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  1. Sarah Moffett: Birth: ABT 1800.

  2. Milliminta Moffett: Birth: ABT 1802.

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a. Note:   y cleared and wood land in Kent Co where my brick dwelling stands and where I now reside, lying on the E side of the main road leading from Georgetown CrossRoads to New Market (except 46 acres of woodland) when he is 25 and until then the rents to my daughters Sarah Forman until he is 25. If Lancelott dies under age without heirs then to my son Stansbury Moffett he paying $1,000 to my children in equal shares. After Lancelott is of age then to my 2 daughters Lavinia and Charlotte a comfortable board on said farm while they remain single. If son Stansbury inherits land the board to cease in consideration of the $1,000. All the lands on the W side of Georgetown Cross roads to New Market and 46 acres of woodland on the E side of the main road leading from Georgetown Cross Roads adjoining the lands of John M. Armstrong which he purchased of Thomas J. Mann the heirs of Dixon, and also adjoining the land belonging to the heirs of Samuel G. Osborn deceased containing about 264 acres, I give to my dau. Sarah Forman for the term of 10 years and after to be sold by Sarah Forman or if dead by Joseph Moffett of Kent Co, and $150 to be paid to my son William if living and if dead to his heirs and the rest to my daughters and my 2 grandchildren Mary Rebecca Bossee and Julianna Bossee and if either of my grandchildren die then to the surviving grandchild. If they both die then to all my children. My grandchildren are to take their portion of their deceased mother's estate not a full share. If any of my children die with children then they are to receive only their parents share. To my son Stansbury Moffett my negro man Solomon a slave for life. To my dau. Sarah Forman my negro boy David aged about 4 years and a slave for life. To my dau. Milliminta Redgraves my negro woman Ib or Ibbe aged about 18 and slave for life. To my dau. Lavina Moffett my negro woman Harriett aged about 16 years and a slave for life. To my dau. Charlotte my negro woman Caroline aged about 16 and a slave for life. To my son Lancelott my negro boy Philip aged about 6 months, and a slave for life. To my dau. Emily Sanders $225 annually for 10 years as feme sole. To my son William Moffett $300 out of the personal estate. To Lewis Bossee my grandchildren $5 at age 21. To Sarah Elizabeth Bossee $50 at age 20 and one cow, 2 heifers and one calf, the increase of a calf presented by her father John Bossee and which I have raised for her. If my dau. Sarah Foreman keeps the 4 head of cattle then she may do so and present them with their increase to Elizabeth Bossee on her arrival of age 20. To my granddau. Mary Rebecca Bossee $300 at age 20. To my granddau. Julianna Bossee $300 at age 20. If Mary R. and Julianna Bossee before 20, then to the survivor. If they both die then ½ to Sarah Elizabeth Bossee and the other ½ to my daughters. Whereas my 2 daughters Rebecca and Mary are sick and not expected to recover, but if they do recover, then $225. The negroes to be delivered in 1 year. The rest of my personal estate to my dau. Sarah Foreman for 10 years and then to my children Sarah Foreman, Emily Sanders, Milliminta Redgrave, Lavina Moffett, Charlotte Moffett, and if Rebecca and Mary recover then to be included. Whereas I am now erecting a dwelling on the lands devised to be sold in 10 years and I want to have completed before the sale, and I have several unmarried daughters, I gave interest in 10 years of the lands and the surplus of the personal estate in order for my dau. Sarah Foreman to complete the house and provide a home while my daughters are yet single and keep the family together, but out of the surplus to Lancelott $175 at age 25. if Sarah Foreman marries then she is to take account of expenditures. Stansbury to have $200 out of the personal estate as soon as the executrix can and if Stansbury does not heir the land of Lancelott then he is to have $150 out of the land to be sold in 10 years. There shall be free ingress and egress from the burying ground at the old orchard on the W side of the road to the families who have been in the habit of burying there. My negroes not to be sold out of the state. Exec. my dau. Sarah Foreman. Witnesses Henry Hurtt, George Leary, Thomas E. Gooding. Written Feb. 23, 1838 Proved Jan. 22, 1839 p. 49 Codicil My dau. Rebecca mentioned in the will was lying dead in my house before and when my will was executed. The $1,000 that my son Stansbury is to pay if he inherits said land is to be a charge against said estate. Written Mar. 12, 1838. Witnesses Henry Hurtt, Thomas E. Gooding, Robert S. Welch 2nd Codicil The $150 to my son William Moffett from my dau. Sarah Foreman shall not be paid to him but to William F. Smith of Millington for same purpose. Instead of the $300 to son William Moffett I give him $50 and the $250 to William F. Smith. The above bequests to William F. Smith in trust by him and interest to be paid to Mrs. Jane F. Moffett (wife of my son William) as feme sole during her life and at her death to her children by said William. William to have no control over the money and not subject to his debts. Written Sep. 5, 1838. Witnesses Thomas E. Gooding, Henry Hurtt, Joseph Moffett
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