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Marriage: Children:
  1. *J. Thomas Lucas: Birth: 13 SEP 1875 in Wilson, North Carolina. Death: 25 NOV 1889 in Wilson, North Carolina

  2. *Wyatt Griffin Lucas: Birth: 17 OCT 1876 in Wilson, North Carolina. Death: 01 JAN 1939 in Wilson County, North Carolina

  3. *George Allen Lucas: Birth: 26 JUN 1879 in Wilson, North Carolina. Death: 07 DEC 1932 in Wilson, North Carolina

  4. *Loura Emma Lucas: Birth: 28 MAR 1881 in Wilson, North Carolina. Death: 15 SEP 1955 in Wilson, North Carolina

  5. *Minnie Etta Lucas: Birth: 24 MAR 1884 in Wilson, North Carolina. Death: 07 FEB 1938 in Wilson, North Carolina

1. Title:   Tombstone located in the Maplewood Cemetery, Wilson, NC
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2. Title:   Records obtained by Tracy Thompson, Edgecombe County Librarian, 06/2000
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a. Note:   Silas Lucas, Jr. was born November 29, 1852 in Wayne County, NC. His birth place was where Lucama presently is. He grew up in Lucama during his ear ly years. He was married on December 15, 1874 to Charity Bass of Wilson Co unty. Charity had been previously married to Elisha Bass, and after his de ath she married Silas. The wedding was performed by A. G. Brooks, Justi ce of the Peace and was held at the home of Charity Bass. The wedding w as witnessed by William Lucas, Nathan Bass, and W. H. Bass.
Silas Lucas in his will in 1938 lists as his heirs: Emma Bass Lucas. Edward B. Lucas. India Lucas Burden. Sally Rowe Lucas.
In the 1880 census of Wilson County, Silas is listed as living in the Bla ck Creek Township. He is age 26 and is a farmer. His wife Charity is list ed as age 33. In the household as children are: Louetta age 16 Lily age 11 John T. age 5 Wyatt age 3 George A. age 1.
Louetta and Lily were children of Charity when she was a Bass, and marri ed to Elisha. Louetta married William Henry Tomlinson and they had ten chi ldren.
Lily married Edward Hawkins and they had a child Pearl who married Elmo Wa lls.
Elisha and Charity also had two boys, Arthur, and Sidney who died at an yo ung age.
Silas Lucas, Jr. moved from the Crossroads area of Wilson County to Wils on in the 1880's and became one of Wilson's first entrepreneurs and beca me involved with real estate, building products and established the Sil as Lucas Brick Yard. The bricks were made in Isle of Wight County, Virgin ia on the James River near Lowne's Landing. They were transported in wago ns packed in hay to Wilson down the Green Trail through Tarboro. The bri ck yard sales office in Wilson was located near present day Herring Aven ue near Hackney Bros. Truck Body Co. Later Silas Lucas built a large bri ck yard in Lucama which stretched from highway 301 to the railroad. He al so had a brick yard in Sharpsburg, North Carolina. Silas Lucas bricks c an be found today at Cherokee Brick Company of Sanford, North Carolina.
Through his honesty and hard work and foresight the business prospered f or many years. He also involved his son Wyatt and George Allen in the busi ness. At times they lived in Virginia to manage the brick operation.
Silas Lucas was a man of dry humor and much wit. A story which has trancen ded the years is as follows:
One involved a trade of bricks for a mule. It seems the mule was of poor q uality and was misrepresented by the mule trader to Silas. When the trad er was confronted as to the poor quality of the mule, he replied: "a mule is a mule". Later the trader needed some brick from Silas and wh en they were delivered, they were not of standard size. The trader then c omplained to Silas about the brick. Silas looked at the trader and replie d: "a mule is a mule and a brick is a brick".
Silas Lucas is listed in the Wilson County census of 1900 as living in Wil son Township ED 125
The census is listed as follows:
Silas Lucas born May 1852 Charity Lucas born July 1845 George Lucas born June 1880 Emma Lucas born March 1881 Minnie Lucas born March 1884
Silas Lucas, Jr. and Charity Bass Lucas are buried in the Maplewood cemete ry in Wilson, NC.
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