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  1. Alfonso X "the Wise" of Castile, Leon and Galicia: Birth: 23 Nov 1220 in Burgos, Castile and Leon. Death: 4 Apr 1284 in Seville, Castile

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  1. Eleanor (Leanor) of CASTILE: Birth: 1244 in Burgos, Castile. Death: 29 Nov 1290 in Harby, Nottinghamshire, England

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a. Note:   23rd - 25th great grandfather of Darrell and of Joan. Saint Ferdinandrey de Castilla (1217-1252), rey de León (1230-1252)(Fernando de Castilla ) El Santo
BIOGRAPHY: Ferdinand III was one of the most successful kings of Castile, securing not only the permanent union of the crowns of Castile and León, but also masterminding the most expansive campaign of Reconquista yet. By military and diplomatic effort, Ferdinand III greatly expanded the dominions of Castile into southern Spain, annexing many of the great old cities of al-Andalus, including the old Andalusian capitals of Córdoba and Seville, and establishing the boundaries of the Castilian state for the next two centuries. He was canonized in 1671 by Pope Clement X and, in Spanish, he is known as Fernando el Santo, San Fernando or San Fernando Rey. [Wikipedia] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.