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Marriage: Children:
  1. Antonio La Russa: Birth: ABT 1821 in Vallelunga Pratameno. Death: 22 FEB 1893 in Vallelunga Pratameno

  2. Giuseppe La Russa: Birth: ABT 1824. Death: aft 11 Jan 1869 bef 19 Feb 1898 in Vallelunga Pratameno

1. Text:   Vol II page 709, 1846 Marriage of Giuseppe La Russa and Francesca Zuzz�
 Le Famiglie di Vallelunga, Giuseppe Cipolla, 1995
2. Text:   1869 Births, No. 4. Giuseppe La Russa, image 3/54
 Vallelunga Registri Stato Civile Film 1964379
3. Text:   1893 Deaths, No. 19, Antonio La Russa, image 7/45
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