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Milliminta Moffett: Birth: ABT 1802.
Rachel Moffett: Birth: ABT 1724.
Rebecca Moffett: Birth: 14 Sep 1747 in , Shrewsbury, Kent Co, Maryland.
Richard Moffett: Birth: ABT 1717.
Richard Moffett: Birth: 17 Mar 1762 in Shrewsbury Parish, Kent Co, Md. Death: ABT 1795 in Kent Co, MD
Richard Moffett: Death: ABT Sep 1866 in Kent Co, MD
Robert Moffett: Birth: 17 Mar 1762 in Shrewsbury Parish, Kent Co, Md.
Sarah Moffett: Birth: ABT 1800.
William Moffett: Birth: 16 Nov 1747 in , Shrewsbury, Kent Co, Maryland. Death: ABT 1797 in Kent Co, MD
William Moffett: Birth: ABT 1650 in , , , Scotland. Death: 1681 in , , Calvert Co, Maryland
William Moffett: Birth: 26 Apr 1769 in Shrewsbury Parish, Kent Co, Md. Death: ABT Mar 1824 in Kent Co, MD
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Isabel de Mohaut: Birth: ABT 1265.
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Isabel de Mohun: Birth: ABT 1255.
Lucia de Mohun: Birth: ABT 1235.
Reginald de Mohun: Birth: ABT 1210.
Reynold de Mohun: Birth: ABT 1225. Death: 20 Jan 1257/1258
Isabel Molines: Birth: ABT 1370.
Judah Moman: Birth: ABT 1800.
Judith Moman: Birth: Jun 1819 in , , , Va. Death: 1 May 1875 in , , Salt Rock, Wv
Joseph Chambers Momeyer: Birth: 21 Jun 1828 in Westmoreland, Pa. Death: 12 Sep 1905 in Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pa
Liutold von Mompelgard: Birth: ABT 0990. Death: AFT 1044
Bridget A Monaghan: Birth: ABT 1840 in Ireland. Death: AFT 1880
Henry Monaster: Birth: ABT 1280.
John Moncrieff: Birth: ABT 1454.
Margaret Moncrieff: Birth: ABT 1484 in Moncrieff,Perthshire,Scotland.
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Badeion Monmouth: Birth: ABT 1130.
Roheis Monmouth: Birth: ABT 1150.
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Eliza Jane Monroe: Birth: 1854 in , , , Ky.
Alberade of Mons: Birth: ABT 0875. Death: 0916
Alice Mons: Birth: ABT 1160.
Gossuin Mons: Birth: ABT 1140.
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Waleran IV of Monschou: Birth: ABT 1195. Death: 2 Jul 1226
Philippa Montacute: Birth: ABT 1330. Death: 5 Jan 1381/1382
William de Montacute: Birth: ABT 1330.
William Montacute: Birth: ABT 1300 in of Salisbury. Death: 1344
Ada of Montagne: Birth: ABT 1100.
Edward Montagu: Birth: ABT 1480 in of Boughton.
Elizabeth Montagu: Birth: ABT 1520.
Alice Montague: Birth: 30 Nov 1869. Death: 2 Nov 1929 in , , Washington, Dc
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Louis of Montbeliard: Birth: 1019. Death: ABT 1067
Richard II Montbeliard: Death: 21 Mar 1237
Beatrix de Montdidier: Birth: ABT 1055. Death: AFT 1129
Hildouin III of Montdidier: Birth: ABT 1015. Death: ABT 1062
William de Montecute: Birth: ABT 1275.
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Milon de Monteleherico: Birth: BEF 1034. Death: AFT 1057
Judith de Monterolier: Birth: ABT 1010.
Agnes de Montfaucon: Birth: ABT 1140.
Mary de Montferrat: Birth: ABT 1190.
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Agnes de Montfort: Birth: ABT 1120. Death: 15 Dec 1181
Alice Montfort: Birth: ABT 1055.
Amauri de Montfort: Birth: ABT 0970.
Amauri I de Montfort: Birth: ABT 0935.
Amauri II de Montfort: Birth: ABT 0993 in Montfort, Normandy, France. Death: AFT Feb 1030/1031
Amauri IV Montfort: Birth: ABT 1070. Death: 1137
Amice de Montfort: Birth: ABT 1104.
Anceline de Montfort: Birth: ABT 0980.
Avemelle de Montfort: Birth: ABT 1000. Death: 1031
Bertrade d'Evreux Montfort: Birth: ABT 1150. Death: 1227 in Fontevrault
Bertrade de Montfort: Birth: 1059 in Eure, France. Death: 14 Feb 1116/1117 in Fontevrault, Maine-et-Loire, France
Elizabeth Montfort: Birth: ABT 1275.
Isabel or Elizabeth Montfort: Birth: ABT 1050. Death: 24 Apr 1102
Peter Montfort: Birth: ABT 1250.
Ralph de Montfort: Birth: ABT 1040 in of Norfolk. Death: ABT 1096
Ralph II de Montfort: Birth: 1078. Death: 1143
Simon III of Montfort: Birth: ABT 1120. Death: 1181
Simon of Evereux Montfort: Birth: ABT 1026. Death: 1087
Alice de Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1120.
John Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1815. Death: 11 Sep 1894
Mamie J Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1872.
Matilda Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1390.
Maud de Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1031.
Maud Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1080.
Nicholas Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1370.
Poncia de la Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1100.
Roger de Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1005 in , , , France. Death: 27 Jul 1094 in Shrewsbury, , Wales
Roger I de Montgomery: Death: AFT 1037
Roger Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1040. Death: 1123
Roger Montgomery: Death: AFT 1035
Sybil de Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1045.
William Montgomery: Birth: ABT 1863.
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Elizabeth (Isabel) de Monthlhery: Birth: ABT 1050.
Guy I de Monthlhery: Birth: ABT 1009.

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