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Marriage: Children:
  1. Karl Georg W Linhose: Birth: 24 Nov 1845 in , Weissenhassel, Hessen, Germany. Death: 10 Oct 1918 in , , Rockingham Co, Va

  2. Karl Wilhelm Linhose: Birth: 15 Apr 1848 in , Weissenhassel, Hessen, Germany. Death: 18 Sep 1848 in , Weissenhassel, Hessen, Germany

  3. Philip Friedrich Linhose: Birth: 15 Apr 1848 in , Weissenhassel, Hessen, Germany. Death: 24 Apr 1848 in , Weissenhassel, Hessen, Germany

  4. Johann Adam Linhoss: Birth: 30 Nov 1849 in , Weissenhassel, Hessen, Germany. Death: 16 May 1931 in , Dayton, Rockingham Co, Va

  5. Conrad Linhoss: Birth: 1851. Death: 17 Apr 1929 in , , Rockingham Co, Va

  6. Mary Linhoss: Birth: 8 Dec 1860 in , , , Va.

a. Note:   !TOMBSTONE: 80y2m27d p 121 Rockingham Co Cem. Book "Philip and Barbara and their 3 children immigrated from Germany, town of Weissenhassel, Hesson Cassel in 1854. They sailed from Bremer Haven, Germany in a sail ship - "The George" and were on the ocean voyage 11 weeks, and landed at Baltimore, Maryland sometime in August 1854. They had a very dangerous and stormy voyage. Grandmother often told me of the terrible times they experienced. Adam Linhoss (our father) (das gliner adam) became so seasick they thought him dead and had already prepared to throw him overboard when they saw signs of life in the nick of time to save him from a water grave. In those days when a death occurred on board ship they were compelled to throw the body overboard immediately, on account of sharks attacking this ship. There were 127 on board, 17 died on this voyage. The food supply became almost exhausted and grandmother had a box of something similar to dried noodles with her and she soaked them in water, and they are that they had to eat on the last part of their journey. They came to America for the sake of their boys, in order to escape compulsory military training which all German young men were compelled to take." by Minnie L. Nichols 1938 (A similar story about the sick child was told of Anna Baugh too.)
  He served 3 years in military in Germany.
  !CENSUS: 1870 Rockingham Co Central Twp. p. 20 152-152 $1,500 $350 Phillip Linhoss 54 Hess Cassel, Barbara 52 Hess Cassel, Adam 20 VA carpenter, Conrad 18, Mary 9.
  MARRIAGE: Nentershausen 1845 September 6th. present the officer of justice appearing the daylaborer Philipp Linnhose from Weißenhasel as bridegoom, 29 years old, a son of the late daylaborer George Linnhose and his widow Elisabeth nee Landgrebe in that very place (daselbst) and Barbara Elisabeth Roß in that very place, bride, pretended 27 years old, a daughter of the miller George Roß and his late wife Orthia nee Burghardt from Weißenhasel and notify that they had to betrothed free (without constraint) and they affirm that they are not related. The bridegoom hands over the military dismissal of the commander of the Hessisches Schützenbatallion (Schütze = rifleman) from 15th April 1842, the church official tested certificate of the local authority in Weißenhasel dated the 3rd of the same month, that he as a daylaborer is able to nourish a family, the parish-certificate from the same day, after which his father and the mother of the bride are deceased, and the receipt that the marriage tax is payed, and the father of the bride and his mother declare with the affirmation that the engaged couple is not related the free and unrestricted consent to this marriage, and finally the engaged couple asks for a copy. Signed Philip Linhos, x x x (George Roß) + + + (Elisabeth Linnhose), + + + (Barbara Elisabeth Roß). Wie gebeten ist eine Ausfertigung zu erteilen. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.