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a. Note:   ed for. He was on a business trip to Baltimore, came home with presents, worked in the fields a while and took a rest on the couch and died there - never getting back up. His great grandson Walter Peale joined the MD SAR based on Margaret's Patriot ancestor James Laird. SAR #55629 and his father's Patriot ancestor James Peale.
  CENSUS: 1860 Rockingham Co, VA 3734-3646 Jonathan Peale 63, Margaret M. Peale 41, Eugene 9, Ella Pearle 8, Johnathan 2, Walter N 1. 3735-3647 Catherine Peale 84, Evaline 40, and others.
  CENSUS: 1870 Rockingham Co, VA 156-154 Jonathan Peale 73, Margaret 51
  CENSUS: 1880 Rockingham Co, VA 122-126 Margaret Peale 61
  DEATH: SAR papers says Jun 29 1874 and obituary says June 26, 1874
  OBIT: says died Jun 26, 1874.
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