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Marriage: Children:
  1. Engletje Pieterszen Stoutenburg: Birth: ABT 20 AUG 1651 in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY). Death: in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY); died young

  2. Engeltje Pieterszen Stoutenburg: Birth: ABT 5 JAN 1652/53 in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY).

  3. unnamed (Pieterszen) Stoutenburg: Birth: ABT 13 DEC 1654 in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY).

  4. JANNETJE PIETERSZEN STOUTENBURG: Birth: ABT 20 AUG 1656 in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY). Death: 1734 in (near) Trenton, NJ; she died in the summer

  5. Wyntje Pieterszen Stoutenburg: Birth: ABT 8 MAY 1658 in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY). Death: in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY); died in childhood

  6. Tobias Pieterszen Stoutenburg: Birth: ABT 18 JAN 1659/60 in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY); Baptized in the Dutch Reformed Church. Death: 1715 in New York

  7. Wyntje Pieterszen Stoutenburg: Birth: ABT 15 OCT 1662 in New Amsterdam (New York City, NY). Death: ABT 11 JUL 1734 in New York, NY

  8. Lucas Pieterszen Stoutenburg: Birth: ABT 10 JAN 1665/66 in New York City (NY), (previously New Amsterdam). Death: AFT 1689

  9. Isaac Pieterszen Stoutenburg: Birth: 23 SEP 1668 in New York City (NY), (previously New Amsterdam). Death: ABT 21 SEP 1711 in New York City (NY)

a. Note:   "Ringo Family History:" "Pieter van Oldenbarneveldt. Peter Stoutenburg (aka Pieter van Stoutenburgh and variations) was the son of William van Oldenbarneveldt, Lord of Stoutenburgh and Maria van Utrech. He was born probably in 1617 although Eliot on the Stoutenburg Chart and in some written histories gives the date as 1613. The date of 1617 is more likely to be correct because his parents married May 27, 1616. Peter died March 9, 1698-1699 in New York City. He was probably buried on his home place or in a nearby area. Peter married in the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam (later New York City) on July 25, 1649, Aeftje Van Tienhoven, the daughter of Lucas Cornelis van Tienhoven and Jannetje Adriensd de Haes, whose sons Cornelius and Adrien van Tienhoven were in New Amsterdam at an early date). The birth and death dates of Aeftje are not known.
  "Peter Stoutenburg was said to have arrived in New Amsterdam at the same time as Governor Kieft, March 28, 1638, but, we have no proof. He has been described as "the rich treasurer of the colony and one of the prominent burgesses of New Amsterdam." On August 16, 1673, he was nominated as achepens or magistrate and he became treasurer in 1676. It is said that he had done so well under the Dutch that the English kept him on in that capacity when they took over New Amsterdam and it became New York City. He had the qualities expressed on the inscription on the Stoutenburg Coat of Arms - 'Nil scire tuttissima fides' or in English, "Nothing known of them but the utmost fidelity." He served on the Board of Deacons of the Dutch Reformed Church and was an officer of the Dutch Church School.
  "In 1674 he lived on Broadway above the Wall but the house had to be torn down to strengthen the defenses as it was built too close to the Wall. It is said that his tulip gardens were located here. This property became the site of the Presbyterian Church and later the site of the Equitable Building. In 1686 he lived near his daughter (Jannetje) and her husband, Albertus Ringo, on "Heeren Gracht, osst ayde" or "Broad Street, East Side."
  "He is credited with bringing the first tulips to New Amsterdam in his pockets and his tulip garden was famous in the city.
  "Pieter Stoutenburg contributed to the care of the five (5) orphaned "Rosenvelt" children when their parents Claes Martenzen van Rosenvelt and Jannetje Thomas died. They were the immigrant ancestors of Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  "In New Amsterdam parentless children were usually absorbed into other families in the Colony, but in this case the parents had owned enough property to provide for them. The Orphans Court instructed the orphanmasters, Tomas Hall and PIETER STOTENBURGH (sic), to make an inventory and to sell enough property to set up a trust fund for the Rosenvelt children's care."
  "Genealogical & Biographical Directory, etc...," p. 1365, Pieter Stoutenburgh; FTM CD11 Immigrant: Pieter Stoutenburgh -- Family Surname: Stoutenburg -- Ethnic Origin: Dutch --Native Town: Stoutenburg, Utrecht -- Approximate Arrival: 1649 -- Settled: New Amsterdam, New York City -- Died: unknown. (No Patronymic name given)
  "Married: int 7/25/1649 NYDC, Aefje, d/o Lucas Corneliszen Van Tienhoven and Jannetje Adriaens Haes, sister of Adriaen and Cornelis Van Tienhoven."
  "Ancestors and Related Families of Philip D. Campbell" "Pieter van Stoutenburg was very well educated and was a honorable gentleman. He was born in 1613 in Amersfoort, utrecht, Holland. He came to Manhattan, perhaps the same time as Governor Stuyvesant on the 28 of March 1638. On the 16th of August, 1673, he was nominated as Magistrate or "Schepens" but did not get the job. However, Pieter van Stoutenburg was the treasurer of New Amsterdam, title being "Treasure of New Amsterdam" in 1676. It is said that he did so well at being the Treasurer that the British kept him as the city treasurer when they took the city. He also served on the Board of Deacons of the Dutch Reformed Church and was an officer of the Dutch Church School.
  "He was granted land in Manhattan by the Gov. Stuyvesant on the 7th of April 1664 and was backed by Gov. Richard Nichols on 23 Sept. 1667. He lived at Broadway ("Heere Str.") and Wall Streets which is now the heart of New York's financial district. It is noted, whither it is true or not, that he had a tulip garden which was famous for that time. He also owned land near the "Lant Poort" on Broadway ("Heere Str."). He deeded some of his land to the heads of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church near Broadway which was very valueable land and then became the site of the Trinity Church in which Wynant van Zandt was one of the founders. In 1674 Pieter v. Stoutenburg and his family lived on Broadway right near the City Wall so, his house was taken down to strengthen the city defenses. His house was Number 5 on the Castello Plan 82e. His home was near the Great House Number 6. These two houses were known to be owned by Jan Vinje and hiers of Adriana Cuviller, window of Jan Jansen Damen.
  "Pieter then lived near his daugher and son-in-law, Albertus Ringo on Herren Gracht-Oost Syde which in dutch it means Broadway or Broad Street-East Side. Pieter is said to be buried where he last lived on Heeren Gracht-OOst Syde (The east side canal which went up in the heart of New Amsterdam).
  "In July of 1649 he married Aefie van Tienhoven in New Amsterdam and had 9 children, 6 of which lived into adulted Hood?
  "Rumour has it that Willem, his father, came with Pieter to the new country. Whither that is true or not is not known.
  "Block A on the Castello Plan for New Amsterdam 1660: "Number 18. Garden of the West India Company-later sub-divided: William Van Vredenburgh, May 22, 1674 Gerret Jansen Roos, May 22, 1674 Peter Stoutenburgh, May 22, 1674 George Cobbet, May 22, 1674 The Lutheran Church, May 22, 1674"
  "Ancestors and Related Families of Philip D. Campbell"; From: Web Site: "The facts and data given above and such others prior to 1866 has prove the descent, as indicated, of the Stoutenburgs from Pieter Stoutenburgh, Anneke Jans Sara Roeloff, Dr. Kierstede, Annetjie Van Rollegom and others contemporary with them have all been proved in court and the genealogical tree there of filed as an exhibit in the case of "The Heirs of Anneke Jans vs. The Corporation of Trinity Church In New York City," circa 1866-75 (Third and Final Adjudication thereos). (Source:
  SOURCES: "Ringo Family History Series," The Line of Descent from Philip Janszen Ringo, 1981; Vol. 2, pp. 359-363; series of thirteen (13) volumes; taken from Vol. II, Supplement and Vol. XIII; published by "The Freeborn Family Organization, Inc." There are complete sets in Springfield and Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN and twenty-two (22) other Libraries across the country. Early genealogy of Barneveld, Stoutenburg, van Utrecht and de Marnix in Holland found in LDS Library at Salt Lake City. "Americana Illustrated", p. 90. Domine Selyns list of Dutch Church members, 1686. Marriage, baptisms etc. are from the Dutch Reform Church, New Amsterdam, later in 1664 renamed, New York City (NY). Allen Churchill's "The Roosevelts", p. 21.
  Persons interested in the descendants of Peter Stoutenburg should be aware of the two and a half circle chart compiled by Walter Graeme Eliot (his wife was Maude Stoutenburg descended through Tobias and Jacobus). The Charts were completed in 1916 at a cost of $4,000; 400 copies were made. These Charts were put out by the STOUTENBURG-TELLER ASSOCIATION which did hold a reunion in Hyde Park, New York each year, and probably still do. It should be pointed out that JannetjeStoutenburg and Albertus Ringo with dates and baptisms of their children are given on the Chart but the Ringo line is not carried further.
  Other SOURCES: Genealogy World Tree Project,, "Ancestors and Related Families of Philip D. Campbell," by Philip Campbell, [email protected]; Web Site:; from genealogy books that he got from his dutch friend, Jan van den Berg; "Ancestors of Pieter van Stoutenburg".
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