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1. Title:   Record of the Lane and Crum families to A.D. 1881.
Page:   p.2
Author:   Lane, Clark
Publication:   Originally written March 1, 1881, but updated to December 1897.
2. Title:   1830 Indiana Census
Page:   p. 176
Publication:   183
3. Title:   Database to an Index of Indiana Marriages Through 1850, Url:
Author:   Indiana State Library Genealogy Division
4. Title:   Research of Gail Vanderhoof, Author Address: <>
Author:   Vanderhoof, Gail (nee Weld)

a. Note:   e to this name, so keep as note only. Gail Vanderhoof does list marriage to Sarah Jobe as 2nd marriage, so this is possibly first wife.
  Location of death comes from Barbara Johnson, who notes it is "prob."

Note:   Wayne Reynolds gives William's wife as "Rozen \\" but no other referenc
b. Note:   s) as one male between 30-40 (William), one between 15 and 20, one between 10 and 15, two between 5 and 10, and 2 under 5. Also, one female between 20 and 30 and one between 5 and 10.
Note:   Possibly this William listed in census (along with his father and brother is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.