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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Gale: Birth: 1840. Death: 20 Oct

Marriage: Children:
  1. John Gale: Birth: 7 Sep 1854 in Md. Death: 6 Dec 1909

  2. William Rasin Gale: Birth: 1859.

a. Note:   , Sarah, and Mary. John, the son , married Leonora Sutton, his first wife. They had 3 children, but only 1 survived, Thomas. John then married Sarah A. Rasin. They had 2 children, John and William Rasin.
  Per Betty Waterfield, Thomas married Rachel Usliton Parsons, daughter of Isaac Parsons and Mary Woods. Issac came from Pennsylvannia. Thomas and Rachel had 1 daughter Lenora (Lena) who was my grandmother and who I was named for. I was named for both of my grandmothers. My oldest granddaughter is named the reverse of my name.
  OBITUARY: John Gale of Worton Manor at Worton Point, died instantly on Wednesday Feb. 14, after a lingering illness of Scrofulous and dropsical afflication, he was 63. He was confined to his home and bed for several months with a combination of diseases but scrofulous and dropsical afflications were the principal.
  WILL: John had will dated July 25, 1867 proved Feb. 27, 1872 naming wife Sarah Anne. eldest son to receive lands in Worton and Eisenbury Farm. son John to get Bordley farm. Son William Rasin Gale also named KC WB EC #1 p. 1 to Mrs. Mary Gale, wife of my cousin George Gale. Son Thomas Gale to be executor. two codicils were filed. 2nd one says sons William and John to not have stake in their half brother Thomas' estate. Lands purchased of the estate of Rasin M. Gale to be divided between my brother James and my wife.
  His biography is in the Portrait and Biographical Record.
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