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Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Reed: Birth: 12 Oct 1804 in , , Lancaster Co, Oh. Death: 1 Apr 1889 in , , , Ks

  2. George Reed: Birth: 1810.

  3. Rebecca A Reed: Birth: 1815 in , , , Va.

  4. Saunders Alexander Reed: Birth: 1818 in , , , Va.

  5. David H Reed: Birth: 1820 in , , , Va.

  6. Elizabeth Crosby Reed: Birth: 1822 in , , , Va.

  7. Nelson I Reed: Birth: 1826 in , , , Oh.

  8. Alfred Adelbert Reed: Birth: 6 Apr 1827 in , , Fairfield Co, Oh. Death: 12 May 1902 in , , Ottawa, Ks

a. Note:   Per Mary Staton he was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War enlisting in 1776, Sgt. in Capt. Andrew Wallace's Co, Col. James Wood's 8th VA Regt. Dates and middle name come from her records. Information on children come from her records.
  RESEARCHER: Mary E. Staton, 12931 Villa Rose Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92705-1352
  !SOLDIER: American Revolution, Dorothy Darrah Shaw descendent joined DAR for service of Alexander Reed. Alexander Reed served as sergeant in Capt. Andrew Wallace's 8th VA Regt. Muster Roll Oct 1777 shows enlistment of 2 years from Oct. 10 1776. Verified by DAR #267001 and DAR #75675. Iris L. Smith Dean also joined DAR for service of Alexander Reed. Verified by DAR #64577 and DAR #267001. Iphigenia L. Reed also joined DAR on service of Alexander Reed, her DAR #64577.
  Ohio DAR Rev. Soldiers Rosters Alexander Reed (Wyandot Co) Enl 1776 Sgt. Capt. Andrew Wallace's Co, Col Jas Woods 8th VA Regt. Br 1760 Va mar Elizabeth Crosby 2nd wife D 1847, Wyandotte Co, Oh Ref. #75675 Vol 76, Natl No 64577
  Historical Register of Virginians p. 656 Alexander Reed Sgt 8 CL IP, Alexander Reed, Capt. Patterson's Co, Augusta Co. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.