jones. (signed and called Jacob Jones Jr.) Exec. my brother in law Thomas Gale. Witnesses William Gale, John Forman, Edward Foreman. Written July 25, 1812 Proved Aug. 28, 1812 p. 187 Codicil: Saving all that unsold part of a tract called "Drayton" and bounded in part by tract called "Last", these lands to be attached to my land whereon I now reside. To better strengthen the will and mention more distantly my wife Elizabeth Jones in addition of my 1/3, my dwelling house and lot. My other heirs to receive their dividend are my sons Rasin Jones, Jacob Jones, and Daniel Jones, my 2 daughters Mary Jones and Rebecca Jones. Written July 25, 1812. Witnesses William Gale, John Forman, Edward Foreman
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