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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha 23#Dick Damon: Birth: ABT JUN 1682 in Scituate,,MA. Death: in ,,,bef 9/12/1727

  2. John 24#Dick Damon: Birth: JUN 1684 in Scituate,,MA.

  3. Zachariah 25#Dick Damon: Birth: JUN 1686 in Scituate,,MA. Death: 6 JUN 1764 in Scituate,,MA

  4. Daniel 26#Dick Damon: Birth: MAR 1688 in Scituate,,MA. Death: 11 DEC 1733 in Scituate,,MA

  5. Mary 27#Dick Damon: Birth: MAR 1690 in Scituate,,MA.

  6. Abigail 28#Dick Damon: Birth: OCT 1692 in Scituate,,MA.

  7. Hannah 29#Dick Damon: Birth: NOV 1694 in Scituate,,MA. Death: AUG 1790

  8. Mehitable 30#Dick Damon: Birth: FEB 1696 in Scituate,,MA. Death: in ,,,mov Hebron

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