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a. Note:   n Husbands, dec., for the heirs of said John Husbands, land in Bohemia Manor for the term of the natural lives of Sarah Numbers, now wife of James Numbers and after her death to descend to William Husbands, son of said John Husband. {CELR 3:518} DEATH: James Numbers d. by 19 Nov 1733 when the admin. account of his estate was submitted by Elisabeth Numbers, admx. Payments were made to the folowing children of John Husband whose widow the dec. married: William Husband; John Husband; Mary Husband, paid to her husband John Hickill; Thomas, paid to his guardian Thomas Davis; Susanna Bayard, paid to John Bubenheim; Abel Vanburkeloe; Robert Withers; William Whillet; James Reddis; John Campbell; Thomas Colvill; John McCreery. Mentioned were 6 children, 3 girls (unnamed) by 1st wife Sarah and 3 boys (unnamed) by 2nd wife. {MDAD 12:152} Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Page: Volume 6, pages 118-119
Note:   On 10 Nov 1722, Eph. Aug't. Herman of CE Co., gent., leased to James Numbers, admin. of Joh is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.