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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Roulett Guarrent: Birth: ABT 1868 in North Carolina.

  2. Lucy Hamlin Guarrent: Birth: ABT 1870 in North Carolina.

  3. Peter Dutay Guarrent: Birth: ABT 1872 in North Carolina.

  4. Martha Reamey Guarrent: Birth: ABT 1878 in Virginia.

  5. Lizzie Guarrent: Birth: 1880. Death: 1884

  6. John C. Guarrent: Birth: 1884.

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1. Title:   Cockes and Cousins, Volume I, Descendants of Richard Cocke (c. 1600 - 1665)
Page:   p. 90
Author:   Leonie Doss Cocke and Virginia Webb Cocke
Publication:   Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1967
2. Title:   Volume II, Cockes and Cousins, Descendants of Thomas Cocke (c. 1639-1697)
Page:   p. 106
Author:   Virginia Webb Cocke, Box 7281, Reynolda Station, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109
Publication:   Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1974
3. Title:   1880 Census for Pittsylvania Co., Virginia

a. Note:   Mechanical genius; invented a tobacco steaming machine.
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