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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Norris: Birth: 15 Dec 1725 in St. John's, Harford, Md. Death: ABT 1800 in , , Ga

  2. Sarah Norris: Birth: 15 Dec 1727 in Black Horse, Baltimore Co, Md. Death: 1 Nov 1836 in Black Horse, Baltimore Co, Md

  3. Daniel Norris: Birth: 27 Dec 1728 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland. Death: AFT 24 Apr 1804

  4. Elizabeth Norris: Birth: 29 Apr 1736 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland.

  5. Hannah Norris: Birth: 7 Sep 1738 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland.

  6. Elizabeth Norris: Birth: ABT 1740.

  7. Edward Norris: Birth: 8 Apr 1741 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland. Death: 25 Aug 1793 in , Harford, Maryland

  8. James Norris: Birth: 25 Feb 1742 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland. Death: 27 Nov 1824 in , Baltimore, Md

  9. Thomas Norris: Birth: 3 Mar 1744 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland.

  10. Mary Norris: Birth: 23 Oct 1745 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland. Death: 26 Sep 1825 in , Harford, Md

  11. Susannah Norris: Birth: ABT 1750 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland. Death: BEF 14 May 1811 in , Hartford, Md

  12. Aguilla Norris: Birth: 13 Jun 1754 in St. John's, Harford, Maryland.

a. Note:   s spent in Anne Arundel Co. and settled upon the estate called "Prospect" which his father John Norris, had purchased Nov.6, 1726 from Peter Bond and William Hamilton. On Nov. 9, 1724 "John Norris, Planter of Anne Arundel Co. and wife Mary" deeded to his son Edward Norris "for natural love and affection which I doe bare for my son, Edward Norris of Balt. Co." 116 acres of a tract of 243 acres of land called "Prospect" formerly surveyed for Richard Preston. He m. about 1724 Hannah Scott, dau. of Daniel Scott and Elizabeth (Whittaker) Love. Edward Norris was appointed Church Warden in 1743 and 1744. He purchased land called "The End" in 1743 from Thomas and Ann Fell.
  WILL: dated 1761 and Probated 1763: "To my well beloved wife, Hannah Norris, my whole estate both real, and personel, during her natural life or widowhood,. after her death or remarriage, I give and bequeath amongst all my children, that is to say,Joseph, Daniel, Edward, James, John, Thomas, Aquilla, Sarah Treadway, Hannah Fulton, Elizabeth Taylor, Susannah and Mary Norris...I appoint my loving wife and Daniel Treadway my whole and sole executors. Dec. 51761." (Lib 31, fol. 842, Hall of Records, Annapolis). The will witnessed by John Bond, John Bay and Abraham Norris.
  Xerox University Microfilms P O Box 1346 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 PH: 313-761-4700 This info all as of 1976.
  From Harry Alexander Davis Book Edward Norris b Anne Arundell Co Maryland 4 Feb 1701-02 and was baptized 24 May 1702 St James Parish. He migrated to Baltimore county about 1720. Ch: Joseph b 5 Dec 1725 Sarah b 15 Dec 1727 Daniel b 27 Dec 1728 Elizabeth 27 Mar 1732 died in infancy Hannah 23 June 1735 " " " Elizabeth 23 Apr 1736 Hannah 7 Sept 1738 Edward 8 Apr 1741 James 25 Feb 1742 Thomas 3 Mar 1744 Mary 23 Oct 1745 John 26 Jan 1747 Susannah 175- Aquilla 13 June 1754
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