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Relief Caswell: Birth: 2 MAY 1784 in Wareham,,MA,prob (Roch rec).
Sarah Caswell: Birth: 21 AUG 1781 in Wareham,,MA,prob (Roch rec).
Thomas Caswell: Birth: ABT 1751 in ,,,of Rochester.
Thomas Caswell: Birth: 20 MAR 1788 in Wareham,,MA,prob (Roch rec).
Frederic Cate: Birth: ABT 1838 in Weymouth,,MA,of there.
Elisha Cates: Birth: ABT 1841 in ,,ME,maybe.
Ann (Cahill) Cathell: Birth: 1819 in ,,MA,maybe.
George 5391#Brad Catlin: Birth: ABT 1841 in ,,NY,maybe.
James Civil_War_Vet 5389#Brad Catlin: Birth: ABT 1837 in ,,NY,maybe.
Joseph 5390#Brad Catlin: Birth: ABT 1839 in ,,NY,maybe.
Lucy H Catlin: Birth: ABT 1820 in ,,MA,maybe.
Wesley J Catlin: Birth: ABT 1815 in ,,NY,maybe.
Amanda Cauldwell: Birth: ABT 1810 in Wilbraham,,MA,of there. Death: 11 DEC 1877 in Monson,,MA
John Cauldwell: Birth: ABT 1780 in Wilbraham,,MA,of there.
Anna Chace: Birth: ABT 1770 in Little Compton,,RI,of there.
Curtis Chadburn: Birth: ABT 1824 in ,,VT,maybe.
Harriet Jane Chadwell: Birth: ABT 1859 in ,,MA,maybe.
Ellen A Chadwick: Birth: ABT 1840 in Marion,,MA,of there.
Abner Chaffee: Birth: ABT 1760 in ,,CT,maybe.
Amy Chaffee: Birth: 7 AUG 1791 in ,,CT,maybe.
Anson Chaffee: Birth: ABT 1795 in Williamstown,,VT,of there.
David Chaffee: Birth: ABT 1720 in ,,,CT maybe.
Etta Bessie Chaffee: Birth: ABT 1855 in ,,CT,maybe.
Frank Olin Chaffee: Birth: ABT 1866 in E Woodstock,,CT,of there.
Joanna Chaffee: Birth: 3 JAN 1750 in ,,,CT maybe. Death: 11 AUG 1820
Maria Chaffee: Birth: 6 FEB 1818 in Williamstown,,VT.
John Chago: Birth: ABT 1830 in ,,NY,maybe.
Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1840 in ,,NY,maybe.
Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1854 in N Abington,,MA,of there.
Belle Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1861 in ,,MA,maybe.
Clarissa Chamberlain: Birth: 2 JAN 1824 in Abington,,MA.
David Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1795 in ,,MA,maybe.
Deacon Francis Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1825 in N Abington,,MA,of there.
Emma Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1841 in ,,MA,maybe.
Ezra Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1776 in ,,,MA maybe.
Frances Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1825 in ,,MA,maybe.
Francis Chamberlain: Birth: 29 AUG 1840 in Hanson,,MA.
Frank W 16137#Brad Chamberlain: Birth: 28 DEC 1867 in Hanover,,MA. Death: 20 MAY 1890
Frank Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1845 in Worcester,,MA,of there.
George Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1825 in Barre,,MA,of there.
Hattie M Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1854 in Barre,,MA,of there.
Helena W Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1863 in ,,OH,maybe.
J. Warren Chamberlain: Birth: 8 DEC 1843 in Hanover,,MA.
James P. Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1824 in ,,MA,maybe.
John Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1795 in Abington,,MA,of there.
Josiah W Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1815 in Hanover,,MA,of there.
Josiah Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1815 in Hanson,,MA,of there.
Laurel Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1805 in Turin,,NY,of there.
Maria Chamberlain: Birth: 7 APR 1835 in Turin,,NY. Death: 29 MAR 1924 in Williamstown,,MI
Martha A. Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1842 in ,,MA,maybe.
Myra A Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1845 in ,,MA,maybe.
Otis F Chamberlain: Birth: 8 MAR 1875 in Worcester,,MA.
Patience Chamberlain: Birth: ABT 1788 in ,,,MA maybe.
Sophia Chamberlain: Birth: 25 OCT 1815 in Westboro,,MA,(of there). Death: 2 JUN 1882 in Charleston,,WV
Walter Chamberlain: Birth: 8 DEC 1872 in Hanover,,MA. Death: AUG 1873
Wilfred L 16138#Brad Chamberlain: Birth: 8 JAN 1877 in Hanover,,MA. Death: AFT 1907
William Chamberlain: Birth: 8 DEC 1872 in Hanover,,MA. Death: AUG 1873
Chamberlin: Birth: ABT 1852 in ,,IL,maybe.
Mary Chamberlin: Birth: ABT 1775 in ,,MA,maybe.
John L. Chambers: Birth: ABT 1832 in Tauntom,,MA maybe.
Eri Daniel Champion: Birth: 21 JUN 1842 in Sodus,,NY.
Emlin Champlin: Birth: ABT 1692 in ,,,RI maybe.
Sarah Champlin: Birth: ABT 1835 in Concord,,NH,of there.
Chandler: Birth: ABT 1845 in ,,ME,maybe.
Augustus Chandler: Birth: ABT 1831 in ,,MA,maybe.
Daniel Chandler: Birth: ABT 1800 in Hanover,,MA,of there.
Eliza Chandler: Birth: 1 JAN 1826 in Woodstock,,CT. Death: 16 MAY 1883 in New London,,CT
Elizabeth Chandler: Birth: ABT 1755 in Chester,,VT prob.
Hannah Chandler: Birth: ABT 1815 in Duxbury,,MA,of there.
Irena Chandler: Birth: ABT 1724 in ,,,CT maybe.
Luther Marshall Chandler: Birth: ABT 1861 in ,,MA,maybe.
Martha E Chandler: Birth: ABT 1861 in ,,MA,maybe.
Moses Chandler: Birth: ABT 1795 in Woodstock,,CT,of there.
Peggy Chandler: Birth: ABT 1795 in Duxbury,,MA,of there.
Penelope Chandler: Birth: ABT 1774 in ,,,MA maybe.
Seva Chandler: Birth: ABT 1803 in ,,,MA maybe.
Stephen Chandler: Birth: ABT 1822 in Charlestown,,MA,of there.
William John Chandler: Birth: ABT 1905 in maybe of,,WA. Death: BEF 2012
Zella Mosely Chandler: Birth: ABT 1875 in ,,OH,maybe.
Alice 12151#Brad Chapin: Birth: 3 NOV 1856 in ,,MA,maybe.
Caleb Chapin: Birth: ABT 1795 in Bernardston,,MA,of there.
Eugene Chapin: Birth: ABT 1815 in Boston,,MA,of there.
Helen Wilder 12150#Brad Chapin: Birth: 9 MAR 1854 in ,,MA,maybe.
Herbert Allen 12149#Brad Chapin: Birth: 6 JUN 1851 in ,,MA,maybe.
Horace Chapin: Birth: 28 AUG 1822 in Bernardston,,MA. Death: 15 JUL 1887 in Lincoln,,NE
Simeon Chapin: Birth: ABT 1745 in ,,MA,maybe.
Thankful Chapin: Birth: 12 OCT 1774 in ,,MA,maybe. Death: 15 APR 1854 in Rochester,,NY
Walter Freeman 12152#Brad Chapin: Birth: 27 NOV 1861 in ,,MA,maybe.
Chapman: Birth: ABT 1838 in ,,ME,maybe.
Albert Chapman: Birth: ABT 1826 in ,,NY,maybe.
Annie Angeline Chapman: Birth: 1856 in Nobleboro,,ME,probably. Death: 1865
Ara Chapman: Birth: 14 OCT 1827 in Hanover,,MA. Death: 1 SEP 1852 in Hanover,,MA
Betsey Chapman: Birth: ABT 1800 in ,,MA,maybe.
Clara Hodgekins Chapman: Birth: ABT 1861 in Jefferson,,ME.
Daniel Chapman: Birth: ABT 1800 in Hanover,,MA,of there.
Edward Everett 16270D1#Brad Chapman: Birth: 1858 in Nobleboro,,ME.
Emma A. Chapman: Birth: ABT 1745 in ,,,MA maybe.
Emma Chapman: Birth: ABT 1854 in ,,CT,maybe.
Esther Chapman: Birth: ABT 1760 in ,,CT,maybe.
Eugene L 2838#Dick Chapman: Birth: 6 SEP 1847 in Scituate,,MA.

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